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Jay Clarkson - Jay Clarkson
posted a review of Jay Clarkson - Jay Clarkson. over 4 years ago
Different version in collection. Original copy with black and white labels, not the typical FN red and yellow. Graphics : Pregnant women, screaming black man. Need more information about this record. Many thanks, Ron
Tirez Tirez - Etudes
posted a comment on Tirez Tirez - Etudes. over 5 years ago
I have a red transculent version, as well as others are tranculent from Object Music. Maybe the same pressing plant like the previous Factory Records? ( Joy Division, A Certain Ratio )
Drone (5) - Drone
posted a review of Drone (5) - Drone. over 6 years ago
Masterpiece. Spherical. Magical. Hard to find and get. Definitely buy...!!!
Rich Schwab - Lieb' Doch Einfach Mich
posted a comment on Rich Schwab - Lieb' Doch Einfach Mich. over 6 years ago
Different version : Blue image ( face ) cover, no barcode - bi 6180
Pink Floyd - Flowers & Vegetables
posted a comment on Pink Floyd - Flowers & Vegetables. over 7 years ago
Black Vinyl, PF 6667, Cover - Black / White, Label : Big letter A & B ( White On Black ) , GEMA
Who knows this version...???
submitted Kim Salmon & The Surrealists* - Essence. over 7 years ago
Able Tasmans - Somebody Ate My Planet
posted a comment on Able Tasmans - Somebody Ate My Planet. over 8 years ago
Ever appeared on vinyl???
Television - Marquee Moon
posted a comment on Television - Marquee Moon. over 8 years ago
I have this version, there is a small deviation on the label B - Side. Produced by Andy Johns for Maverick Productions, Ltd. and Tom Verlaine
Have no matching version found...
Hellmenn - Gypsy Devils
submitted Hellmenn - Gypsy Devils. over 8 years ago
Harry Heinen - Jede Menge Lösungen...
posted a comment on Harry Heinen - Jede Menge Lösungen.... over 9 years ago
What a great record...!!!!
The Cosmic Giggle Factory - We Sound Like This
submitted The Cosmic Giggle Factory - We Sound Like This. over 9 years ago
David Lindorfer - Between Places
submitted David Lindorfer - Between Places. over 9 years ago
The Barely Works - Don`t Mind Walking
submitted The Barely Works - Don`t Mind Walking. over 9 years ago
Ticks - Sun Shinin On Your Rain
submitted Ticks - Sun Shinin On Your Rain. over 9 years ago
Wanna-Bees - Violent Vibrations
submitted Wanna-Bees - Violent Vibrations. over 9 years ago
submitted Hosh - Hosh. over 9 years ago
submitted Faceplant (12) - Pictures To Prove It. over 9 years ago
Die Jünger - Komm Ins Glück
submitted Die Jünger - Komm Ins Glück. over 9 years ago
Green Beaver - We Got The Fever!
submitted Green Beaver - We Got The Fever!. over 9 years ago
Sawyer (10) - Private Revolution
submitted Sawyer (10) - Private Revolution. over 9 years ago
Stephan Remmler - Vamos
submitted Stephan Remmler - Vamos. over 9 years ago
Mamasweed - American Space Cake
submitted Mamasweed - American Space Cake. over 9 years ago
Kyova - Kyova
submitted Kyova - Kyova. over 9 years ago
Wiskey Biscuit - Wiskey Biscuit
submitted Wiskey Biscuit - Wiskey Biscuit. over 9 years ago
Livingston - Sign Language
submitted Livingston - Sign Language. over 9 years ago
The Family (46) - Wildebeest
submitted The Family (46) - Wildebeest. over 9 years ago
Mort Shuman - Distant Drum
submitted Mort Shuman - Distant Drum. over 9 years ago
B-Joe - Ready To Ride
submitted B-Joe - Ready To Ride. over 9 years ago
Pulp Culture - Akustik Mama
submitted Pulp Culture - Akustik Mama. over 9 years ago
Dolomiti Carrera - Sex Male / Mind Simple
submitted Dolomiti Carrera - Sex Male / Mind Simple. over 9 years ago
Tony Ireland - Lest We Forget
posted a comment on Tony Ireland - Lest We Forget. over 9 years ago
Autograph on back cover. ( To Folk! Cheers! Tony Ireland )
The Blackberry Rainbow - Vol. 1
posted a review of The Blackberry Rainbow - Vol. 1. over 9 years ago
Like a gem...!!! Great ~~~~
Membership - Northern Wind
submitted Membership - Northern Wind. over 9 years ago
Patty Galore - Phoenix
submitted Patty Galore - Phoenix. over 9 years ago
Rock Doctors - Now Hear This
submitted Rock Doctors - Now Hear This. over 9 years ago
Mikihiko Matsumiya - Mu - Myou
submitted Mikihiko Matsumiya - Mu - Myou. over 9 years ago
Nelly Stharre - Wake Up!
submitted Nelly Stharre - Wake Up!. over 9 years ago
Heaven Sent - Keep Love Alive
submitted Heaven Sent - Keep Love Alive. over 9 years ago
Kieran White - Open Door
submitted Kieran White - Open Door. over 9 years ago
The Screenclub - Next Channel
submitted The Screenclub - Next Channel. over 9 years ago
Ramblas - Viaggiando
submitted Ramblas - Viaggiando. over 9 years ago
Furasoul - Nothing Can Stop A Good Idea
submitted Furasoul - Nothing Can Stop A Good Idea. over 9 years ago
Chuck (27) - Dead Famous
submitted Chuck (27) - Dead Famous. over 9 years ago
Bourne* - So Damn Easy
submitted Bourne* - So Damn Easy. over 9 years ago
Opien - The Balance Between Change And Continuity
submitted Opien - The Balance Between Change And Continuity. over 9 years ago
Keimzeit - Stabile Währung Liebe
submitted Keimzeit - Stabile Währung Liebe. over 9 years ago
Various - ...From The Middle Of Nowhere Vol.2
submitted Various - ...From The Middle Of Nowhere Vol.2. over 9 years ago
Team Rockit - Duck Duck Goose
submitted Team Rockit - Duck Duck Goose. over 9 years ago
Käyttöohje - Vihreä Sydän Ep
submitted Käyttöohje - Vihreä Sydän Ep. over 9 years ago
Boris Steinberg - Zeitfalle
submitted Boris Steinberg - Zeitfalle. over 9 years ago