Composer, Songwriter and Orchestra Conductor.

Pianist, Organist and Sound Designer.

Soundtrack Designer, Film Score (Orchestral, Cinematique, Score for Concert & Big Bands, Pop, Jazz and Classical Music.

Main training at the Conservatory of Classical Music, Clinics and Master in Arrangements, Orchestral Conduction, Stages, Masters and Clinics in EU and USA.

Classical Organist since 1989 and Choir Master since 1993 at the “Madonna della Neve” important Shrine in Adro (Bs); also Choir Master And Orchestral Director about Various genres: Classical, Sacred, Jazz, Light and Popular.

Master Level in Conducting and Arrangements for Orchestra/Big Bands achieved with M.o Thomas Briccetti in 1998.

Professional musician since 1995, collaborating with various artists and ensembles from the National and International pop music, classical and jazz; pianist-keyboardist and hammond player in several tours, collaborations in several television programs broadcast by Sky network, RAI, Mediaset, Videoitalia, Telenova, BergamoTv, Teletutto, Super TV etc … sharing the stage with bands and soloists of national and international reputation. Positive and illustrious collaborations with artists like Larry Ray, Erminio Sinni, Ronnie Jones, Morris Albert, Ray Gelato, Bill Pierce, Geoff Westley, Ian Anderson, BBM, Lela Kaplovitz, Dj Thor, Riky Anelli, Michele Paulicelli, Eddi Rave, Silvia Mezzanotte, Petra Magoni, Simona Molinari, Victor Daniel, Joaquin Yglesias, Milk & Coffee…

Numerous performances about representations of sacred music performed in multiple contexts in Europe and at the “Paul VI Hall” in Vatican City to the greatful presence of SS Benedict XVI; in addition to the many experiences, even today, as master of the choir’ role or as Organist, to the accompaniment and performing ceremonies in the presence of numerous Holy See’s authorities.

Pianist / keyboardist and Hammond Organist as soloist also in bands, orchestra, choral groups worldwide.

Director and composer about Italian Popular Music, Especially of Coro Alpino since 2007; assets concerts and exhibitions throughout Italy at the presence of civil and military authorities.

The recording career began in 1998 as a musician in the field of production/arrangements for various labels and record companies, so then it focus the main activity as Producer and Artistic Director of the BIG Music of Brescia (… for the activities of arranging, composition, sound design and record production in the name of JCP, Studiotrack, Buena Suerte, Silvius, Sample, RTI Music Spa / Mediaset, Rai Trade, Universal MCA Music / Italy, Warner Chappell, Plaza Major Ltd,…).

Developed several projects for Tv production companies and in the Film industry as a writer, composer, music producer and arranger of soundtracks for feature films, short films and documentary films for cinema and for television, also in the field of amusement parks (Leolandia, Carthageland, Dubai Park, Rainbow, Magicland etc …), Theatrical Business, Musicals and Orchestral Tours; (Over 400 are the productions published by about 10 years).

As Composer, Director and Artistic Producer for various Label but priority for BIG Music, has many productions, collaborations, projects, soundtracks and arrangements, among which appear artists like Morris Albert, Boyzone, Ian Anderson, Nails, Sabrina Salerno, Silvia Mezzanotte, Rosderov, Jurga, Gigi Leni, Los Clavos, Mauro Repetto, Max Pezzali, Demo Morselli, Stefano Nardini, Ronnie Jones, Riky Anelli, Virginia Quesada, Eduardo Cespedes, Familia Loca, LCJO, Massimo Alberti, Alfio Antico, Coro Montorfano, Massimiliano Motterle, Antonio Castro, Big Band Jazz Orchestra, Amy Charles, Gigi D’Agostino, Marco Chilly, Roby Intrallazzi, Dj Thor, Karin Mensah, Los Clavos, Michel Soulful, FPI Projects, The Crowsroads, Esther Oluloro, Petra Magoni, Unione Latina Europea, Victor Daniel, Joaquin Yglesias, Tinkara, Massimo Luca, Simone Serafini, Joe T Vannelli, Erminio Sinni, Federico Van Stegeren “The Flying Dutchman”, Frisbie, FPI Project, FD & Company, Double Defense, Stefano Pisetta, Anna Nash, Sadaya, DJ Thor, Violetta Zironi, Remo Anzovino, Mondosommerso, Iskra Menarini, Fernando Sosa, Chiquito, Milk&Coffee etc …

BIG Music, through others, saws about two recording projects release, distributed worldwide with great media feedback, the proceeds of which were donated to Unicef, which hit song named “Lively Up Africa” and “What A Happy Day” (Frisbie And The African Football Stars), played by Nigerian singer Frisbie, and African players: Ibrahim Ba, Oliver Bierhoff, Edgar Davids, Mimmo Di Carlo, Mohamhed Kallon, Phil Masinga, A.Otero Marcelo, Ronaldo, Fabio Viviani, George Weah, Taribo West, Ivan Zamorano, Zinedine Zidane, Omam Biyik, Manuel T. Dimas, Oumar Dieng, Joachim Fernandez, Mohamhed Kallon, Raul Phil Masinga, so artists as Ronnie Jones, Elaine Mata Jones and Mo. Demo Morselli.

In 2015, Riccardo Rossini signed as Composer, Arranger and Producer, the entire Original Soundtrack of the movie named “Rosso Mille Miglia”, produced by Lucere Film and CSC; the Soundtrack, orchestrated and conducted by the same, with the participation of BULGARIAN NATIONAL RADIO SYMPHONY ORCHESTRA, IAN ANDERSON of Jethro Tull, Tinkara Kovac, Sadaya, Simona Molinari, Vincenzo Vasi, Massimo Luca, Silvia Mezzanotte, Petra Magoni, Voci Di Corridoio, Esther Oluloro, Dj Thor and many other artists, also coordinated by Alberto Zeppieri, distinguished producer and lyricist, artistic partner of Rossini since long time.

Rossini’ Soundtrack earns the “Premio Querceto 2015” also was candidates for “David Di Donatello 2016” like best original song and best original soundtrack.

Rossini is unique Arranger for CTV Centro Televisivo Vaticano Head Spot 2014 for Sample Company IT.

Also in 2015 he was made the soundtrack of the feature film “The Latin Dream” in New Orleans on behalf of “Anerica Production”.

2016 is year of Soundtrack and Film Score Production (Oltremare, Immenso, Sunroots…), continue with important joint venture, one is with Victor Daniel and great Tenor Joachim Yglesias for Star Music Production of Miami Usa, other with Road Bike Racer World Championship about his movie productions.

The work of the labels represented were published by Universal / MCA Music Italy; Sony Music Entertainment; Dance Pool; MCA Music; Universal Records; PolyGram; Warner Chappell Music; Discomagic; Media Records; Irma Records; Next Plateau Records Inc; RCA; BMG Ariola; Zac Music; Signal; JVM; Whole Records; Flanaresch; Top Records; Flying Records; Dance Rhythm Records; Snake’s Music; Paradise Project Records; Black Machine; E’viva Records; Whole Records; Media Records Benelux; Out; KLF Music; Unknow Label; Sou; Baby Records; Sanni Records; TLO Records; Ariola; Beat Box Sweden; Ariola Eurodisc GmbH; Meet Records; Vedette Records; Soul Xpression; One records; Inside Label; Dig IT International; Werewolf; Ichiban Records; Towm Music GmbH; Do It Yourself Entertainment; Noise Maker; Media Records Germany; Silvius; Buena Suerte; R.T.I. Music Spa / Mediaset; Rai Trade, Plaza Major.
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