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posted a comment on Wolf Parade - Apologies To The Queen Mary. 1 day ago
Mine sounds really good. No complaints. It's an indie rock record. You can't expect Steely Dan on this kind of LP, but my copy's still quite nice.
posted a comment on Kansas (2) - Monolith. 1 day ago
It's not difficult to make a case for this being Kansas' finest hour. This is such an amazing record! One of the best album covers of all time too. Find an original copy-- they are not hard to find, and it's worth it. No modern reissue will ever equal ... See full review
posted a comment on Live - Throwing Copper. 4 days ago
Let me be the first to report that this sounds KILLER. If you're a fan of this album, the remaster is more than worthwhile. Superb pressing quality and extremely quiet.
posted a comment on Nosaj Thing - Drift. 9 days ago
One of the best electronica albums... maybe ever. It absolutely bumps. This pressing sounds amazing, silent background. Poly lined inner sleeve. Only weird thing is it shipped without shrink wrap, just open in a regular plastic sleeve.
posted a comment on Paul Simon - The Rhythm Of The Saints. 11 days ago
Mine sounds great. Definitely better than the original 1990 CD and the 2018 LP reissue.
posted a comment on Catherine Wheel - Adam And Eve. 18 days ago
My favorite CW album. New 2019 MOV reissue can be had on Juno Records for about $33 inc shipping to USA. Cheaper than or
posted a comment on Sting - ...Nothing Like The Sun. 24 days ago
Absolutely stunning sound on this pressing. Notice that there has never been a remastered vinyl version of this album. Why mess with perfection? This is is how it was meant to be heard and cannot be improved upon.
posted a comment on The New Pornographers - Twin Cinema. 25 days ago
This Canadian supergroup no one saw coming (Neko Case in an indie pop band? Wha?) debuted with Mass Romantic, one of the best records of the early '00s, an unstoppable barrage of power pop hooks, song after amazing song. Though they slumped ever so ... See full review
posted a comment on Simple Minds - Celebration. 29 days ago
Excellent 1982 compilation of the Simple Minds' earliest singles. Before "Promised You A Miracle", long before "Don't You Forget About Me" or "Alive & Kicking"... I am pleasantly surprised by how kick-ass this early material is. More original and ... See full review
posted a comment on Big Country - The Seer. about 1 month ago
Big Country's third full length album gets the deluxe double LP treatment, similar to the excellent MOV version of The Crossing. There's no mention of remastering, but I can say unequivocally this sounds miles better than the original 1986 vinyl. That ... See full review
posted a comment on The National - Boxer. about 1 month ago
Mine is great overall, but I noticed a second of distortion toward the beginning of "Gospel" where the piano goes out of tune. I checked against the digital version and it's not there. Anyone else have this?
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - The Wall. about 1 month ago
And, just saw this-- according to this YouTube reviewer, it is the best sounding version available of this (although mine is not the promo)
posted a comment on Radiohead - Pablo Honey. 2 months ago
My copy sounded like hot garbage. Returned it to Amazon.
posted a comment on UNKLE - The Road: Part I. 3 months ago
Those who last listened to UNKLE with 1998's landmark Psyence Fiction have been missing out on a remarkable artistic evolution. James Lavelle's genre-fluid music project has gone from trip-hop experimentalism to something massively genre defying. To call ... See full review
posted a comment on Elliott Smith - XO. 3 months ago
I think it sounds great, and I'm very picky. It compares well to the SQ of the 2017 reissue of EIther/Or (but not as good-- perfection is hard to match). Only problems were some surface noise on "Waltz #1" and the record is slightly bowled.
posted a comment on Sun Kil Moon - Ghosts Of The Great Highway. 3 months ago
Got my hands on a copy of THIS pressing, which is indeed vastly superior to the US pressing. The jackets are identical, same barcode, but the UK pressing comes in a thick plastic envelope with a 3-inch flap closure, while the US version come in simple ... See full review
posted a comment on Sigur Rós - Ágætis Byrjun. 3 months ago
I have the superb North America reissue from 2017. Hard to believe this 2019 edition could be much of an improvement (early reviews being very positive so far though). Curious to hear if anyone has compared them, or if the bonus material makes it worth ... See full review
posted a comment on Calexico / Iron & Wine* - Years To Burn. 3 months ago
Perfect sounding record, really lives and breathes. Sub Pop seems to always nail it with their vinyl releases.
posted a comment on Pixies - Doolittle. 3 months ago
Really great pressing, sounds excellent. Feels heavier than 180g actually.
posted a comment on Phoenix - Wolfgang Amadeus Phoenix. 3 months ago
Everything about it is absolutely perfect. Another winner from Vinyl Me Please.
posted a comment on R.E.M. - Green (25th Anniversary Remaster). 3 months ago
Excellent pressing. If I had to pick R.E.M.'s best album, I'd have to say this one has a slight edge over the others. Why? The variety of songs from rockers ("Turn You Inside Out") to folky ballads ("Hairshirt"). Their best song ever ("World Leader ... See full review
posted a comment on The Future Sound Of London - From The Archives Vol. 1. 4 months ago
Worth noting that the CD is different from the streaming version of the album. Rather than playing as one seamless, continuous sequence, the CD contains the "un-mixed" versions of the tracks. Probably for the sake of DJs who play ambient music, I guess?
posted a comment on Thievery Corporation - Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi. 4 months ago
Thievery Corp would never again match the stony cool of this album.

Track 1, "A Warning" sounds like it has distortion/clipping on mine. Does anyone else's have this issue?
posted a comment on Thievery Corporation - Sounds From The Thievery Hi-Fi. 4 months ago
Unfortunately, this is not a repress of the 1996 original 2xLP. It does not have the same 13 tracks. Instead, it appears to be a lazy reproduction of the 2006 CD reissue, with four bonus cuts, "Assault On Babylon" replacing "Walking Through Babylon", ... See full review
posted a comment on Andrew Bird. 4 months ago
There is an Andrew Bird song named "Take Courage" that is an eMusic exclusive bonus track for the Noble Beast album download. I have the mp3 because I actually had an eMusic subscription for a minute there. If you're a fan of his, I recommend seeking ... See full review
posted a comment on The XX - XX. 4 months ago
What you have here is the perfect test record for your speakers, especially if you have a sub. The bass on "Fantasy" is unbelievable. "Stars" reaches some serious ocean-trench depths too. I didn't know my monitors could do... that. Not just the low end, ... See full review
posted a comment on Boards Of Canada - Tomorrow's Harvest. 4 months ago
Not my favorite BOC record, but this has unbelievable sound! It was listed among "The Best Vinyl LPs to Really Show Off Your Turntable" in this article: so I had to give the vinyl a shot, ... See full review
posted a comment on Tortoise - Standards. 4 months ago
An album best listened to on vinyl. Digital audio has what sounds like distortion/clipping. With the custom outer sleeve, and good solid playing vinyl, this is a premium release.
posted a comment on Cinematic Orchestra* - To Believe. 4 months ago
Did anyone else accidentally listen to track A1 (title track) on 45RPM, and it still sounds perfect and beautiful? I don't think I've ever encountered another song like this. When it got to A2 and it sounded like Roots Manuva had inhaled helium, I was ... See full review
posted a comment on Elbow - The Take Off And Landing Of Everything. 4 months ago
One of the best and most prolific bands of modern times. Ever since their amazing debut Asleep In The Back in 2001, they've reliably released new albums every few years, and they're always excellent. And this album, IMHO, is their pinnacle so far. It's ... See full review
posted a comment on Local Natives - Violet Street. 4 months ago
Lacquer Cut by Chris Bellman
Mastered by Bob Ludwig
This is a nice sounding slab of vinyl, people.
posted a comment on Level 42 - World Machine. 4 months ago
This doesn't contain "Hot Water"? What the hell is that about?
posted a comment on Goldfrapp - Felt Mountain. 4 months ago
Are you certain you don't have this different white version (RSD):
posted a comment on Dead Can Dance - Spiritchaser. 4 months ago
Has anyone compared this with the 2017 4AD Europe reissue? Because that one sounds amazing in its own right.
posted a comment on The Police - Synchronicity. 4 months ago
Compared this to another 1983 US translucent purple copy that I had, and this one is louder! Not sure if it's a different pressing plant or if the stamper was just hotter on this one. This is a seriously great sounding record.
posted a comment on Pixies - Bossanova. 4 months ago
Can anyone comment on the SQ of this? Is it simply a repress of the 2008 release? Also, would someone post pics of the labels. Thanks
posted a comment on Protomartyr (2) - No Passion All Technique. 5 months ago
Killer post-post-punk band's debut album out of Deetroit. Pretty damn obscure for Vinyl Me Please, but I'll take it. Love Protomartyr, saw them tear it up live at a small club in San Francisco. They occupy a unique space in the indie music scene right ... See full review
posted a comment on The Beatles - The Beatles. 5 months ago
My initial reaction is: who cares? It sounds amazing. But if you must know, there have been a number of articles written about this release and interviews with Giles Martin that may provide the answer. My hunch is there has to have been some digital ... See full review
posted a comment on R.E.M. - Reckoning. 5 months ago
Mine arrived bowl shaped to the point my record weight wouldn't even press it down. And it also had bad scuffs on both sides. Guess I'll try again...
posted a comment on LCD Soundsystem - American Dream. 5 months ago
The quality of these records is unreal! The packaging is basic (plain paper inners, no gatefold), but OK. But the sound... good lord, the sound. Dead quiet vinyl, super warm SQ. If you've only heard this album as compressed mpegs, you're missing out on ... See full review
posted a comment on Nirvana - In Utero. 5 months ago
Compared to the 2013 remastered CD, this wins no contest. I mean, by several miles. Of course it does, right?? I have both, so I had to do an A/B.
posted a comment on Nirvana - MTV Unplugged In New York. 5 months ago
Possibly not the best pressing of this album (I haven't heard others) but it is a definite upgrade over the CD version, which itself was pretty good. The record delivers more low end. Worth a buy.
posted a comment on Neworder* - Technique. 5 months ago
If I'm being honest it sounds just a shade better than my original CD. The CD sounds excellent, mind you. Just saying, this is overall a very well recorded album and it's splitting hairs which medium sounds best (it's all digital anyway). For SQ, Rhino ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Soundgarden - Superunknown. 5 months ago
I haven't heard the 200g version, but I thought this vinyl version sounded like crap. In stark contrast, the remastered 2014 CD sounds incredibly good: That's the version I'll be listening ... See full review
posted a comment on INXS - The Swing. 6 months ago
This original US pressing sounds ridiculously good (with seven plus engineers listed in the credits, it better). Haven't heard any reissues, but I doubt they can hold a candle to this.
posted a comment on The Sundays - Reading, Writing And Arithmetic. 6 months ago
Are you sure you are reviewing the right pressing? This page is the 1990 original UK version.
posted a comment on U2 - War. 6 months ago
This remaster blows away my original US pressing. Wow. Really amazing sounding, nicely done!
posted a comment on Green Day - Insomniac. 6 months ago
Stick with your original CD or digital tracks, this pressing sucks (but not quite as bad as the 2009 Dookie)
posted a comment on Green Day - Dookie. 6 months ago
Stick with your original CD (I recommend this one: ) or digital tracks, this pressing sucks.