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posted a comment on Lightheaded - Wrong Way. 6 months ago
I can't find anybody else who knows about this record so I may be the only owner of one. It's a shame because it's actually pretty good. Old school vibes with positive messages... Everything that the modern day garbage is lacking.
posted a comment on Various - Cloudkickers Remix EP. 6 months ago
I bought this for peanuts maybe 10 years ago in a used record shop. I've re-discovered it in my collection and forgot I good it was. Solid work on the remixes. The A side is my favorite. If you stumble on it, don't hesitate to buy it. Fo' shizzle.
posted a comment on Artifacts - Between A Rock And A Hard Place. about 1 year ago
Hey man did you ever find out? I'm wondering the exact same thing!
posted a comment on IAM - Rêvolution. over 2 years ago
Les Golden Ticket étaient pas seulement pour la boîte collector?? J'habite au Canada alors la livraison pour cette boîte était dégeulasse LOL.
posted a comment on MF DOOM - Unexpected Guests. over 2 years ago
My copy is super nice. All sides have appropriate label and I have the sticker on the front.
Great compilation album!
posted a comment on Danny Brown (2) - Atrocity Exhibition. over 2 years ago
Maybe I'm too old school, but this album sucked.
The only song I like is the Black Milk produced "Really Doe".
All this minimalist EDM crap is just plain boring to me.
posted a comment on IAM - L'Ecole Du Micro D'Argent - Version Maxis. over 2 years ago
Yeah I agree about the guy on eBay. I heard that this guy actually did his own pressing and is selling them as "original". I contacted him and he is very shady. Don't trust him!
submitted Kool Keith - Matthew. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Analog Brothers - Pimp To Eat. over 3 years ago
Well said! A great album indeed. It sucks that we will never see a second album from them.
posted a comment on Silent Knight - Busy Is My Best Friend II. over 3 years ago
Where can I find this (mp3 or CD)!? Can't find it anywhere!!
posted a comment on IAM - L'École Du Micro D'Argent. over 3 years ago
  dc300a : Dude we get it, you don't like how it sounds. There's not need to say the same damn thing on every post. Let other people have their opinion.
posted a comment on IAM - CQFD Remix. over 3 years ago
Le beat du remix de CQFD est incroyablement bon!!
posted a comment on Fatal* - Everyday. over 3 years ago
R.I.P. Fatal.
posted a comment on Kool Keith - Black Elvis / Lost In Space. over 4 years ago
My copy do have a pressing error, but is not missing any songs. The problem is that on the intro, there's a huge white thing stuck on the grooves, like cement or something. I tried everything to remove it but nothing worked. At least it's just the ... See full review
posted a comment on IAM - L'École Du Micro D'Argent - Rehearsal. over 4 years ago
I thought it was odd that there was so much of these on eBay!! I was sure it was super rare. I guess people who think they bought a rare thing on eBay just got screwed...
posted a comment on DJ Cam - Espionage. over 4 years ago
I'm sincerely sorry for you, but this is not true. The Cutee B remix is my favorite version, I play it often and it NEVER skipped on me.
posted a comment on Killah Priest - Heavy Mental (Instrumental Version). over 4 years ago
Hey guys. Yes it does exist. I actually have 2 copies of the "real" instrumental version :)
posted a comment on Dr. Dooom - Dr. Dooom 2. over 4 years ago
Like Keith said on the Dr. Dooom 2 album : "First thing you gon' do as a journalist is compare this to the first Dr. Dooom, F*CK YOU!!" This one was for you man hahaha!