House Music Lover from da start of it. First went into the Hiphouse , New Beat, Acid House era (about 1987) than the Belgian Techno (1990)invaded and ofcourse the Dutch Techno House (D-shake - Yaaaaaaaaaah was a starter).

I like all sorts of House Music from Mellow to Gabber, from Deep House to Hard Acid. If the sound is right i'll like it and also buy it on vinyl :-).

Also i like Italo Disco very much (mainly period between 1982 - 1989).

Got really addicted to buying vinyl in 1991. Stopped with buying till around 1995. Since 2002 started again to buy every tune i love on vinyl.

Something about my collection. Mostly none of my collection are for sale as i simply like the tune, but every record has a price and some offers you cannot refuse so try if you like. Please mention the amount you would like to pay for the record.

My wantlist is huge. Mainly also as a reminder so not all of it is very wanted but most of them i like to have on vinyl. If you want to sell a record to me give the price and shipping costs included!. E-mails without a price going straight into the recycle-bin.

I may not have time to get back to all e-mails i get but who intrests me certainly getting an answer.

Sometimes I have some records for sale, so check them out from time to time.

At last respect to all musicians and artists who have made so many good music in the past and still in the present. Great respect also to the DJ's which have played so many good tunes and i shall never forget the Rave period (1991) and Gabber period (1992-1995) in my life.

Shouts and respect to the following:

Joey Beltram, Frankie Bones, Cee Jay Bolland, D-Shake, Eric Nouhan & Dimitri, Carl Craig, The Prodigy (Liam Howlett), Richard D. James, DJ Edge, Dano, The Prophet, Gizmo, Buzz Fuzz, GTO, Holy Noise, Neophyte, Alici, Lenny Dee, Ed Bout & Dave van Hasselaar, Patrick van Kerckhoven, Jayant Edoo, Human Resource, Sigma 909, Reyes (Erik De Koning), Frank De Wulf, Mauro Farina & Giuliano Crivellente, Superradio Records Crew, Albert One, Tom Hooker, George Aaron, Silver Pozzoli and more to follow....

Also shouts and big thanks to master sellers & friends: G.Monk, DJ_PI, Bunkerheadz, Robbie Kamper, 8anana, maxjoeri, DiscoMagic, Iljin1, csii, blackpepper, Speciman, psyzen, freshmelk, StevenR_73, hypernova and more to follow....

Have a nice time browsing on discogs and respect to all who loves their music.


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Various - Gold Edition 3 (Deluxe Version)
submitted Various - Gold Edition 3 (Deluxe Version). over 2 years ago
N.R.G. - The Terminator
posted a comment on N.R.G. - The Terminator. over 3 years ago
I remember this euro hardcore tune from Holland. I don't think there are much samples of the movie in it , but it's still a pretty hard release with a nice sleeve :-)
B. Blase - Shame (You Were The Big Sensation)
posted a comment on B. Blase - Shame (You Were The Big Sensation). over 3 years ago
Can anyone tell who sang this song ? Sounds like Silver Pozzoli , but it;s to good English ;-)
Schiffer - Get It Right
posted a comment on Schiffer - Get It Right. over 4 years ago
Be sure that Albert sang this one. you can hear it clearly.
Paul Sharada - Florida (Move Your Feet)
posted a comment on Paul Sharada - Florida (Move Your Feet). over 4 years ago
Don't hear Albert One on the rap, but i recognize maybe the voice sounding like George Aaron or Brian Ice in those likes of. But ain't sure
Albert One
posted a comment on Albert One. over 4 years ago
Alberto Carpani. Albert One. One of the true legends of Italo Disco. Not only as singer, but also as a great producer and songwriter. Italo never will be the same. Rest in peace Alberto. I enjoyed all your songs in the past and still in the present... See full review
DJ Dano - Oooooh Shit (Shit’e’Brooklyn Mix)
posted a comment on DJ Dano - Oooooh Shit (Shit’e’Brooklyn Mix) . over 4 years ago
I agree with Mr. Tom Servo about this one. Sure the original "Energy Boost" is great, but The Twins did a great job on the original to make it a great remix. The original "Oooooh Shit" i like a lot, but they could have done without the remix of that... See full review
Basscult - Paradise Place
posted a comment on Basscult - Paradise Place. over 4 years ago
Classic in my opinion. Starts off with a haunting dark synth. Then after that a main house sample is to be heard. From then you don't know where it's leading. And then that perfect little synth break when you get those trancey goosebumps. From then... See full review
T.O.S.T.I. - The Warming Up E.P.
posted a comment on T.O.S.T.I. - The Warming Up E.P.. over 4 years ago
Some records on Hard Stuff label from The Hague. Also on Rave records Reverend Jackson record.
DJ Hell* / Electric Indigo - Ultraworld EP Vol. 1
posted a comment on DJ Hell* / Electric Indigo - Ultraworld EP Vol. 1. over 4 years ago
Wolkenkratzer!! What a tune. Nicely build up uptempo progressive trancey techno acid stomper. And it reaches far to the sky and beyond! 5/5
Euromasters - Amsterdam Waar Lech Dat Dan?
posted a comment on Euromasters - Amsterdam Waar Lech Dat Dan?. over 4 years ago
Must be one of Sequencial ( if i remember correctly from back in the days.
The Houseviking - The Easy Zone
posted a comment on The Houseviking - The Easy Zone. over 4 years ago
Nice 4 tracker and a good newcomer release from The Houseviking. Not a usual hardcore gabber techno e.p. with tracks like Heard Base only with the distorted beats and Pull Off, referring to the famous Speedy J. track Pull Over. with the haunting... See full review
The Dark Raver & DJ Gizmo* - Direction Of Fear E.P. II
posted a comment on The Dark Raver & DJ Gizmo* - Direction Of Fear E.P. II. over 4 years ago
Great four tracker from The Dark Raver & DJ Gizmo. Three superior hardcore tracks filled with acid power furious as hell and Hybrid as a slower tempo but pounding hardcore gem. Five out of five for me, but they could have done much better on the... See full review
Techno Tribe
posted a comment on Techno Tribe. over 4 years ago
Totally agree with 90S-kid. This is a great label. And if you think about it, all releases in one day ? That's almost crazy, but i believe it, because Marc has the capacity to do so. He's one of the best imo!
RMB - RMB Trax 2
posted a comment on RMB - RMB Trax 2. over 4 years ago
Classic release! All tracks are excellent, but especially want to say something about Concerto Siva. Back in the day i thought it was freaky and still today is. I cannot almost believe it's made in 1993. Especially the sampling in the track,... See full review
B Real - Sex Test
posted a comment on B Real - Sex Test. over 4 years ago
Yes Serena. The copy i have is also not well pressed. Sound is not so good.
6111 - Untitled
posted a comment on 6111 - Untitled. over 5 years ago
And also very similar to Evasion's Slave To The Rave
Various - Thunderdome III (The Nightmare Is Back!)
posted a comment on Various - Thunderdome III (The Nightmare Is Back!). over 6 years ago

Is it not the A1 or A2 version on the logan ep ? Sometimes as it is they made a different version on the thunderdome cd and some only for cd. Like the cracking tune of Mr Dabolina, that is not on vinyl either :-(
Various - Thunderdome - 25 Years Of Hardcore
posted a comment on Various - Thunderdome - 25 Years Of Hardcore. over 6 years ago
I agree with you here on this one. In my opinion a compilation of 25 years must have at least some full length versions on, but a mixed cd isn't spot on for me. The only "extra" thing you mention like a zippo i have on this compilation is a post stamp... See full review
Dadavistic Orchestra - Shredded .01
posted a comment on Dadavistic Orchestra - Shredded .01. over 6 years ago
My CDr is empty lol. Think they forgot to burn the tracks on the cd. Anyone else this "problem" ?
submitted Proper Beating - Noah Chapter VI. over 6 years ago
Various - Work 6
posted a comment on Various - Work 6. over 7 years ago
My version of this CD has only 17 tracks instead of 18, missing Sil - Come Together Dub. Can anyone confirm if it has 17 tracks instead of 18 ?
Phil Carmen, Mike Thompson* - Greatest Hits
submitted Phil Carmen, Mike Thompson* - Greatest Hits. over 7 years ago
submitted Various - Het Groepsgeluid. over 7 years ago
Alice Cooper - Ladies Man
submitted Alice Cooper - Ladies Man. over 7 years ago
Various - Hot 'n' Horny
submitted Various - Hot 'n' Horny. over 7 years ago
Radiorama - Chance To Desire
posted a comment on Radiorama - Chance To Desire. over 8 years ago
Yes i think so too. It must be Marco Besciani.
Various - Sampled
submitted Various - Sampled. over 8 years ago
submitted Natural Born Chillers - Rock The Funky Beat. over 9 years ago
3 Drives On A Vinyl* - Greece 2000
submitted 3 Drives On A Vinyl* - Greece 2000. over 9 years ago
Memi P. Feat. Charles Deveaux - Believe
submitted Memi P. Feat. Charles Deveaux - Believe. over 9 years ago
Cosa Rosa (2) - Toledo Girl
posted a comment on Cosa Rosa (2) - Toledo Girl. over 9 years ago
For me also Cosa Rosa, but like you said not by far.
Camaro's Gang - Decamerone (The Camaro One)
posted a review of Camaro's Gang - Decamerone (The Camaro One). over 9 years ago
Great LP. Ofcourse there are to be found the Italo Disco classics Ali Shuffle, Fuerza Major and Move A Little Closer.

But this LP has a "hidden" gem on it: Corn Flakes, made by Novaga.

Pure brilliance tune. Great synths, slow beatpattern but a... See full review
One System - Life Is Very Short
posted a review of One System - Life Is Very Short. over 9 years ago
Great powerful Italo disco track in maybe the last year (1987) of pure Italo Disco before the eurobeat took over.

I always remember this track with the death of Ezio Zanassi (De Gama) in 1987. Ofcourse it was pure bad luck and the artists of this... See full review
Unknown Artist - Trance Hit Mix - Part 1
submitted Unknown Artist - Trance Hit Mix - Part 1. over 9 years ago
submitted Angel (54) - Dancing In Paris (Que Pasa). over 10 years ago
The Clarks - Live Repertoire
submitted The Clarks - Live Repertoire. over 11 years ago
Trix (2) - C'est La Vie
submitted Trix (2) - C'est La Vie. over 11 years ago
Various - Bella Italia 2
submitted Various - Bella Italia 2. over 11 years ago
Various - Platinum Mega-Hit-Mixes: Italo
submitted Various - Platinum Mega-Hit-Mixes: Italo. over 11 years ago
submitted Shakespear's Sister - You're History. over 11 years ago
submitted U2 - MEXIMOFO. over 11 years ago
submitted Hot Hot Heat - Make Up The Breakdown. over 11 years ago
Salad - Cardboy King
submitted Salad - Cardboy King. over 11 years ago
submitted Sex Before Dinner - Don't Make Me Cry. over 11 years ago
DJ Mark van Dale* - Celebrative Mix Vol. 2
submitted DJ Mark van Dale* - Celebrative Mix Vol. 2. over 11 years ago
submitted Various - Terror Temple. over 11 years ago
Basic Beat* - Rode Schoentjes
submitted Basic Beat* - Rode Schoentjes. over 11 years ago