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posted a comment on Hi-Ryze - Polaris. about 1 year ago
This is my copy in the video,you can buy it for 2000 quid,nah jokes not selling,but people need to stop pushing the median price up.
posted a comment on Usual Suspects - Killa Bees / Contortion. over 2 years ago
Sample is from the film The Swarm starring michael caine.
posted a comment on DJ Ink And JDub* / XXXL* And Down By Law (3) - Spyhunter / Psycho Paths. over 2 years ago
side a = 33rpm
side b = 45rpm
Spyhunter is such a sweet dark tune
posted a comment on I.T. (3) - Tipsy / Victorian Clockwork. over 2 years ago
Iif you did not know I.T is kromestar and lost