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posted a review of A Man Called Adam - Barefoot In The Head. 11 days ago
Ahhh the long-sought-after instrumental mix. Unreal track. Worth its weight in vinyl.
posted a comment on The House Master Boyz* And The Rude Boy Of House - House Nation. 24 days ago
hello Robert DE LA Gauthier.... long time my friend. . . .
posted a review of Björk - Hyperballad (Morales / T. Terry Mixes). 27 days ago
Gorgeous arrangement from Mr. Morales, as always, but wish this release had a dub or instrumental mix
posted a review of 3 Alarm Project - The Alarm E.P.. about 1 month ago
I normally love getting the number one from labels, especially labels i love. But this release just falls a bit flat. 2 stars
posted a comment on Tyree* Featuring Kool Rock Steady - Turn Up The Bass. about 1 month ago
mine says perez . . . . . . . .
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 month ago
posted a review of Various - Henry Street Music: The First Sessions.... about 1 month ago
back in the day, when they didnt mind putting all the good tracks on the compilation rather than the secondary fluff to entice you to get the 12"s as well.. Great double pack here.
posted a review of 10th Street Assembly - Shadows Of The Past. about 1 month ago
This record isnt as terrible as the 'low price / no comments' combo would suggest.... the 4am Freedom Flight Mix is really nice.
posted a review of Delicious Inc. - Back To Roots. about 1 month ago
ok I am here to tell you that THIS is the best Delicious Inc release there is. Dont be fooled by the prices, that usualy means scarcity or landing on compilations. THIS is the one. Vocals Miss Maya Angelou, peppered with Kier Kirby of Dee-Lite. Proper ... See full review
posted a review of The East Village Loft Society - I Wanna Sing ... Sunshine (The Complete Story). about 1 month ago
dont see a track called 'i wanna see [sic]' on my release
posted a comment on Frankie Bones - The Progressive Vibe E.P.. about 1 month ago do you mean this one? more words more words
posted a review of Scram (2) - No Sleep Tonight / Revelation. about 1 month ago
Amazing EP here. but Revelation is the tune on this release. Unbelievable tribally dark early house, then the Korg M1 bassline drops. I DIE
posted a review of Scrappy Featuring Wet Boxx - Love Motion. about 1 month ago
ironically, there is more acid than house in the house mix and more house than acid in the acid mix.
posted a comment on Channel X - Rave The Rhythm. about 1 month ago
you sure that wasnt LaTour "Blue" ?. . . . .
posted a review of Doctor Rockit - Whoosh. about 1 month ago
it doesnt get deeper than Tape Measure (Herbert Remix). Unbelieveable record for this tune alone. Worth more than advertised...
posted a review of Astral Matrix - 2. about 1 month ago
Acid and more Acid. High Tide is top notch banger. Build ups arent too cheesy and the snare rolls are at a minimum. Very underground... Heard many times on the west coast at Come-Unity. Jeno, Garth, Markie and Simon et al. Into the Void is a dark ... See full review
posted a review of Cotillion - Soft Drinks EP. about 1 month ago
now THIS is a brilliant EP. 4 solid tracks from the middle zone in 1993. Could drop at a Rave, an afterhours... or even in the club. Hard to choose a favourite! 5 Stars!
posted a review of The Aquanauts* - Chicago-Milano Connection EP. about 1 month ago
but B1 for the true heads of underground. Africano is THE track here and it's not close. I'd even put B2 ahead of A1.
posted a review of Boo Williams - 12 Tribes. about 1 month ago
gotta say that the SJU Mix is all sorts of textures of deepeness with a splash of bad ass. one of my fave Guidance tunes
posted a review of Free Energy - Teach Me To Fly. about 1 month ago
neither! the bassline on the Re-Dub is to die for... stop overpaying for the other Guidance releases and set this one to blast.
posted a review of The Captain (2) - Jazzy For You. about 1 month ago
dreamland is the tune here. perfect intro to a deep vibey house set...
posted a review of DJ EFX - Jungle Riot. about 1 month ago
TUUUUUUNE! Voice Rhythms is so jumpin! cant believe this isnt more known. The swing gets to me every time. 5 stars.
posted a review of Kings Of Tomorrow - Go Black Scatt . about 1 month ago
one of the first house records i ever bought. not sure why it's so expensive. Good tunes...but nothing mind-blowing.
posted a review of Robert Owens - Gotta Work. about 1 month ago
no comments lol. ok let's start this party off.. Gotta Work is one of the best Robert Owens tracks out there. The Final Take mix is so deep this record came with a snorkel. GET IT.
posted a review of F.U.S.E. & Texas Audio - +8 PRO1. about 1 month ago
BRO TIP: if this realease is priced too high, here is the same record on one side and sometihng new on the other, rather than ame thing ... See full review
posted a review of Gigolo Supreme - Reign Over Twilight / Gigolo's Anthem. about 1 month ago
Gigolo's Anthem (Main Mix) is one of the nicest sax house tracks from always phonomenal Frankie Feliciano.
posted a review of Charles Ostrov - Zooman. about 1 month ago
ahhhhhh I love it when a top tune has no YouTube videos to tip off the punters. Annoked is one of the most played tracks in my box during the late 90s / early 00s.
posted a review of Psykosonik - Silicon Jesus. about 1 month ago
the Digital Disbeliever Mix is a dreamy progessive track that is well worth the price of admission on this one. highest price sold 5bux.
posted a review of DJ Q - Landing Soon On A Planet Near You. about 1 month ago
Feelin' Moody is the best thing DJ Q has ever done. Driving underwater filtered bassline opens up while a tribla skippity beat chugs to the finish line. Love this tune. Secret Weapon. First heard it in a Jenö set. Wicked!
posted a review of Stardust vs. Club 69 / Kool & The Gang - Music Sounds Alright With You / Celebration Mashup. about 1 month ago
one side is the same as this record currently selling for hundred od dollars.
posted a review of Clinton Bill - Celebrate (It's Not Over). about 1 month ago
BRO TIP: in case anyone needs the release but doesnt want to shell out a small mortgage payment to get it, this release has the same ... See full review
posted a review of Talk Talk - It's My Mix. about 1 month ago
Shame on Gwen Stefani for butchering one of the best songs ever written…
posted a review of A Guy Called Gerald - Voodoo Ray (Remix). about 1 month ago
first acid line i programmed into my tb-303! classic! love this tune. the Ricky Rouge is the best mix out there...
posted a review of Clinton Bill - Celebrate (It's Not Over). about 1 month ago
This record is a great re-do of Celebration with Bill Clinton's testimony sliced up so that he is saying ridiculous and hilarious things. but starting at 700bux?? wow. wonder who produced it?
posted a review of Jamerson* - Got To Give It Up. about 1 month ago
Chris Flores used this track to save the world. Happy number 1... and with UR mixes. the price is lowwwwww
posted a review of Renee Ruffin - Now I Know. about 1 month ago
that's the beautry of an under the radar release release on an already under the radar label. And to boot, they've gone and done a departure from the usual hippy techno breaks - with a gorgeous vocal overtop of acid funk disco house. Grab this, impress ... See full review
posted a comment on Dada Munchamonkey - Outside Time (Remix). about 1 month ago
I have a white label of this record, and on it, the hand-written B side tracks are in the opposite order...
posted a comment on Ballistic Mystic - Imperial Cruise Remixes. about 1 month ago
it wont let me add techno to this release. but this is techno.
posted a review of Sounds Of Blackness - Everything Is Gonna Be Alright. 2 months ago
a couple nice dubs from CJ Mackintosh on this release that turns up alot in dollar bins.
posted a review of Leo*, Laj & Mr. Beef - Spy In Rio. 2 months ago
Super under the radar release here from Ray Mang/Laj... one for Balearic and Space Disco lovers. Spy in Rio is 10 plus minutes of congas, whistles, vibes and basslines.... great tune. Flip side is down tempo and a sweet beats cut.
posted a review of Funky Robots - Move EP. 2 months ago
guys. GUYS. The Day is a monster acid track. Super reverby kick and a clanking cowbell and creepin' acid bassline. such a surprise on this electro label.
posted a review of Ignition Technician - Worq It. 2 months ago
one of the strongest kicka$$ records around. you dont see number one around much either. WORQ THIS MAZAFAKA
posted a review of Adam Beyer - Drumcodes 2. 2 months ago
under-rated release from Mr. Beyer here. Drumcode 2.0 is a beast. a tribally techno builder that goes with just about anything. 2.2 is dark and jumpin.
posted a review of Rhythm Invention - Ad Infinitum. 2 months ago
k 60 cents? really people? it's a warp record. there ought to be a minumum for crying out loud. This is a quintessential progressive house record. The rhythm invention side isnt their finest work, but the Ali Cooke is a great record that fuses breaks ... See full review
posted a comment on Tranquility Bass - Lalala. 2 months ago
what the difference between this release and this one?
posted a comment on Hazed - Bells. 2 months ago
Dont pay top dollar for this one when the Halluciantion version has the same tracks for a fraction of the price.
posted a review of Matron 3000 - Matron 3000. 2 months ago
wow no comments in here yet, probably because this release didnt say house until 10 seconds ago when i added it.

The A side Original mix of this record is house, grooviest house. So nice... It has a ciminal bassline and angelic string arrangement. ... See full review
posted a review of Woody McBride - Basketball Heroes. 2 months ago
oh my does Dr J ever rip. straight forward acid stomp. Indefinable in terms of era. Absolutely free of cheese. This might be one of Woody's best tracks. Never leaves my box. Also good to really get a house set moving... mix with the Kerri Chandler's ... See full review
posted a review of Freaky Chakra Vs. Single Cell Orchestra - Freaky Chakra Vs. Single Cell Orchestra. 2 months ago
everything Bobskies27 said but double. Normally i side with a freaky chakra mix, but SCO really took over this release. Unbelievable tune to make systems rumble. Almost has a Rabbit in the Moon ethereal quality to it. Dark, and acid, yet dreamy, techno.
posted a review of Crystal Waters - Gypsy Woman (She's Homeless). 2 months ago
going to try to review this record without using the word crossover, like my predecessors. it's impossible to convey just how huge this record was. This was on the radio, video shows, clubs, raves... Those keys are timeless. 5 stars. This will rock any ... See full review