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My rating system:
5: Essential. I'd sell my soul and yours for this release. Love nearly every track. Will play it often.
4: Excellent. Could have been a five that has mellowed with age. Will listen to it again.
3: OK. I'll keep it for the good track/s, but won't ever listen to the entire release again.
2: A dud. No appeal. Here, you can keep this.
1: Terrible. Look, my ears are bleeding. I will purge this release from the earth.

Currently Crazy About:
Labels: Ultimae Dakini Interchill Planet Dog
Artists: Sounds From The Ground Legion Of Green Men ESX Trio Bhakta Masala

These had a say in how/what I hear today:
The Beatles: Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band
Wendy Carlos: Clockwork Orange Soundtrack
2001, A Space Odyssey
Rachmaninov: Piano Concerto 2
Alphaville's Forever Young
Art Of Noise: In Visible Silence
OMD: Junk Culture
Wang Chung: Live And Die In LA
The Fixx: Phantoms
Yello: You Gotta Say Yes To Another Excess
Dead Can Dance: Toward The Within
Nine Inch Nails: Pretty Hate Machine
Underworld: Second Toughest In The Infants
Woob: 1194
Juno Reactor: Bible Of Dreams
Banco De Gaia: Last Train To Lhasa
Shpongle: Are You Shpongled?
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posted a review of Master Margherita - Border 50. 12 months ago
Incredibly well crafted listening experience. More ambient than dub, but the bass is an ever present character. Cinematic and cool. It's not compliant to the will of the listener. We can choose to experience it, but it decides what that experience... See full review
submitted Makyo - Hadra حضرة. about 1 year ago
added Charanjit Singh - Synthesizing (Ten Ragas To A Disco Beat) to their wantlist. over 3 years ago
submitted Meat Beat Manifesto - Totally Together. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Mixmaster Morris - God Bless The Chilled (Ambient Meditations 4). over 5 years ago
Am I the only one who feels this mix is far overrated? I prefer any of the other volumes of the Ambient Meditation series by a wide margin. The tracks here are not especially interesting either as a listener or collector. I'd suggest Mix Master... See full review
submitted Metasurfing - Cloud Shaped. over 8 years ago
posted a comment on Underworld - Barking. over 11 years ago
Underworld's creative genius is reduced to near nothing on this release of formulaic techno-barf. Thankfully we can buy individual tracks in this day and age. You might find one or two worth having. Hopefully some redemption can be found on the 2-CD version. See full review
posted a comment on Pop Will Eat Itself - Two Fingers My Friends! . over 11 years ago
Essential. Don't miss the detail that only this INFECT 10CDRX version has a second disc of additional remixes and B tracks, (not to be confused with the Australian 2CD version that just contains the album "Dos Dedos Mis Amigos" on the second CD). Some... See full review
posted a comment on Hybrid Leisureland - Scroll Slide. over 11 years ago
If your ambient tastes encompass Budd/Eno collaborations or Goldmund, you will likely enjoy this underrated gem. It is probably disappointing to those expecting the usual, wonderful, updated Berlin School sound that Ultimae does so well.
posted a comment on Cell - Hanging Masses. over 11 years ago
All tracks found on other releases:
Audio Deepest Night - Various - Fahrenheit Project Part Four
Blue Embers - Various - Fahrenheit Project Part Five
Floating Retention - Mahiane - Oxycanta
Hawaii Transit - Cell - Live At Kumharas
Risky Nap Under Blue Tree - Cell - Hanging Masses
posted a comment on Arkin Allen - Fusion Monster. over 12 years ago
With Fusion Monster, Arkin Allen leans to the electronic end of his spectrum. (As Mercan Dede his releases have a more traditional slant with subdued electronics.) He still does conjure wonderful instrumental performances here, but they are set to big... See full review
posted a comment on 2 Bit Pie - 2 Pie Island. over 12 years ago
It is surprising how much better these track are as instrumentals, and tragic that this the instrumental version is not widely available. Essential if you like Fluke - Risotto.
posted a comment on The Egg - Mellowmania. over 12 years ago
All these tracks are available on other releases, some under other aliases:

Lost At Sea: The Egg - Forwards (and other releases)

Venice Beach: The Egg - Forwards and Various - Backroom Beats as Stuph (and other releases)

111.111 Beams Per Minute: The Egg - Venice Beach EP and Various - Cornwall Eclipse (A Shepherd's Warning) as... See full review
posted a comment on Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark - Junk Culture. over 12 years ago
This release marked the beginning of OMD's golden age of iconic, accessible, popular albums, though sadly less experimental. 'Junk Culture' has an important twist though that makes it my favorite OMD release. There is a Caribbean flavor throughout and... See full review
posted a comment on Nine Inch Nails - Further Down The Spiral. over 12 years ago
This is certainly one of the more cohesive and accessible NIN EPs. It is not so "experimental". Most tracks you can actually listen to all the way through and some are quite good. I still prefer original album versions for all tracks though.
posted a comment on Nine Inch Nails - Burn. over 12 years ago
The best NIN track ever in my opinion. It amazes me that such an expressive, energetic track can have such a clear sound. Top notch engineering. Because it is available on "Natural Born Killers" there is no need to dig up this promo, but if you are a... See full review
posted a comment on Nine Inch Nails - Fixed. over 12 years ago
Not an accessible NIN release. Most tracks are good for a maximum of one listen out of curiosity. The "Happiness In Slavery" remix is the clear exception which is a track worth having and listening to occasionally.
posted a comment on Kukan Dub Lagan - New Life New Vision. over 12 years ago
Just A little disappointing. I can't decide if this release was too hasty, or just too lo-fi. Several tracks sound like demos. It has charm and a few worthwhile tracks, but does not blow my mind as does 'Life Is Nice'.
posted a comment on Higher Intelligence Agency* & Pete Namlook - S.H.A.D.O 2. over 12 years ago
Too much Namlook, not enough Bird. I prefer their first S.H.A.D.O collaboration.
posted a review of Wang Chung - To Live And Die In L.A. (Music From The Motion Picture). over 12 years ago
It's easy to dismiss Wang-Chung for their Eighties cheese that was belched repeatedly on popular radio, but this recording deserves immense credit as a model of all that was good about the decade: Creativity, energy, exploration, passion...

The album... See full review
posted a comment on Pop Will Eat Itself - R.S.V.P. / Familus Horribilus. over 12 years ago
Fantastic EP! The Higher Intelligence Agency mix is my favorite HIA work and the other tracks are great fun.
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 12 years ago
posted a review of Eraldo Bernocchi . Harold Budd - Music For 'Fragments From The Inside'. over 12 years ago
It is very rare that I listen to any CD more than once in a row no matter how good, but 'Fragments' received about three days of play when it arrived. This release is now my favorite Harold Budd collaboration. It has surpassed even 'Three White Roses... See full review
posted a review of Peter Murphy - Dust. over 13 years ago
I'm not a Peter Murphy fan. 'Dust' is one of two Peter Murphy CDs I still own. I'm only casually acquainted with, but impressed by his earlier work with Bauhaus. His album 'Deep' was a high bar: Dark, innovative, passionate... It had substantial... See full review
posted a review of The Beloved - X. over 13 years ago
I generally don't care for house music. X however, I find very appealing.

Even though the structure is mostly typical pop (except Crystal Wave, an instrumental DJ journey), I find the sound very original and distinct. The lyrics are sentimental... See full review
posted a review of Lucky Monkeys - Bjango. over 13 years ago
This is an essential CD! Lucky Monkeys are Fluke, and Bjango is one of their best. It encompasses Fluke's signature sound treatments and styles into a great little EP.

Deviating from the very successful house/trance applications on tracks 1-4, the... See full review
posted a review of Legion Of Green Men - The Borderless E.P.. over 15 years ago
The numbered limited edition, beautiful insert, uniquely presented disc, and the exclusive track should make this a worthwhile investment. Track 1 (112 BPM) is on the album "Floating In Shallow Water". Track 3 (88 BPM) appears on compilations... See full review
posted a review of Yello - 1980 - 1985 The New Mix In One Go. over 15 years ago
If your are a Yello novice, a Yello collector, or just enjoy electronic music, get this historic release. This is the best introduction to Yello's earlier work, and I suggest the best introduction to Yello. Their recent releases still range up to... See full review
posted a review of The Sabres Of Paradise - Haunted Dancehall. over 15 years ago
Haunted Dancehall is like Star Wars Phantom Menace: Just because you CAN copy and paste the same robot, space ship, alien, or sample a bajillion times, doesn't mean that you SHOULD.

On the second listen I was having a hard time resisting the FWD... See full review
posted a review of Legion Of Green Men - Synaptic Response. over 15 years ago
If you have the 'Spatial Specific' album, this single has limited listening value. Only the 'Reversed' mix varies much from the album version. It's a nice rolling ambient track. Worth having. The others are all basically the same except in length.... See full review
posted a review of Icebreaker International & Manual - Into Forever. over 15 years ago
As pleasant as this release is, it sounds completely unoriginal at best, completely ripped off at worst, once you make the obvious comparison to Eno's 'Apollo'. I was excited when I first heard 'Into Forever'. I sincerely like 'The Countdown' and 'A... See full review
posted a review of Various - Smooth Chill - The Radio Singles. over 15 years ago
Not a bad compilation if you are getting started with Waveform Records. However, all tracks except #5 are sourced from other Waveform releases. It's an OK listen, but you may be better off getting some of the source CDs. Sounds From The Ground's... See full review
posted a review of Trance Mission. over 15 years ago
Know first that "Trance" does not refer to the electronic music genre here. Think of a more meditative definition. Other than some faint atmospherics, this band is entirely acoustic. Their style is something of an Aboriginal-Jazz hybrid. Blending... See full review
posted a review of Yes - 90125. over 15 years ago
Yes fans hate this release because it's doesn't remotely resemble the any of the prog-rock band's prior output, which you'd find on the same shelf of LPs as The Who and Led Zeppelin. This is a Trevor Horn production complete with J.J. Jeczalik's... See full review
posted a review of Fluke - Progressive History XXX. over 15 years ago
I was pleasantly surprised by the choice of tracks on this compilation. I would have expected more of a ‘greatest hits’ selection with emphasis on ‘Risotto’ singles. Instead they did a fine job of collecting the most essential early tracks (pre-Six... See full review
posted a review of Pop Will Eat Itself - Amalgamation. over 15 years ago
A great EP for several reasons. It’s a good listen from start to finish. The album tracks are among the best from ‘Dos Dedos Mis Amigos’. The two remixes are quite good additions to the album versions. The two b-tracks ‘Intense’ and ‘CPI #2’ are... See full review
posted a review of Michael Dog - Summer Night Sessions. over 16 years ago
This in not really a DJ mix. There is no beat-matching and tracks don't run together in any way except occasionally some residual ambience as the next track starts.

Many of these artists have appeared on Planet Dog compilations under other aliases.... See full review
posted a review of Alphaville - Dreamscapes. over 16 years ago
Most of this should have been left on the cutting room floor. Alphaville was a major musical influence for me and I'd argue some of their albums are timeless standards, but I have to say this collection was a big disappointment musically. Hardcore AV... See full review
posted a review of Syntax (4) - Meccano Mind. over 16 years ago
Brilliant. Fantastic sound manipulation. Accessible but not too poppy. Sounds like a blend of Risotto era Fluke and a Fixx era Rupert Hine productions. The Japanese tracks are a more primitive but very fun and worth the additional expense.

Mike... See full review