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posted a comment on Yello - Extended Mixes. over 7 years ago
The Yello home office says this is a 'bootleg', despite the fact that it has Mercury branding.
posted a comment on The Cure - Mixed Up. over 8 years ago
My version of this has the same CD 60978 printed everywhere, and not the variations described above.
posted a comment on Vicious Pink - Cccan't You See...(Version). over 8 years ago
My version came packaged in a black die-cut sleeve (no spine).
posted a comment on Janet Jackson - When I Think Of You. over 8 years ago
my version of this has generic A&M sleeve instead of pic sleeve.
posted a comment on Colour Box* - Breakdown (Second Version). over 8 years ago
all instances of the band name on this release are split into two words: Colour Box
posted a comment on Depeche Mode - Policy Of Truth. over 8 years ago
My version of this does not have these particular matrix phrases, just 'DAMONT' and some random numbers. But everything else is the same... weird?
posted a comment on Pet Shop Boys - Actually. over 8 years ago
I have a version of this with the cat. CDP 546972, wheras the standard US version is CDP 746972... this is a columbia house reissue, is there enough here to warrant a separate release for this item?
posted a review of ZTT. over 15 years ago
Just to make our jobs even more difficult, ZTT also had a nasty habit of releasing several different singles with the same catalog number. Not to mention half the time they would name a certain mix something different for a different release... oh and if ... See full review
posted a review of Yes - Leave It. over 15 years ago
The Hello, Goodbye Mix was worked on by both Trevor Horn and J.J. Jeczalic as well as Gary Langan, who those in the know were behind the sampladelic psuedo-band known as The Art Of Noise. Thus, this remix resembles the original song not very much. So if ... See full review
posted a review of Moby - The Original Go. over 15 years ago
This release contains a little disclaimer by Moby, the purpose of which was that hoped to dash any misinformation about the supposed use of "Go" for a car commercial airing in early 1993. The inner sleeve features a pictogram of a car with a red "Ø" sign ... See full review
posted a review of Information Society - Peace And Love, Inc.. over 15 years ago
Track 12 entitled "300bps 8,N,1" is an interesting idea by InSoc... It is the audio equivalent of a digital file. The idea being that if you transmit this file through a phone line to a computer, you will eventually get a text file. I have no life, and I ... See full review
posted a review of Information Society - Hack. over 15 years ago
This is a great CD, but it is way over 74 minutes (one of the first releases I am aware of that pushed the 74-minute barrier), and thus, it fails to play all the way to the end on most older models of CD players. I actually had to extract the tracks and ... See full review