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Herbert* - Musca
posted a review of Herbert* - Musca. about 1 month ago
The state of the music press has been depressing for quite a few years - Herbert's albums used to be discussed to death on every NME, Pitchfork, allmusic, etc but reviews do not exist anymore. We are all isolated, and if you want to discover an artist... See full review
En Vogue - EV3
posted a review of En Vogue - EV3. 3 months ago
I cannot express how much of a disappointment this album was, and still is. "Funky Divas" went from style to style without being overproduced, keeping it grounded, always leaving room for humour and playfulness. There is some of that here, in Whatever... See full review
LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem
posted a review of LCD Soundsystem - LCD Soundsystem. 5 months ago
The change around 2003 in all the electronic scene to make everything sound "real" and "organic" had its peak in the James Murphy label/scene/band/productions/etc and quite a hype in this first LP. As the rest of the scene was doing, they replicated... See full review
Makoto - Musical Message EP
posted a review of Makoto - Musical Message EP. 6 months ago
Today I found out that many Makoto's classic tracks must be approached in the same way you approach the classic Calibre or Omni Trio: guys that do variation on the same elements, permutations of the same or very very similar loops, basslines, mnelodic... See full review
George Brummell
posted a review of George Brummell. 8 months ago
Someone linked Mike Shannon to the main George Brummell profile, which does not make any sense.
Bop (5) x Subwave - Renaissance
posted a review of Bop (5) x Subwave - Renaissance. 9 months ago
There is quite a lot of consolidation on the pop dnb sound, so the recent (at this time of writing, summer 2023) releases of Halogenix, Pola&Brison, Logistics, Bcee, Solah and long etc have the same vibe and sound: emo vocals and Calibre like loops... See full review
Pendulum (3) - Immersion
posted a review of Pendulum (3) - Immersion. 9 months ago
They got famous with "Hold your colour", but a year before they released this and in the 13 years after they have been living out of the success of Immersion via live shows and others. It's campy, cheesy and incredibly catchy, with tracks that can be... See full review
The Caretaker
posted a review of The Caretaker. 9 months ago
We are living in the era of context collapse, and one of the signs was when Caretaker, I think "Everywhere At The End Of Time" in particular, got insanely popular because of viral videos of tiktokers recording themselves listening to it as a test of... See full review
Matthew Herbert - One Pig
posted a review of Matthew Herbert - One Pig. 9 months ago
Big one in Herbert's discography, a horrifying hypnotic work about the meat industry that follows similar work in "Plat Du Jour", which got Herbert in a public spat against PETA, which got actually amazing live shows and which unfairly lost its... See full review
Jacob's Optical Stairway - Jacob's Optical Stairway
posted a review of Jacob's Optical Stairway - Jacob's Optical Stairway. 9 months ago
It is "Parallel Universe pt 2" alright, but the most interesting thing about Jacob's Optical Stairway is their Detroit Techno approach to jungle/dnb breaks. I can feel Marc Mac particularly happy in here - those piano riffs - but the approaches from... See full review
4 Hero - Creating Patterns
posted a review of 4 Hero - Creating Patterns. 9 months ago
There is something I find frustrating about 4hero starting in Creating Patterns: Dego and Marc Mac stick to tracks that are more... tropes? It is as if they pidgeonhole themselves into one of the two different compartments: Marc to the string based... See full review
Herbert* - Bodily Functions
posted a review of Herbert* - Bodily Functions. 9 months ago
1999-2003 was definitely my favourite era in music. While dnb was fading into the underground but not so much, microhouse was all over the place and different electronic producers were doing their spin on "how can we make pop music with a noisy... See full review
DJ Sonikku - Secret Island
posted a review of DJ Sonikku - Secret Island. 9 months ago
Sonikku started hard as one of the lo fi house visible headliners, but his approach was more laptop based than the others - his artist name already hinted of the Sonic-like melodies in case you did not catch the relation with that kind of Japanese 80s... See full review
Sonikku* - Joyful Death
posted a review of Sonikku* - Joyful Death. 9 months ago
There were some people who started their business or had their "about to be famous" jump timed just when the pandemic started, and this is what happened to Sonikku, gifted dj, gifted producer, and with one of the most promising LPs here, pure 80s fun... See full review
Distant Hawaii
posted a review of Distant Hawaii. 9 months ago
Respect here. One of the most relevant labels of the lo fi house scene is here. If you ever wonder why it had such a hype (apart from being chosen by the youtube algorithm) listen to the first releases.
TJ Rehmi - Axis Of Ignorance
posted a review of TJ Rehmi - Axis Of Ignorance. 9 months ago
it seems like a slightly shuffled version of The Warm Chill, right? Any other differences?
TJ Rehmi - Invisible Rain
posted a review of TJ Rehmi - Invisible Rain. 9 months ago
Breakbeat, Drum n Bass, Tribal, Downtempo, Ambient is, for once, a good definition of what you can find in here, my favourite album from TJ Rehmi. A very ambient take on big beat and breaks (fashionable at the time), very sample based, very hippy, but... See full review
TJ Rehmi - Mindfilter
posted a review of TJ Rehmi - Mindfilter. 9 months ago
there was a time like million years ago when it was cool to mix folklore with trip hop, drum n bass or any break, and those few years from the late 90s to the new millennia were absolutely ripe in these experiments, with Outcaste records being a... See full review
Nthng - There Is A Place For Me
posted a review of Nthng - There Is A Place For Me. 9 months ago
So if anyone asks "how is nthng doing after the Lobster Theremin debacle?" the answer, given this LP, is: "really really well". This is an incredibly strong collection of techno, breaks, ambient, experimentation and melody from someone who looks like... See full review
Big Bud - Infinity + Infinity
posted a review of Big Bud - Infinity + Infinity. 9 months ago
Even if you are not a fan of the two steppy evolution where dnb styles converged (even the artists from the very breaks based in GLR) you cannot deny this is one of the best albums of atmospheric/ambientish dnb: pads coming and going, careful reverbs,... See full review
Blu Mar Ten - Producer 03
posted a review of Blu Mar Ten - Producer 03. 9 months ago
As a note, as it happens with many other GLR releases, the digital versions crop minutes from the original tracks because Good Looking Records hates, hates their fans so much, hates its music, hates everything.
PFM - Producer 02
posted a review of PFM - Producer 02. 9 months ago
Going to point to the System-J review about my frustration about the edits here, the frustration on how GLR are managing their old tracks (the full versions barely available anywhere) but also that I have a pet hate with the edit of Love & Happiness... See full review
Inner-Vation - Movements
posted a review of Inner-Vation - Movements. 10 months ago
so after many years of not being blessed by The Algorithm smashing the same videos over and over, this mix was a chosen one after any video I put as a background. Excellent selection of that kind of GLR dnb but I wish this would transform in more... See full review
P. Lion - Happy Children
posted a review of P. Lion - Happy Children. 10 months ago
One thing most of the synthwave or poppy neo italo producers forget is that italo has a foot firmly on dub, and I think this is one of the most blatant examples of it, if only because of the trumpets hook reverbed as they should. Apart from that it is... See full review
Pierre Estève & Stéphane Picq - Atlantis (The Lost Tales) Soundtrack
posted a review of Pierre Estève & Stéphane Picq - Atlantis (The Lost Tales) Soundtrack. 10 months ago
Esteve and Picq were very much in sync in the Cryo days and there are few other places where you can see that more clearly than in this soundtrack. Outside the game the mix of new age, tribalism and loads of 80s and 90s tropes can be too much (if you... See full review
Sideral (2) - Mil Parsecs
posted a review of Sideral (2) - Mil Parsecs. 10 months ago
You are definitely the number one and harshest fan of Alex Martin :)
Alex Martin Ensemble - Come Into Cosmos
posted a review of Alex Martin Ensemble - Come Into Cosmos. 10 months ago
Alex Martin was releasing dozens of 12'', eps and albums with different names and I think he would have benefited from keeping things a bit more focused. The smooth jazz parts do feel like part of a generic chillout compilation, the trip hop numbers... See full review
Cristina La Veneno - Veneno Pa Tu Piel / Rap De La Veneno
posted a review of Cristina La Veneno - Veneno Pa Tu Piel / Rap De La Veneno. 10 months ago
A good time indeed but a very hard hangover too
Various - Mosaic - Volume One
posted a review of Various - Mosaic - Volume One. 10 months ago
dBridge and co. sold this as yet another resurrection of dnb to place it well in the Resident Advisor and other music journalists who obviously had been disconnected to the trends for ages, and it was funny as when it was released there were... See full review
Seb Wildblood - Sketches Of Transition
posted a review of Seb Wildblood - Sketches Of Transition . 10 months ago
I have this album on several different copies at the moment and it did not grab me much at the time. My surprise later is that the track that stayed with me all these years is his synth wave take "Amelia", one track that in my book goes further and... See full review
Afronaut* Featuring Son Del Batey - Golpe Tuyo Calinda
posted a review of Afronaut* Featuring Son Del Batey - Golpe Tuyo Calinda. 10 months ago
After all, there were not that many reggaeton-broken tunes around there apart from the ones championed by the Orin Walters circle, but this one remains as the tunest of them all. Walters understood how the syncopation of reggaeton could blend with the... See full review
Lab Records
posted a review of Lab Records. 10 months ago
Really cool nu jazz releases until their hiatus. The Acimo and Schnute albums are really good, as their Deep Chords compilation.
Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita
posted a review of Ryan Paris - Dolce Vita. 10 months ago
everyone has an opinion, and for me the canon is Clio's "Faces" and "Hypnotic Tango"
Cristina La Veneno - Veneno Pa Tu Piel / Rap De La Veneno
posted a review of Cristina La Veneno - Veneno Pa Tu Piel / Rap De La Veneno. 10 months ago
Yesterday at Corsica Studios, around 4AM, "Rap de la Veneno" started to play blasting the speakers. This reedition from Dark Entries is making my life context to collapse, burn and create a black hole out of it.

EDIT: the Dark Entries effect is... See full review
Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction / Chill Pill
posted a review of Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction / Chill Pill. 10 months ago
I guess I would have had the same reaction in the mid 90s to this as I had in the mid 00s when all the microhouse stuff was taking over by the very martial "minimal" styles. But I really like how straight "Pulp Fiction" sounds, how it distributes the... See full review
Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction / Chill Pill
posted a review of Alex Reece - Pulp Fiction / Chill Pill. 10 months ago
I think you are putting giving too much credit to this one tbh
Martyn - Fabric 50
posted a review of Martyn - Fabric 50. 10 months ago
Time and the tides removed all of those, but there was quite a discourse around the time this one was released. Mostly, many did not agree on a Very Important number was the appropriate one for someone like Martyn, who was seen in a very condescending... See full review
Black Dog Productions - Black Dog Productions E.P.
posted a review of Black Dog Productions - Black Dog Productions E.P.. 10 months ago
would sy it is not misleading because "The Black Dog" or "Black Dog Productions" was thought as a kitchen sink for all the aliases and permutations of these three guys. They did the same with Bytes and I think it was understood by everyone?
Various - Happy Land (A Compendium Of Alternative Electronic Music From The British Isles 1992-1996)
posted a review of Various - Happy Land (A Compendium Of Alternative Electronic Music From The British Isles 1992-1996). 10 months ago
honestly the best thing that could have happened to their fans
Mo Wax
posted a review of Mo Wax. 10 months ago
sorry japedumarie but you know what this causes in the end? the artists and the albums to be forgotten and dropped from the canon, hence forgotten even more.
John Arnold - 4 Minutes?
posted a review of John Arnold - 4 Minutes?. 11 months ago
is respectall 100% from John Arnold then? Confusing as it appears as a John Beltran track in Americano
Brassica - Man Is Deaf
posted a review of Brassica - Man Is Deaf. 11 months ago
Great example of poppy indie electronica as if it was 2007 instead of 2014, but with the songs being much better to what Hot Chip or Cut Copy were releasing at the time (for the fans - yes, it is a different style, more moody, I am aware). Very... See full review
Ultramarine - Find A Way
posted a review of Ultramarine - Find A Way. 11 months ago
This was actually the comeback for Ultramarine, and their beginning of their new abstract, industrial, kind of melodic, kind of jazzy, very ambient and dissonant, kind of soothing era. Title track seems like what they liked about tropicalia in Bel Air... See full review
Total Science - Mars Needs...   Total Science
posted a review of Total Science - Mars Needs... Total Science. 11 months ago
Detrimental track sequence, but huge tunes in here. I just wonder why they did not compartmentalise the moods a bit better - the Kaidi remix in track 4 derails the build up of the previous tracks completely - but the collaborations and remixes are all... See full review
Project Pablo - I Want To Believe
posted a review of Project Pablo - I Want To Believe. 11 months ago
Tangentially related to the lo fi house movement, balearic house or whatever you want to name it, this one was a really solid collection of tunes from a label that was on the top of their game. A very 80s boogie affair decorated with the catchy riffs... See full review
Le Matos - Join Us
posted a review of Le Matos - Join Us. 12 months ago
Many synthwave albums were born out of the shadow of Daft Punk but few as well crafted as this one, which still surprises me wasn't the commercial smash it deserved given how well the tracks flow from one to the next. There is a lot of progressive... See full review
Le Cassette - Left To Our Own Devices
posted a review of Le Cassette - Left To Our Own Devices. 12 months ago
All the best and the worst of the synthwave scene perfectly gathered in one album. The production is flawless, with echoes and reverb when it needs it, with staccato keyboards and arpeggios put on the right place, and with a great baritone voice not... See full review
Various - Black To The Future
posted a review of Various - Black To The Future. 12 months ago
Good compilation with some exclusives. The Dego/Face/Capitol A tune is one of those "this music is cool we are talking about the music" tunes that it's stupidly catchy and one of my favourites.

King Britt championed broken beat at the time, mixing it... See full review
Special Request (4) - Soul Music
posted a review of Special Request (4) - Soul Music. 12 months ago
A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. The same audience and critics that were ignoring the first Breakage lp, the Calibre and Klute lps of the 00s or any other effort embraced Paul Wolford here doing breaks and jungle as if he was doing it... See full review
Various - Out Patients 2
posted a review of Various - Out Patients 2. 12 months ago
Something happened with some of the artists because this one is not available either on bandcamp or any streaming service. It's a pity - it shows Hospital Records when they were most permeable to the broken beat scene (they adopted many of the scene's... See full review