Sales account of baze.djunkiii , aiming to spread some underrated, long time forgotten and / or relatively unknown, underground stuff through this place. Also the place to purchase Intrauterin Recordings & related releases directly from the labels archives.

Items for sale are new and unplayed, mostly taken directly from the labels stock / backstock.

Multiple copies available of several releases - feel free to ask.

Releases that are not new & unplayed will be clearly referred to as such.
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posted a review of Sascha Müller - Booty Flop 1. over 6 years ago
Really obscure cover / bootleg version of Michael Jacksons legendary "Billie Jean" - sound quality is pretty raw and unprocessed but quite charming in a way.
posted a comment on Khan + Walker* - Empire State Building. over 6 years ago
A true Ambient Techno / Armchair Techno classic. This one never grows old.
posted a comment on Steve Bug - Flight 111. over 6 years ago
and UR is for Underground Resistance - one of the most famous and influential labels from Detroit.
posted a comment on Steve Bug - Flight 111. over 6 years ago
That might be one of the reasons why track is named "Outside Inn". A nice gimmick that's found here and there. That kind of cutting wizzardry used to be more popular, so were locked grooves, but quite a bunch of pre-2000 released records have this ... See full review
posted a comment on baze.djunkiii. over 6 years ago
DJ Da Cut is not a name variation of baze.djunkiii but another artist also known as and