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Bop (5) - Plexus EP
posted a review of Bop (5) - Plexus EP. about 14 hours ago
dnb depends a lot of having a very careful mix, one that almost isolates the elements by frequencies and lays them carefully and needs you to have good headphones, and that balance is mastered by Bop, over and over and over again. Incredible quality... See full review
Identified Patient - Elevator Music For Headbangers
posted a review of Identified Patient - Elevator Music For Headbangers. 5 days ago
Good oldfashioned cavernous electronic sounds in here. You want dubstep with echoes and a menacing humming? hardcore-like synth pads reverberating? acid lines? syncopation and jungle breaks? It's all in here, in a tight package.
Kirk Degiorgio's Offworld* - Two Worlds
posted a review of Kirk Degiorgio's Offworld* - Two Worlds. 7 days ago
This has grown up steadily in my head as one of the catchiest of Kirk DeGiorgio's projects. Contemporary reviews, very obviously ignorant to the history of jazz fusion, labelled this as just elevator music when there are really cool tracks, sometimes... See full review
Salva* - Complex Housing
posted a review of Salva* - Complex Housing. 21 days ago
The third and last of the colourful albums born out of the post dubstep scene with dramatic detroitian synth pads, syncopation all around and immediately catchy tunes (the other two are the Guido's "Anidea" and Silkie's "City Limits vol 1"). There is... See full review
Manu Chao - Clandestino
posted a review of Manu Chao - Clandestino. 23 days ago
I laughed when I read that the album style is "pachanga", but really, it is mainly a dub album (with some more upbeat excursions) done with, it's said, a very limited tracker (not a limited mixer, of course), and it strikes a fun contrast between... See full review
Machinedrum* - Human Energy
posted a review of Machinedrum* - Human Energy. 27 days ago
The change from the ultra polished Rooms and Vapour City era to the hyperpop in Human Energy was a bit too brisk, not only in my opinion it seems, but canonically; whenever a producer switches from niche to mainstream sound and there is a change of... See full review
Rossum Universal Tracks - There Will Come Soft Reigns
posted a review of Rossum Universal Tracks - There Will Come Soft Reigns. about 1 month ago
All My Thoughts got a really good collection of dubby deep house around 2019-2020, continuing a bit the mood of some of the Coastal Haze releases. I really believe they are on the top of the genre, and this one was severely underseen and underheard... See full review
Teengirl Fantasy - Nun
posted a review of Teengirl Fantasy - Nun. about 1 month ago
Nun and Eric, two short tracks that would validate the entire Teengirl Fantasy and two of the most focused if them all. Lovely bass, lovely soundscapes.
D. Tiffany - V2M
posted a review of D. Tiffany - V2M. about 1 month ago
D Tiffany knows how to do Warp Records. Incredible tracks here. Just listen to this sparse beauty.
Waiwan - Distraction
posted a review of Waiwan - Distraction. about 1 month ago
Thing is, the distribution of this album must have been pretty wide, because again, I came across it every time I went to a second hand cd shop in Madrid (it was my favourite activity 10-20 years ago). I just think that there is a missing link from... See full review
⣎⡇ꉺლ༽இ•̛)ྀ◞ ༎ຶ ༽ৣৢ؞ৢ؞ؖ ꉺლ - Untitled
posted a review of ⣎⡇ꉺლ༽இ•̛)ྀ◞ ༎ຶ ༽ৣৢ؞ৢ؞ؖ ꉺლ - Untitled. 2 months ago
big fan on how this release breaks the layout on almost every page
Fit Of Body - Healthcare
posted a review of Fit Of Body - Healthcare. 2 months ago
of the very indie, very basement kind of deep house on this side of Galcher Lustwerk there has been nothing that has touched me as much as "All This Time(Since)". What a tune.
Global Communication - 76:14
posted a review of Global Communication - 76:14. 2 months ago
A lot has been written about this exemplary piece of 90s ambient, which gathers more than 2 decades of ambient electronica into a long cd, but I just wanted to highlight how much I like the "dated" parts of it, "9:39" and "7:39", the first one... See full review
The Chameleon* - Links
posted a review of The Chameleon* - Links. 2 months ago
Kirsty Hawkshaw has denounced many times how her and other vocalists contributions are uncredited so let's credit her for part of what makes "just close your eyes and listen" so wonderful and uniquely global comm
Various - Echodub Loves (Vol 01)
posted a review of Various - Echodub Loves (Vol 01). 3 months ago
in the mid to late 201x it was the youtube algorithm the one who decided what music was going to be on trend, but in the late 00s the (illegal) music download blogs were the ones that actually provoked the talk. And this release sneaked in the famous... See full review
Deep Blue - Metropolitain Chic
posted a review of Deep Blue - Metropolitain Chic. 3 months ago
Great crisp melodic piece of dnb, part of the sadly very short lived Scale Records, where Sean O'Keeffe and Robert Haigh tried to sell a futuristic take of jazzy dnb that didn't take off. The early 00s saw many styles in electronica pidgeonholing... See full review
Plaid - Feorm Falorx
posted a review of Plaid - Feorm Falorx. 3 months ago
One of my mantras in life is "there is not a bad Plaid release". Which I somehow had to review when listening to their last album unfortunately. It is nice if you think of it as the soundtrack of a racing game of the Playstation era (Wondergan mostly)... See full review
Various - Bis Ans Ende Der Welt (Original Filmmusik)
posted a review of Various - Bis Ans Ende Der Welt (Original Filmmusik). 3 months ago
You can perfectly ask for the T Bone Burnett track without shitting over other artists, because that is in very bad taste, and you are not even making an effort to explain how something as canonical as Neneh Cherry is "crap" and "tokenism". I guess... See full review
Various - Bis Ans Ende Der Welt (Original Filmmusik)
posted a review of Various - Bis Ans Ende Der Welt (Original Filmmusik). 3 months ago
Just what you wrote: the version in the soundtrack is kind of a "demo" version. Which I prefer. I really like how martial sounds and the echoes in the guitar.
Various - Cómeme 006
posted a review of Various - Cómeme 006. 3 months ago
For some reason djs seem to have discovered "Ritmo Especial" between 2021 and 2022 and it has sounded quite a few times during many sets. It's a good electrohouse tune, very significant of what Comeme or Correspondant were doing at the beginning of... See full review
The Postal Service - Give Up
posted a review of The Postal Service - Give Up. 3 months ago
Just an update that the album still works as in 2016
DJ Patife - Na Estrada
posted a review of DJ Patife - Na Estrada. 4 months ago
What did Dj Patife decide to do for his drum n bass LP? An album of covers, of course. I am not _that_ familiar with Brazil pop music so many flew/still fly over my head, but given that I spotted Gal Costa's "Que Pena" and Marisa Monte's "Diariamente"... See full review
E-Z Rollers - Lickable Beats
posted a review of E-Z Rollers - Lickable Beats. 4 months ago
True that the last era of E-Z Rollers is very similar to what Hospital Records were doing, and you will find loads of diva shouts, soul samples, progressive kind of rhythm and loads of parallelisms to Makoto et al at that moment of their careers, but... See full review
posted a comment on Misc.. 5 months ago
Probably one of the worst naming decisions in history. Guys, you don't know how difficult is to look for your stuff.
posted a comment on Folamour. 5 months ago
Incredible upwards trajectory. It was probably a video that showed him playing an edit of Abba's "gimme gimme gimme" what suddenly hyped him to heaven from what was Just Another House Dj. Right now he is headlining festivals - kind of reminds me of... See full review
posted a comment on Calibre. 6 months ago
Just to add to this praise circle, when the press and some tiresome fans were talking about the death of drum n bass Calibre was already releasing top quality stuff without many noticing (allmusic noticed his debut LPs but were harsh and... See full review
Trash80 - Hologram
posted a review of Trash80 - Hologram. 9 months ago
The trash80 releases sound a bit like a guy that in the peak of his youth and when he could afford it he released some hyper cool chiptune learning the sequencer tricks at full speed and then he grew up and had to move to other stuff. Still, this... See full review
Frank Bretschneider - Curve
posted a review of Frank Bretschneider - Curve. 9 months ago
Pretty solid and pretty overlooked effort from Frank Brettschneider, consisting on a trip from dubby ambient landscapes to the syncopated dubby techno variant "clicks and cuts" substyle so popular at Mille Plateaux/Force Tracks/etc at the time. Hits a... See full review
Ultramarine - United Kingdoms
posted a comment on Ultramarine - United Kingdoms. 9 months ago
I really cannot wait for the moment this happens: Ultramarine giving you the samples and you making it better.
A Positive Life - Synaesthetic
posted a comment on A Positive Life - Synaesthetic. 9 months ago
not influencer - the niches have now taller walls but are also bigger and worldwide, not only a local scene. Plus most of this album life there wasn't the vinyl speculation that we have had for a number of years. In a sense, the music is not the... See full review
Robert Owens - Night-time Stories
posted a review of Robert Owens - Night-time Stories. 9 months ago
Funny that in an album where a bunch of really hot producers (Nuno Dos Santos, Dixon, Ian Pooley, Jimpster...) the track I come back over and over again is the Robert Owens produced "Press On", also the longest in the album. He is the one who seems to... See full review
Klute - The Emperor's New Clothes
posted a review of Klute - The Emperor's New Clothes. 10 months ago
One of those impressive double albums from Klute, who certainly was spoiling us with beauty while most of the music journos were declaring dnb absolutely dead. His selection of punk and shoegaze samples is particularly impressive in this one,... See full review
Lemon Jelly - Lost Horizons
posted a review of Lemon Jelly - Lost Horizons. 10 months ago
Lemon Jelly, just two LPs and already top of the downtempo genre, though that label is so reductionist for these guys. And my heart is in 64-75 but their most beautiful moments are in this album: "Spacewalk" which is basically the best you can do at... See full review
Daniel Paul - Outta Space
posted a comment on Daniel Paul - Outta Space. 10 months ago
Metz remix is not only huge but I always suspected that Todd Terje sampled its intro for Inspector Norse. It is definitely one of the better post disco-nu boogie tunes out there.
Nuspirit Helsinki - Nuspirit Helsinki
posted a review of Nuspirit Helsinki - Nuspirit Helsinki. 10 months ago
Definitely one of those albums I got to forget when I moved and had to get rid of so many of my originals and then they have never been uploaded digitally, legally, anywhere. It is a strong example of "Future jazz" in the most academic variation, with... See full review
Offshore Funk - Crome
posted a comment on Offshore Funk - Crome. 10 months ago
Seems a bit like a monkey's paw wish: you wish that Heiko Laux, Diego, Teo Schulte etc did more melodic Detroit techno, and they do it in gorgeous tracks like the disco infused Crometown but also they get lost on "make it explicit" moments that sound... See full review
posted a comment on Black Olive. 10 months ago
Definitely their black olive dubs add a very interesting layer to their compositions. This is what made me realise that I should look at Extra Virgin as two things: dub and pop, and it works much better when it's dub.
posted a comment on Kanzleramt. 10 months ago
Wondering if the lack of Kanzleramt releases on streaming services will pay off in the end. And I say that because, particularly myself, I was checking the releases from them right now and there was a bunch of "that album! I completely forgot about... See full review
Morcheeba - Big Calm
posted a review of Morcheeba - Big Calm. 11 months ago
There you have it: what irritated me the most of the transition from "trip hop" to "commercial downtempo" is here perfectly summarised: the search for the perfect chorus, the overproduced vocals that makes you think she is actually inside your... See full review
Olive - Extra Virgin
posted a review of Olive - Extra Virgin. 11 months ago
Came to this back in the day expecting some kind of A Guy Called Gerald album or at least a Everything But The Girl one, but nah, it is a pop dubby affair where the most interesting stuff is on the dub programming. If you take it as pop, as pure pop,... See full review
Dub Taylor - Detect
posted a review of Dub Taylor - Detect. 11 months ago
More and more I am noticing how Alex Krüger got it. Detect has a lot of dubby house in the Force Tracks fashion, and also in his previous Dub Taylor fashion, but he approached disco house in a more new wave take than anywhere else, as the Per Fourier... See full review
Nathan Haines - Long
posted a review of Nathan Haines - Long. 11 months ago
in 2000-2003 I was in my 20s stuck in a university I hated with the only income from my parents, with friends that only liked to go out for the girls and an electronic scene that was still very far away for me even to touch it, so I was consuming... See full review
Pavel Kostiuk - 2000 Black Presents Pavel Kostiuk And The Musicals
posted a review of Pavel Kostiuk - 2000 Black Presents Pavel Kostiuk And The Musicals. 11 months ago
No idea of who is collaborating here (I have no access to the physical album) but this sounds like Kaidi and Dego on a nightmarish trip, and I say this as the most sincere praise I can give. Yeah, there are some melodies and some straight rhythms but... See full review
Demi Riquísimo
posted a comment on Demi Riquísimo. 11 months ago
in 2021 all my paths started leading to Demi Riquisimo. His EPs called for my attention and his work schedule was mostly the same as my partying schedule, time and location wise. Flawless dj (right now on a disco/boogie/house era) and really fun producer.
Nu:Tone - Little Spaces
posted a review of Nu:Tone - Little Spaces. 11 months ago
Oh the relief of listening to a Nu:Tone album that is balanced. If you wanted a set of compositions that were poppy but not too shouty, well produced but without a wall of sound, with some more Calibre/dubby parts but not mimicking him as much as... See full review
Electric Soul (2) - Wateva... / Je Me Souviens
posted a comment on Electric Soul (2) - Wateva... / Je Me Souviens. 11 months ago
Excellent catch, dear sir. Not really sure about the Future Funk connection you also mentioned though.
Domu Presents Pete Simpson (2) - Look A Little Further
posted a review of Domu Presents Pete Simpson (2) - Look A Little Further. 11 months ago
Domu on Papa Records with a gifted vocalist doing some nu boogie: it works, it is a beautiful album, but his previous fans (among them, myself) were tough on the pop attitude and it was not streamlined enough to win the mainstream.

It is, though,... See full review
Sonar's Ghost
posted a review of Sonar's Ghost. 11 months ago
Impressive collection of work that manages to tie all the Dominic Stanton work in the same thread, making you understand how he sees the process of composition and arrangement. In the end he felt more comfortable with the drum n bass moniker and I... See full review
Bakura - Reach The Sky
posted a review of Bakura - Reach The Sky. 11 months ago
Usually having two remixes of songs already featured in the album is a worrying sign (also, something so typical of the era) but it this case it does not matter: the Bakura album is very similar to the Rima one (sharing Domu and vocalists) and I like... See full review
AMOR (17) - Paradise / In Love An Arc
posted a review of AMOR (17) - Paradise / In Love An Arc. 11 months ago
This album should have been a smash hit everywhere but it seems like it was too ambient for the audiences and festival programmers. Paradise is a hit larger than life.