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posted a review of Sy Kick* - Nasty (Remix). over 14 years ago
This excellent Sy-Kick Promo-release contains one track which is unreleased elsewhere.This track is A2 -> The Journey.Massive banging old school track with some acid-elements.Maybe one of the most "technoish" track from SY-Kick.Brilliant!
posted a review of Woody McBride - Bad Acid - No Such Thing. over 15 years ago
This double 12" represents almost every possible style of acid.There's an ambient tunes,trancey ones and some
mindblowing acid-hardcore (Especially track "Ace Frehley",my all-time favorite!)
Even fans of '88 acidhouse can find something special here.. ... See full review
posted a review of Napalm - Napalm 14. over 15 years ago
Track B1 is called "2000 And Bang!" (As taken from Braindead 2000-Compilation) It's the same version,except there's no trance-intro in vinyl version..
posted a review of Napalm - Napalm 6. over 15 years ago
This Napalm was produced by Patrick Cremer (E-De-Cologne)
Lo-fi amiga samples don't fit into good-quality napalm-soundscape..I wonder why they allowed Patrick-boy to do this record?
posted a review of Titanium Steel* - Slapback. over 15 years ago
Track B1 "Next" was originally released on BASTARD LOUD 005 "Brotherhood Of Mono Tone".That happened 1994 (a year before Mokum-release..) and Track B2 "Paralyzed" was originally released on TITANIUM STEEL 04 "Slam!" in 1993..
So,that's something I call ... See full review
posted a review of Shadowrun - SNES-E.P. Vol.1. over 15 years ago
This underrated record was produced by two geniuses Martin "Speed Freak" Damm & Claudius "Bc Kid" DeBold.
Original "Sonic Boom" was released on "PARAMETRIC EP." (Communism 5)and was much better than this remix..Otherwise this record is very enjoyable!
posted a review of Aura Exiter - Nitrogene E.P.. over 16 years ago
This record has been one of my all-time favorites!
The Best B.E.A.S.T ever released..All tracks are sophistically hard and distorted,very Skullblower-feel in them..There's even some TB303 pulsing behind the raw beats.. ;)
However,this is not a Lasse ... See full review
posted a review of Somatic Responses - Riot Frequencies. over 16 years ago
This is the FIRST Somatic Responses release..
11-Tracks of cold,straight,grindin' experimental hardcore..
Very collectable piece of Somatic History!
posted a review of Jammin' Unit vs. Walker* - Money Talk$!. over 16 years ago
Jammin Unit's side is more weird..(Too many mushrooms for the dinner,perhaps?) Monotoney and dry acidlines with the distorted ragga-piano (?!) Really mad tune on beautiful yellow vinyl!
posted a review of The House Fucker - Cold Rockin'. over 16 years ago
Track A2 "Tekno Blast" Samples ForceMassMotion a great deal!
First of all,the 303 riff is taken from RABBIT CITY 007 Escape EP. Track A2 "Sub Sonix" and vocals are ripped from RABBIT CITY 004 REMIX EP B1. "Techno Blast"..