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posted a review of The Prodigy - Charly. over 16 years ago
Charly went down very well with the kiddies, thus it made the UK Top 40 very easily. But the tracks that really made this release were Pandemonium & Your Love.
Pandemonium being a synth-led, breakbeat monster, whilst Your Love was based around piano... See full review
posted a review of Demarkus Lewis. over 16 years ago
Demarkus Lewis - has a feeling for a good pumping house track, but also knows how to create killer deeeeeeeep house music cuts.
In the last year or two, the guy has come on leaps and bounds as he learns how best to use production skills.
This guy is... See full review
posted a review of Various - Get The Fuck Up!. over 17 years ago
I don't care about the B-side to this release - I really don't....The A-side is what makes this EP.
DJ Rasoul taking things deep...VERY deep.
This is a very 'dark' track, and should be reserved for those moments where a crowd is totally... See full review
posted a review of Presence - All Systems Gone. over 17 years ago
A quality Deeeeeeeep long-player from Mr Webster.
Some tracks wouldn't go amiss in a club, but overall this one is for the armchair/couch.
Very melodical and moody - superb release.
posted a review of 4 Hero - Two Pages. over 17 years ago
Gotta repeat myself, the 1st CD of this set is absolutely wonderful. Marvellous orchestra tracks and fantastic vocals. Drum & Bass? Yeah, this is a piece of art.
posted a review of Tony Humphries - This Is The Sound Of Tribal United Kingdom Volume 2. over 18 years ago
The Bonus CD on this release is ideal for when you get home after a club - chilled beats - ambient at times - and glorious rhythms. One of the best "chillout" cd's I own.
posted a review of Carl Cox & Dave Seaman - Mixmag Live Vol. 1. over 18 years ago
This release of the acclaimed MixMag Live series is considered to be the first legal dj mix available for purchase by the general public.
posted a review of Schmoov! - Spirits. over 18 years ago
All the Deep House Heads gotta own this record, talk about deep :)
The bassline is nice and bouncy, a little on the heavy side, and played on the right soundsystem will tear a place apart.
The only thing I don't like about this track, is it is slow... See full review
posted a review of David Duriez Presents The Multi Step Robot War* - Lineaire EP. over 18 years ago
Quality music from Mr Duriez - Lineaire is a very good bassline driven track that will be well suited to all the deep-house heads. Primal Fear is very Techy with synth stabs, another very nice track. The other two tracks are 'fillers'.
posted a review of Lil Louis* - Mix The Vibe: Lil Louis (27 Years In The Mix 1974-2001). over 18 years ago
This is a mighty fine mix to listen to, it has everything, soul, funk, disco, house, and hints of techno - my hat's off for Lil' Louis - 27 years and he's still capable of mixing up a storm.
posted a review of Midi Rain - Always (Blue Piano Mix). over 18 years ago
The Demented mixes are the ones Sasha used to play at Shelleys, Stoke, UK. Somewhat classed as a classic in the UK House/Rave scene.
"If ever you should need a friend, call and I'll be there, I'll never look back, I'll always look straight ahead..."
posted a review of DSK - What Would We Do. over 18 years ago
An absolute peach of a record, Anthem lists only exist so this record can be in them.
An early house/garage record that oozes class.
posted a review of 4 Hero - Two Pages. over 18 years ago
In my opinion, this double CD is a work of genius.
1st cd uses a live orchestra blended with smooth & relaxing vocals, horns, strings etc - a beautiful cd.
2nd cd is more electronic, relying on keyboards and drum machines to create the infectious... See full review
posted a review of Fallout - The Morning After. over 18 years ago
Quality, and I mean Quality.
Very nice Techno/House track with a bouncing bassline and flutes and organs.
This tune has appeared in nearly every Chill-out CD I've done (for friends only).
Brings back so many memories of the early 90's rave culture.
posted a review of Incognito - Out Of The Storm. over 18 years ago
If you like Carl Craig, then check this mix out.
I can't stop telling people just how good it really is.
A lush bassline, synths and a drumbeat to die for.
Sit back, put the phones on, and just listen - a masterpiece.
posted a review of Jamiroquai - Emergency On Planet Earth / Space Cowboy. over 18 years ago
Forget Emergency... a pretty poor MAW mix.
The Morales Mix of Space Cowboy is the one to go for, a big UK club tune that just oozes for the end of the night.
posted a review of FPI Project - Everybody (All Over The World). over 18 years ago
A big favourite in Ibiza in the early 90's and at various 'raves' across the UK.
An old-skool house tune with nice piano breakdowns.
posted a review of Clubland - (I'm Under) Love Strain. over 18 years ago
Perhaps one of the most uplifting US Garage style tracks I have ever heard.
A beautiful piano driven melody with gospel background vocals.
posted a review of Sub Sub - Space Face. over 18 years ago
A quality funky Electro/Techno track.
Has a vocal of "My God, It's Full Of Stars"
posted a review of Alison Limerick - Where Love Lives (Come On In) (The Remixes). over 18 years ago
A top-notch vocal anthem. Morales & Knuckles turning out one of their finest remixes to date.
This has been championed for years by DJ's across the globe...and I'm sure Mr Knuckles plays this as a closing track to many of his sets, along with Tears.
posted a review of DJ Carl Cox* - I Want You (Forever) (Fabio And Grooverider Re-Mix). over 18 years ago
Forget the Coolbag mix, the Fabio & Grooverider mix is the one to go for.
It's not drum & bass...breakbeat all the way with warm, swirling synths. And a really nice piano. Lovely remix.
posted a review of Carl Craig - Designer Music V1. over 19 years ago
What can I say other than it's Carl Craig restyling other people's music as he knows best.
Worth checking out if only for the totally awesome, and what I consider one of his best remixes to date, Incognito track.
posted a review of Roger Sanchez - Maximum House & Garage. over 19 years ago
This is most probably the finest Mix CD you find of Roger Sanchez. The S-Man, 3 Technics SL1210s, a Pioneer CDJ500 & The DJM500 = Quality mixing from one of New York's best DJ's. If you don't have this in your collection, you ought to go and get it.