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Alternative, Indie, Gothic Rock, Deathrock, Batcave, Post Punk, Coldwave, Psychobilly, Rock and Roll, Gothabilly, Horrorpunk, EBM, Electro, Industrial, Synth Pop, Neo Folk, Ritual, Medieval, Ambient, Martial.

Since 2002

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Ilustres Patilludos - Chigrebilly
submitted Ilustres Patilludos - Chigrebilly. over 3 years ago
13 Bats - Next Move
submitted 13 Bats - Next Move. over 3 years ago
Soma 101 - Soma 101
submitted Soma 101 - Soma 101. over 3 years ago
Punkenstein (2) - Especial Record Store Day
submitted Punkenstein (2) - Especial Record Store Day. over 6 years ago
Baby Horror - Ritual
submitted Baby Horror - Ritual. over 9 years ago
Lobos Humanos - Cementerio De Animales
submitted Lobos Humanos - Cementerio De Animales. over 9 years ago
Calamitiez - ...From Behind The Green Door
submitted Calamitiez - ...From Behind The Green Door. over 9 years ago