Early Hardcore Is My Style!!!! Most Of The Records I Own Are Between The Period Of 1992-1999!! This Period Is Still THE Big Hardcore Period To Me!!!

Things I Like:
Planet Core Productions (and all other stuff), Ruffneck Records, Cenobite Records, Gangsta Audiovisuals, Supreme Intelligence.

Things I dislike:
Buyers who are actually non payers!
Recent Activity
posted a review of The Viper & Tommyknocker Feat. MC Da Mouth Of Madness* - The Prophecy Unfolds. over 13 years ago
This release was specially made as an anthem for the Raving Nightmare - The Prophecy Unfolds party on the 8th May 2004 at the MECC in Maastricht. It was "released" at the party with a special performance battle between DJ The Viper and the " mystery ... See full review
posted a review of The Gatekeeper - Hard Attack. over 14 years ago
The B-Side: The Machine has the melody of an old house track released in 1991 called L.A. Style - James Brown Is Dead. The Gatekeeper has done it well with this melody putting in a new track. It's a nice track.
posted a review of DJ Buzz Fuzz* & The Prophet - Go Get Ill. over 14 years ago
This is a gimmick hardcore track of a pop track called Krezip - I Would Stay. I would Stay was during the year 2000 a great hit in The Netherlands.