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posted a comment on Millie* - Melting Pot. 2 months ago
Pretty sure Trojan only licensed the album to Philips Nigeria.
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posted a comment on Knüppelhart - Reggae Im Regen. 9 months ago
Despite its obscurity this is generic poprock w/out reggae or new wave influences.
posted a comment on Saint Vitus - Live. 9 months ago
Stellar live recording of a gig in an old village cinema in the middle of nowhere (Gammelsdorf/Bavaria, Pop 500). Vitus played four concerts there (1988, 89, 91/supported by the earliest incarnation of Cathedral, 92/ with Count Raven singer Christian... See full review
posted a comment on Leroy (26) - SNGS. 9 months ago
Most of this tracks sound like what might have happened if David Allen had asked Manuel Göttsching to record the basic guitar parts for Actuel era Gong. Leroys sole vocal part is top notch too.
posted a comment on Slicing Grandpa - Finyl Vinyl. 9 months ago
John ALWAYS gave his private press records away nearly for free, which probably explains the cheapo prices. In my book SG were a testament to the original spirit of underground culture. Free music for folks with open ears.
It should be noted that... See full review
posted a comment on Scum (35) - Gargoyle. 10 months ago
Garage RnR enthusiast and Off Label honcho Johnny Hanke as a member of a prima era DM act. Splendid.
posted a review of Hog Raiser - All In The Name Of The Hog. 10 months ago
Post-Flat Earth Society punk private press straight outta Gersthofen. Hog were a killer live band clearly inspired by The Sound Of London ca. 78, esp. X Ray Spex. Guenther formed the Rabid Dogs around 1979, but his first band remains undocumented. Of... See full review
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posted a review of Team 70 - Ich Sehe Eine Heile Welt . 10 months ago
A: Schlager, not unlike most Tarantel releases
B: Beat for squares, with a slight organ touch in the mix, quite charming.
posted a comment on Holz Oliber, Martin & ich - martin & ich mit deinem persönlichen titel und holz oliber mit "alle frauen werden brüder"auf einer platte. 10 months ago
Underrated local private release. Pretty sure this got never proper distribution. Imagine AG Geige would have met 18year old Manfred Krug before he took singing lessons. Wessie boys Holzer and Martin took their inspiration from by then obscure GDR... See full review
posted a review of Panama Red (3) - Limited. 10 months ago
For my money this album has one remarkable song, Jetzt langts. 1981 westgerman rock w/out any knowledge of new radical culture, in all its glory and misery.
posted a review of Menschenskinder (2) - Heile Welt. 10 months ago
A is a turkey, B brings the Beatles to their natural conclusion: Schlager.
I'm curious why they recorded in Switzerland.
posted a review of H (50) - H (Stencil Edition). 10 months ago
Click "Alpensee" right next and get transcended, Julian Cope style. The whole first side of this platter rules. Farout and way beyond any bavarian K-Rock by the number contemps. What a surprise. A peak for both Echokammer and the Police dudes.
posted a review of Fred M. Bauersachs - Kompositionen. 10 months ago
Raga Rasa: File this somewhere between Ravi Shankar (ca. 69) and NYC loft chamber jazz (ca. 77). It's that good. Pretty sure NNCK and Sunburned associates would agree.
posted a review of The Cucumbers (4) - Seeing You / The Real Life. 10 months ago
The Real Life: Somewhere in a Power Pop neighborhood without crunch, but def a winner.
Seeing You: They had way better songs in their 80s live sets.
posted a comment on Seafood Cream Soup - Worcesteronica. 10 months ago
Roll On Movie shows potential as a moody Haircut 100 ripoff (10 years after the goldrush) while the remaining songs lack any kind of attraction. A pleasant Euro bin find not worth any non thrift store price.
posted a comment on Rip Rig + Panic* - God. 10 months ago
Played at 33rpm another wonderful dimension opens: The Residents as Jazzbos.
posted a comment on Rapeman - Two Nuns And A Pack Mule. about 1 year ago
Best band name? For real?
(If anything they had one of the most explosive rhythm sections of their era)
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posted a comment on Nico (3) - Heroine (Manchester Library Theatre 1980). about 1 year ago
Reich Der Träume originally appeared on Lutz Ulbrich - Lüül in 1981. Vinyl only.
posted a comment on Sam Esh + Hard Black Thing - Montezuma Baby Duck. about 1 year ago
One of a kind mysterious recordings. Sounds, song sequencing and the players attitude are channeling Ethnic Folkways Records best 60s wax into a burnt out midwestern basement behind a record store.
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