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posted a comment on The Tridels (2) - Back to Life An Anthology. 5 days ago
Some really good tracks on here! Fans of Helene and Marc will flip for this release.
posted a comment on Kindred Spirits (8) - For Your Comfort. 6 days ago
Truly incredible Xian folk. Sometimes rocking in a Dead style sometimes hypnotic moody folk on par with some of the best I’ve heard in a long time. One of those records that will take you by surprise how good it is!
posted a comment on Sidetrack - Baby. 11 days ago
Incredible lost baroque psych album. Very solid start to finish with Summership being the highlight for me, One of the best breezy psych songs I've ever heard!
posted a comment on Ohio Express - The Ohio Express. 16 days ago
Think this is lame bubblegum? Think again. While the opening tracks on both sides fall into that trap, the rest is WAY above average psych rock. If it wasn’t The Ohio Express it’d be rated as top shelf psychedelia and sell for 10x the price. Gotta ... See full review
posted a comment on Sid Selvidge - Portrait. 19 days ago
Really nice under the radar singer songwriter album. Hush-A-Bye is one of the most haunting folk psych tunes I've ever heard.
posted a comment on The Boston Tea Party - The Boston Tea Party. 21 days ago
For some reason this record rubs some people the wrong way on first listen. But I’ve helped two friends see the light on this one, now they love it.
posted a comment on Adjéèf The Poet* - Iekk! I'm A.... Freak. 22 days ago
Yep mine has this same pressing error, sounds great though.
posted a comment on The Superfine Dandelion. 26 days ago
What clueless person put the Lovin' Spoonful as the band image??
posted a comment on Flap (12) - Flap. 27 days ago
This seems like a great record but asking price is wayyyyy over the top. I'm sure copies will be found and sold for cheaper in time.
posted a comment on Stonewall - Stonewall. 27 days ago
Sound quality is excellent. Can't say about the other boots but with this legit reissue out, I don't see a reason to but any of those.
posted a comment on Human Expression* - Love At A Psychedelic Velocity. about 1 month ago
That's The Lemon Drops on the wrong cover, I remember this briefly too.
posted a comment on The Warner Brothers - I Won't Be The Same Without Her / Lonely I. about 1 month ago
Such a savage, moody monster! Best version of this Goffin/King number by a long shot.
posted a comment on Bill Stone (88) - Stone. about 1 month ago
This is the stuff private press dreams are made of. Introspective, lysergic folk psych with yes, some serious druggie vibes. This is on some Perry Leopold level of good...maybe better??? 100 copies pressed, not even discovered until mid 2010's. When I ... See full review
posted a comment on Stone Harbour - Emerges. about 1 month ago
Poorly reproduced sleeve and atrocious sound quality. You're better off not owning this album at all than settling for this reissue. Save a little more and get Void press, still not perfect but a huge improvement.
posted a comment on S.P. Foundation - S.P. Foundation. about 1 month ago
Yea I agree, this is the real deal. Hypnotic folk rock of the highest order and lyrics are not overly preachy. Seriously one of the best Xian records! Only thing I can compare it to is the masterpiece from His People, and this may be even better than ... See full review
posted a comment on John Kinley - Sad Guitar / I Love Her. 2 months ago
On 45?? what?? I would love a copy of this!
posted a comment on James Mccarthy (5) - Born A Loser. 2 months ago
Truly magical loner folk album. Blue vinyl, blank back sleeve. Some may write this off as too sparse, but this is from a presumably troubled soul just wanted to make a record. Private press folk doesn’t get much better than this to my ears.
posted a comment on The Oldest Proffession - The Oldest Proffession. 2 months ago
This terrific folk album really could stand a reissue. Sadly the niche folk market might keep this in forever obscurity.
posted a comment on Powerhouse (4) - Powerhouse. 2 months ago
Of all the Japanese LP, releases this one to me is extremely frustrating. INCREDIBLE cover art and sharply dressed dudes lead you to believe you're in for a early Japanese psych monster like no other. Well, it's a bunch of really poorly chosen covers. I ... See full review
posted a comment on The British Casuals* - Hour World. 3 months ago
Little too soft pop for it's own good. Jesamine is a great song, but the rest is so lightweight, the sappiness just drips out of the speakers. I'd say get a cool picture sleeve 45 of Jesamine and you can call it a day with this band.
posted a comment on Something Borrowed, Something New - Something Borrowed, Something New. 3 months ago
This is top notch Xian folk psych. Great tunes with breezy 70s vibes and lots of flute! Some songs are straight up psychedelic folk with trippy effects. A true MUST OWN.
posted a comment on Kusudo & Worth - Of Sun and Rain. 3 months ago
CD reissue?? WHY?? Anyone who wants this is going to want an LP reissue. How frustrating!
posted a comment on Our Generation (2) - Dawning Of The Day. 3 months ago
For a lucky few, including me, 20 copies of both Our Generation albums were discovered in an abandoned barn. Seems like all of these copies are now spoken for and in deep collections. Absolutely fantastic album hearing it on vinyl. A reissue will be sure ... See full review
posted a comment on The New Colony Six - Attacking A Straw Man. 3 months ago
Being from Chicago I have a serious soft spot for almost all late 60's records from this time. Attacking A Straw Man sadly is one of the few I just can not stand. Obviously total control by label to try to be a record selling band, this album falls flat ... See full review
posted a comment on Dean Davis (4) - Maria. 4 months ago
Dean Davis is the real to this folkies ears. His mellow acoustics and vocals hits all the right spots. Everything I’ve heard he’s been apart of has been seen surprisingly good.
posted a comment on The Rainbow Press - Sunday Funnies. 4 months ago
Surprisingly enjoyable pop psych effort. Was expecting this to be way off the mark, but it’s consistently solid. Good production and trippy effects. Surprised this has a bad rap.
submitted Marshall Lawrence (2) - Reach Out. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Naomi Lewis - Seagulls And Sunflowers. 5 months ago
I hope this means an LP reissue will soon follow.
posted a comment on Morning Reign - Can't Get Enough Of It. 6 months ago
Hate to be a buzzkill but this is NOT some lost psych masterpiece like the second Contents Are album or Front Page Review. This is extremely pedestrian psych that didn’t stand out at all. Will give another spin in time, but this was a big disappointment ... See full review
posted a comment on Reign Ghost Featuring Lynda Squires - Reign Ghost Featuring Lynda Squires. 6 months ago
Sound quality is EXCELLENT on this version. Never wanted to upgrade.
posted a comment on The Rainy Daze - Blood Of Oblivion / Stop Sign. 7 months ago
Blood of Oblivion is an AMAZING folk rock track. Criminally not on their LP.
posted a comment on The Nova Local - Games / If You Only Had The Time. 7 months ago
Games is such a killer track! Shocking it didn't make the LP.
posted a comment on Dale Jenkins - Apathy. 7 months ago
This is a really dark LP and apparently Jenkins commited suicide not long after this release. The songs are definitely from a troubled soul. Short but REALLY good.
posted a comment on Jerry Solomon (4) - Past The 20th Century. 7 months ago
I’m known in my circle of friends to be the most tolerant of weird private press records. The New Creation “Troubled” is a great album to my ears for example. But this? Wow. Tone deaf minimal playing, literally every song sounds the same as the one ... See full review
posted a comment on Peter Tessier* - By Turning A Knob. 7 months ago
Why is this so damn rare? And why isn’t there a reissue?!
posted a comment on The Mass (4) - Raining Sorrow / Without You. 8 months ago
INCREDIBLE bummer psych 45! Fuzzy guitar, lovelorn vocals, this has everything you want from a late 60's 45. The fact that this has not been comped and pretty much completely uncovered in 2018 is astounding.
posted a comment on Jon Stein (2) - Sailing Home. 8 months ago
For what it is, it’s a great album. Very pleasant on the ears. Nice folk rock vibe no lame country or blues vibes.
posted a comment on Stoned Circus. 9 months ago
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posted a comment on Tractor - Tractor. 10 months ago
Not a fan of colored vinyl but damn, the sound quality on this is excellent!!
posted a comment on The Renegades (19) - Raving Blue / She's Your Find. 10 months ago
One of the best US garage 45's to my ears! She's Your Find is a top shelf fuzz guitar ripper, and Raving Blue is one of the best moody downers you'll ever hear. If you're into these kind of 45's, you'll be hard pressed to find a better two sider.
posted a comment on The Deep (9) - Psychedelic Moods (A Mind Expanding Phenomena). 11 months ago
Made from dreaded remixed version...bad Void pressing on top of that makes this one barely listenable. Lion 3XLP is the ONLY way to go if you're not buying an original.
posted a comment on John Stewart (2) And Buffy Ford* - Signals Through The Glass. 11 months ago
Amazing psych folk album!! Shocked this isn’t talked about more.
posted a comment on Rab Noakes - Do You See The Lights?. 11 months ago
Not a start to finish masterpiece, but when it's good, it's REALLY good! A few track set this way above the average singer songwriter LP.
posted a comment on The Avengers (2) - Medallion. 11 months ago
Gotta be crazy to sell this pop psych masterpiece. A record that only long term collectors have hunted for last 10 years. Next copy to go into circulation will surely sell for a massive sum.
posted a comment on Long Orme - Long Orme. 11 months ago
Where is this talked about Wah Wah issue? Was due out in April.
posted a comment on The Frantics (4) - Birth. about 1 year ago
ESSENTIAL lost US psych rock album. Wow, how’d this go unreleased for so long?
posted a comment on Perth County Conspiracy - The Perth County Conspiracy. about 1 year ago
Is this real? Seems odd this would sneak out right before Flashback reissue.
posted a comment on Tony Barber (2) - Someday...Now!. about 1 year ago
Great album, but the sound quality of this reissue is REALLY bad.
posted a comment on Our Generation (2) - Dawning Of The Day. about 1 year ago
For the love of Jesus, someone please reissue this masterpiece!
posted a comment on Art (2) - Supernatural Fairy Tales. about 1 year ago
Seems like this is the version I own. Sound quality is EXCELLENT! As good as owning original.