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All records have a paper sleeve. If none is specified, it is a nice plain generic sleeve.
We pack ALBUMS in plastic outer sleeve with sleeved vinyl OUTSIDE cover to prevent damage in shipping.

Earl Kliethermes and Patricia Owens

Selling rare and Collectible LPs, 45s, 78s etc. Worldwide since 1978.
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On Discogs, we grade LPs like this: "Media Item" = the vinyl record, "Sleeve" = the cardboard cover. We add detailed information regarding the grading of our items and try to grade conservatively.

If you are uncertain about an item, feel welcome to request a sound sample. We'll highlight the worst of any sound damage if any exists.

You are welcome to ask any questions you may have before buying. We do NOT honor requests made after you have purchased item.

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Side A is a HOT and LOUD POPCORN SOUL INSTRUMENTAL. Similar to "Tequila".
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Why is this listed by the B-side? All references I've checked including memory indicate this.
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