I am a hobby and amateur DJ.
I love and live trance music above all else!
The feeling that this music gives you is simply indescribable.

Sometimes it is not enough for me to just listen to the music
(no matter whether vinyl, CD or Mp3) it is so addictive that I cannot
find an end on some days and I am mixing for hours.
Trance has everything you need and is as diverse as no other music.

The music prints out what can be said and what is not to be mentioned .......
Thanks for being there !!!

Music is my drug

Recent Activity
posted a comment on Paul van Dyk & Sue McLaren - Guiding Light. 4 months ago
very nice track, but unfortunately too short !!!!
Longer version (Extended Mix please)
posted a review of Armin van Buuren & Jamis (2) - Boom Boom. 6 months ago
Weak, very weak !!!
Extended mix 3:20 min.
What's the point, the tracks are getting shorter and shorter.
But luckily it is only 3:20 min longer you really can't hear that.
Armin, what is that supposed to do ????
posted a review of Lisaya Featuring Hanna Finsen - Time To Live. 6 months ago
unfortunately the last publication here, a shame very, very bad ......
posted a review of Unearthed Records. 6 months ago
One of the greatest trance labels ever, but unfortunately for too short a time.
Very bad !!!!
I still like listening to the publications just as much as I did on the day they were published and I still think they're really great.
Thank you for all... See full review
posted a comment on Whigfield - Saturday Night (Remix). 6 months ago
Saturday Night (Afternoon) is the best remix of this single .... wow
posted a comment on Whigfield - Saturday Night (Be My Baby). 6 months ago
The (Deep Nite Remix) is the best and way ahead of its time. Still powerful today ...... wow
posted a comment on SounEmot - Cuando Tu No Estas. 7 months ago
What a cool track, powerful, emotional and trance must sound like.
Simply good !!!
Emotional Extended is my favorite....

posted a review of Bryan Kearney & Deirdre McLaughlin - Open My Mind (Sean Tyas Remix). 8 months ago
Great remix!
Thanks Sean Tyas for this one,
so everyone likes you for it ...........
posted a comment on Kostya Veter Ft. Madelin Zero - Envy. 9 months ago
What an insanely good vocal track! The vocals are so tender and beautiful that you want to melt away.
The Easton Vocal Remix is ​​the best from the release for me.
I love this track 10/10 !!!
Listen to him and judge yourself ...
posted a review of Asteroid (8) - Koh Phangan. about 1 year ago
A wonderful piece of uplifting trance on Fables!
Simply good !!!
posted a comment on Misja Helsloot - Once. about 1 year ago
(Allan O Marshall Remix) ist the best !!! so coooool !
Thank you for this..........
posted a review of George Acosta Feat. Truth (8) - Trust (The Remixes). about 1 year ago
Trust (Mike Shiver's Catching Sun Mix) is the best !!!!
posted a review of Crystal Clouds Recordings. about 1 year ago
Crystal Clouds Recordings, WOW !!!
What can I say?
Simply good !!!
A great trance label, which reflects the trance sound in its purest and most beautiful form.
So must be trance, powerful, epic, dreamy, melodic and timeless.
Every release is just... See full review
posted a comment on Roger Shah* - Magic Island - Music For Balearic People Vol. 9. about 1 year ago
What a horny compilation !!!
For me an honorable successor to the ISOS series.
Keep it up Roger !!!
posted a review of Leon Bolier. about 1 year ago
What a great producer!
His trance tunes were just top class.
I love all his trance productions and remixes
and I was really sorry that he did not stick to this sound !!!
Thanks Leon for your trance music,
You and you stay in my heart forever !!!!
posted a review of Ronny K. Vs Beethoven* - 5th Symphony. about 1 year ago
Just right and great implemented for the 21st century ....
posted a review of Arty (2) & Mat Zo - Rebound. about 1 year ago
from beginning to end just awesome ......
Really good production, everything fits.
Thanks guys for those bombs number !!!
posted a comment on Charles McThorn Feat. Elles De Graaf - Winds Will Turn. about 1 year ago
Really good track!
I like the Global Experience remix.
Charles McThorn I miss your radio show (Dj´s after work) and your ingenious sayings .........
Thanks for this amazing track !!!!
posted a review of Airwave - 20 Years. about 1 year ago
Great collection of Airwave's tracks !!!
Timeless Classic Tunes for today and for all time !!!! Massive .....
posted a review of Etasonic - Rainbowland. about 1 year ago
Soooooo nice !!!!
Thanks for this beautiful track !!!
This is still trance as it must be ...... 10/10
posted a comment on Cosmic Gate & Forêt - Need To Feel Loved. about 1 year ago
Reflekt Featuring Delline Bass ‎– Need To Feel Loved in the Cosmic Gate Remake ...............
posted a review of Re:Locate. about 1 year ago
Great producer & DJ, I love all his productions !!!
Far ahead of its time and always current with its style.
Unfortunately a pity that you have not heard from him for so long.
But his music is luckily preserved for all of us! Thank you Paul, you were,... See full review
posted a comment on Robert Nickson - It's Always You. over 2 years ago
I'm blown away by this horny number!
Just a dream, this melody and the power of these tracks !!
10/10 megabomb .....
This is still true trance as it should be!
posted a review of Millennial - Dracarys. over 2 years ago
(Extended Mix) 4:10 min. good joke !!!
What should that be?
The track is a real flop and you can be glad that the (Extended Mix) is not 8 minutes, then no one would stand it.
Sorry, but please, that does not have much to do with trance !!!
posted a review of Alternate High & Laucco - Moments Of Serenity. over 3 years ago
What a horny track !!!
That's still a real trance, the way it has to be.
Powerful, emotional and exciting.
Top track !!!
I love him.....
posted a comment on Dylhen - Brouhaha. over 3 years ago
sorry, but boring is not more !!!!
Very weak number .......
posted a comment on Giuseppe Ottaviani, Thea Riley - On The Way You Go. over 3 years ago
(OnAir Extended Mix) TOP !!!!
(Ruben de Ronde Extended Remix) Flop !!!
posted a comment on Marc Dawn - Random Walk. over 3 years ago
I do not like the original mix, but the Nu-NRG remix is ​​sooo much better !!!!
I love the remix !!!!
Listen to Him and decide for yourself .....
posted a comment on Ashley Smith (2) - Resharper. over 3 years ago
Matt Bukovski Remix is the best ! 10/10
posted a review of Gabriel & Dresden Feat. Sub Teal - This Love Kills Me. over 3 years ago
A really good track from G & D, but unfortunately a bit too short.
An extended mix would be quite good so about 8 minutes.
posted a review of Cor Fijneman. over 3 years ago
One of the biggest and best producers of his time.
I love his productions.
Long no longer belongs to him, but his tracks stay forever !!!!
Unique Dj & Producer .........
Please come back, I and many others are waiting for more tracks from you!
posted a comment on Activa (3) - Luminosity. over 3 years ago
nice that Activa is back!
Hope the still a few succession singles will come!
Nice ONE !!!!!!!
posted a review of Mark Otten - Mushroom Therapy. over 3 years ago
The Lightscape Mix is ​​the best load to dream of !!!
posted a review of Sean Tyas. over 3 years ago
One of the biggest Trancers ever !!!!
Top products and remixes !!!
Today, and for all time a trance legend !!!!
posted a review of Amir Hussain & Driftmoon - Stories Written With Roses. over 3 years ago
A beautiful melodic number.
Dreamlike and powerful at the same time.
Trance Bomb !!!
posted a review of Andy Duguid Feat. Leah (2) - Don't Belong (Sied Van Riel Remix). over 4 years ago
I love the original mix, the remix of Sied van Riel you could have saved!
posted a comment on Somatic Sense. over 4 years ago
One of the best trance labels that there was !!!
posted a comment on Blue Soho Recordings. over 4 years ago
Very good Trance Label !!!
I am happy about every release .... keep it up !!!