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Yasuko Agawa - Gravy
posted a comment on Yasuko Agawa - Gravy. over 3 years ago
do u really need to ask... this album is slick and full of juice
Love Play - Midnight Driver
posted a comment on Love Play - Midnight Driver. over 3 years ago
what does this sound like...want to hear before i buy
True Design - I Wanna Break / When Your Down
posted a comment on True Design - I Wanna Break / When Your Down. over 3 years ago
can u ask him what instruments he used to make that beat. sounds like he could record something similar today
Palle Mikkelborg & Radiojazzgruppen* - The Mysterious Corona
posted a comment on Palle Mikkelborg & Radiojazzgruppen* - The Mysterious Corona. over 4 years ago
i bet they will soon just for the title :)
Junko Ohashi = 大橋純子* - Magical
posted a comment on Junko Ohashi = 大橋純子* - Magical. over 4 years ago
it's a shame i didnt hoard this record even though it has been on my radar since 2009! theres a lesson to be learned here....Bulls make money, bears make money, pigs get slaughtered" is an old Wall Street saying that warns investors against excessive... See full review
国分友里恵* = ゆりe* - Relief 72 Hours
posted a comment on 国分友里恵* = ゆりe* - Relief 72 Hours. over 4 years ago
i could've swear ed motta sampled ''friday night'' i've heard a song that sounded a like anyone?
Shortie No Mass - Like This / U Like My Style
posted a comment on Shortie No Mass - Like This / U Like My Style. over 4 years ago
i've seen it for 10 bucks here. well i still haven't learned my lesson when it comes to trusting my ears... and just buy it. this jam is going to 500$ mark my words
No Artist - Le Allucinazioni
posted a comment on No Artist - Le Allucinazioni. over 5 years ago
the fx sounds are somewhat phsychedelic and could be labeled as such
Lewis Baloue* - Romantic Times
posted a comment on Lewis Baloue* - Romantic Times. over 5 years ago
utter crap but hey 1985 the plane, mercedes and the white suit is worth the 1500 bucks \... thinking of pressing some records myself and stash them for 30 years
Free-Son - Banguelê
posted a comment on Free-Son - Banguelê. over 5 years ago
u don't understand that the same 150 bought u a lot more back than?
Boban Petrović (2) - Zora
posted a comment on Boban Petrović (2) - Zora. over 5 years ago
sounds like an early hiphop urban track from that region. could some expert elaborate on the subject?