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posted a comment on Venetian Snares - Songs About My Cats. over 2 years ago
For me, this one of the best release which mr funk produced, for sure. So I am really sad about that there exist no full release on vinyl. Songs About My Cats contains so really great " Catssongs " which only on CD available. I think its time for a full ... See full review
submitted Grails - Chalice Hymnal. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Hellfish vs Promo - Remixes. over 2 years ago
I spent a little time with the A1 - Hellfish - Turntable Savage ( Death Zone Remix ) [DEATHCHANT61] track. For me it´s really incredible how much hip hop artists and their tracks Julian built in this tune. Over the years I listened to all the DEATHCHANT ... See full review
submitted Venetian Snares - My Love Is A Bulldozer. over 5 years ago