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posted a review of Tekknova - Dancing In Outer Space. over 11 years ago
Side A of this excellent record begins with a very unique and well placed sample from the 90s Bruce Willis movie "The Fifth Element." I couldn't believe my ears when I heard how good the film score sounded at the beginning of this trance record, but it ... See full review
posted a review of Morgan King - I'm Free. over 12 years ago
Maybe one of the best records of all time, this vinyl features both mixes that Sasha & Digweed mixed together (seamlessly, of course) onto their Nothern Exposure 1 album. The first 1/2 to 2/3 (with some editing involved) of Playdo's Minimalist mix is the ... See full review
posted a review of Apollo 440 - Liquid Cool. over 13 years ago
Easily one of the best (maybe THE best) record set I own. EVERY mix on here deserves a 5/5. As many know, the Deep Forest Ice Cold @ The Equator mix is the exact mix on Sasha and Digweed's famous Northern Exposure 1 album. This mix and another are also ... See full review
posted a review of Marino Stephano - Free Time. over 13 years ago
This record is magical. Free time is uplifting and full of energy where seven hours puts out a completely psychadellic environment :) One of my favorite releases, and it's quite hard to find nowadays.
posted a review of Cabala - Dark Blue. over 13 years ago
This is one of my all time favorite records. Both sides of the record are incredible. Each track is etheral and full of emotion. 333 has a similar feeling to that of transa's enervate and Dark blue is very original with its sine wave held notes. This ... See full review
posted a review of Perpetuous Dreamer - Future Fun Land 2004. over 13 years ago
WOW! This is what I'm talking about! If you let it hit you right, the original is amazing, but the real gem on here has to be astura's mix! Astura's arrangement of tunes is one of the best and newest I've seen in a while. It seems like there are 10 ... See full review
posted a review of Orbital - Halcyon. over 13 years ago
If you haven't heard this track, then you are either new to the scene or don't know your roots :)

As the guy mentioned, this song really is eternal in its ebbs and flows. 11 minutes of pure bliss and genius. It is arranged in what was probably the ... See full review
posted a review of Astura - Orion's Belt. over 13 years ago
Wow, two excellent tracks! I must say that after listening to emotion, Orion's belt is just a better "version" of it. Both tracks are essentially the same sounds, but Orion's belt is like magic! The sawtooth synth pads are all over the place.

This ... See full review
posted a review of Hybrid - Finished Symphony. over 13 years ago
I owe most, no, all of tribute I can give to this tune because it is what interested me in music. Not just electronic music, but music period. For those who have not heard (WOW! how can you not have?!), hear it now, please. It's well known for it's ... See full review
posted a review of BT - Dreaming. over 13 years ago
Lucid's mix of dreaming, featured on Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise 2 compilation, is one of my all time favorites. Some may think the vocals are cheesy, but I don't think so at all! Tiesto's remix on the flipside is a little darker than lucid's but is ... See full review
posted a review of Jon Vesta. over 13 years ago
Jon Vesta, what can be said. Substance and Gull are easily in my list of top tracks. They really bring out the more meaningfull side of trance as opposed to just nice synths and beats. It's hard to believe such talent can just suddenly leave the world ... See full review
posted a review of Paul van Dyk Feat. Second Sun - Crush. over 13 years ago
WOW! PvD opened with this track on his newest production album, Reflections, and it is an ANTHEM. It features the traditional banging kicks and backsynths that pvd is well known for, but it is the synth uplift after the breakdown that makes this the 5/5 ... See full review
posted a review of Tastexperience - Highlander. over 13 years ago
Ace track from Tastexperience! Tastexperience has only released about 3 good tracks: Tantrix, Summersault, and this (Highlander). This track has been featured on many live sets :) It starts out with a great guitar riff and by the end of the track has a ... See full review
posted a review of Paul van Dyk. over 13 years ago
Paul Van Dyk has and will continue to contribute to the dance scene as much as the other a-list DJs! He has an UNRIVALLED work pace! This is for all of the people out there saying he uses the same bass lines and the same blah blah blah. He may use ... See full review
posted a review of Marc Vision - Timegate. over 13 years ago
Featured on Tiesto's In Search of Sunrise 1 Compilation, this track is really nice! The windy ebbing pads give such a euphoric feeling and when the Drums kick in it really bangs with the congas panned over to the left. Would be perfect for a long break ... See full review
posted a review of Tastexperience - Tantrix. over 13 years ago
This is, without a doubt, my all time favorite track. I can not belive there are no other comments. Maybe people are just busy listening to it. Look at the ratio of people who own the record to people who want the record. Great intro, great ending, great ... See full review
posted a review of DJ Tiësto - Suburban Train. over 13 years ago
Absolutely one of the best epic trance tracks of all time. Long, yet not repetitive. A must have.