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posted a comment on Croatian Amor - Love Means Taking Action. 6 months ago
the texture makes me think its a squid with the tentacles somewhat pushed into itself, maybe sitting on top of some nudey mags
posted a comment on Holly Herndon - Proto. 6 months ago
thank you, very helpful review. guess ill just throw this useless copycat bs in the garbage and go grab your original AI music concept album instead.
posted a comment on Hiroshi Yoshimura - Music For Nine Post Cards. over 2 years ago
think of it as better than paying 300eu for an original
posted a comment on Midori Takada - Through The Looking Glass. over 2 years ago
reading all the comments after buying this on vacation, and then opening it up once i got home to find scuffs and scratches all over the B side, i could feel the disappointment already.. lucky enough, it still sounds great, phew
posted a comment on Black Sun Productions - OperettAmorale. over 2 years ago
sides A-B are unplayable from the lp I bought as well
posted a comment on Black Sun Productions - OperettAmorale. over 3 years ago
A-B is a static mess on mine too.. wonder how many got the same defect out of the '499' pressed
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Drukqs. over 6 years ago
omgyjya-switch7 - oh my god, whyd ya switch evan
lol how i read it, think drukqs is drug-use as well