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posted a review of Cellblock-X* - The Trip E.P.. 10 months ago
Cant believe this was 1992 let alone '93 and '95 ......
So ahead of itself and still sounds great to this day....
posted a review of ra]va[ge - Danse Macabre EP. 10 months ago
EXCELLENT different again from the Agent Orange sound,but still pushing in a different way>
Atmospheric,Industrial,Doom,Gabber but this has four fabulous tracks and should satisfy anyone into harder edged tracks some great kick patterns,this is hard as ... See full review
added Hedonist - Hedonist EP to their wantlist. 10 months ago
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 10 months ago
posted a comment on Disciples Of Belial - Songs Of Praise. 10 months ago
Hi EZe hope all good!
so this never was a 7" released by Praxis?
Cheers i didnt know that....why do you say it's fake? is it whats on the tracks or the whole vinyl as a fake release?
Interessting ! cheers Eze
posted a review of BSE-DJ-Team* - Bootleg EP. 11 months ago
Fast as greyhounds , as tough as leather and as tough as Krupp steel .....
posted a comment on Maxi Millian The Emperor Of Dub* & Fatman Ridim Section* - Heavyweight Dub. 11 months ago
Never a repress of this???
and only 1 [0ne] in Discogs?
posted a comment on Genaside - Eliminator. about 1 year ago
Yes ,I have that also,did you keep it and find out anything about it ?
posted a comment on Genaside - Eliminator. about 1 year ago
Yes,me too..5 tracks of I dont know what,i thought i'd lost the plot...
Whats going on with this one?!
posted a comment on Genaside - Eliminator. about 1 year ago
HI there krspursuit
wtf ,me too ! bought it here last week....5 tracks on this as well ...
MINT as well....Are these common or what....?
posted a comment on Kenny Gee - Full Scale Riot. about 1 year ago
Pray For Gabba,light??
probably one of the best tracks and production ever on a Core record!
Play it with the guitar pitched down correctly ,of course....
posted a comment on Deadface - Gates Of The Underworld. about 1 year ago
ME TOO best thing PKG released I think and I'm buying it again as it got well stolen a few years back!