Redscroll Records
69 South Turnpike Road
Wallingford, CT 06492

LOCAL PICK UP AVAILABLE – Just mention it in the notes of your order.

[[Not currently shipping internationally due to USPS complications.]]

Be Safe. Be well.

Phone: 203 265-7013
Email: [email protected]

Redscroll Records is a brick and mortar store in central Connecticut. We specialize in underground music and culture and carry much more beyond that. If you ever find yourself in the area please do stop by.

As experienced sellers and receivers of vinyl we use the best methods we know to pack and ship (our feedback speaks towards that as well).

(12" singles without sleeves withstanding)
Q: Why don't we grade the sleeves on new vinyl? A: We are a store and have a rotating stock. Sometimes there is a bend or ding in transit from the distributor. Sometimes sleeves get shelf wear in the store. Generally if the sleeve is damaged on something you've placed an order for and we notice it we'll send a note along with the shipping total. However, if it is a concern for you particularly please send note along with your order for us to check the sleeve condition.

~Regarding SEALED Records and Color Variations~
When items are listed as "SEALED..." within our notes it generally means that we cannot verify the color of the record. If color is of importance to you please inquire with us before purchase and we may be able to shed some light on the subject. Sometimes we know and sometimes we just don't and can't tell without opening the record (which we won't do - please don't ask us to open a sealed record; again, we won't). If you put an order in for a sealed record we will most likely reassert the fact that we don't know what color it may be. Sometimes color is listed and sometimes there are different catalog numbers or bar codes, but often times there are not and we cannot tell. We can only promise to be completely honest about it.

We ship using fair practices. Whether you are in the U.S. or International we will weigh the records and charge you appropriately.
We will send media mail as a default in the U.S. We send First Class International to everywhere else.
SHIPPING EXTRAS: Please note that when we send an invoice we are sending along the bare bones cheapest shipping price. Insurance is not included and if you are international and worried about damaged records it is especially encouraged to heavily consider adding insurance to your package. If damage occurs to your package without insurance I'm afraid there is no course of action of getting that record/the money for it back. Other extras such as tracking or shipping confirmation are also on the buyer. Please contact us inquiring about any of this before paying for the record(s) and ideally in the notes with your order.

**WE WILL NOT SHIP CDs WITHOUT THEIR CASES - Because of how we have our shipping set up this is not an option. Please understand this and take it into consideration before placing an order. If you'd like tno have your CDs shipped without cases please order from another dealer who can accommodate that.**

US SHIPPING (Including Territories)


RETURNS: We accept returns only for defects or extensive damage (adding insurance is recommended for those who are looking to keep their records only in the most mint of condition). Returns must be communicated and done in an expedient manner (30 days is the bar, please do not contact us about a return 6 months after purchase, for instance).

Bad pressings or less than ideal record pressings are not considered damaged or defective unless the label has acknowledged and made a decision to recall or replace said pressings.

Regarding sealed records received with defects: If you have received a record with a factory defect your best course of action is to contact the appropriate publisher of the record. Once the seal is broken we have no recourse as a shop. If that does not work please do not hesitate to contact us to alleviate the situation in whatever manner we can work out.
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