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posted a comment on 久石 譲* - となりのトトロ サウンドトラック集. over 3 years ago
Nice! Is this the correct release to get the exact music played during the movie (with synthesizers)? Or is this an image album/symphonic reproduction/etc. ?
Thanks in advance!
posted a comment on MSG Featuring Glenn "Sweety G" Toby - I Can Tell. over 4 years ago
ahaha that couldn't be farther from a description of Max D. Nice of you to create an account for this gem of a comment...
posted a comment on Sebestyén Márta* - Szörényi Levente* - Szerelmeslemez = Loverecord. over 4 years ago
Amazing music, perfect blend of electronic instruments and what I think are traditional Hungarian songs. Top picks are A5 & B4.
posted a comment on Phill & Friends Band - This Man. over 4 years ago
If definitely not an audiophile's item, it's completely playable.
posted a comment on イノヤマランド* = Inoyama Land - ダンジンダン・ポジドン = Danzindan-Pojidon. over 4 years ago
Thought for a while that the cover was a simple topography map, and then discovered that it is the picture of a turtle !
posted a comment on Hiroshi Yoshimura - A・I・R (Air In Resort). over 4 years ago
I'm afraid you're mistaking with his LP "Soundscape 1: Surround". This was IIRC music that aired in a selection of cosmetic shops or something related.
posted a comment on Toshifumi Hinata = 日向敏文* - Reality In Love = ひとつぶの海. over 4 years ago
Probably one of my favorite relaxing albums. Accessible, simple, yet beautiful. The melancholic mood fits perfectly with my general Sunday activities.
posted a comment on Pep Llopis - Poiemusia La Nau Dels Argonautes. over 4 years ago
Same here. Mine, which arrived sealed, has bad pops which don't seem related to any scratches. I'm disappointed to say the least.
posted a comment on D. Tiffany - D. Tiffany. over 4 years ago
you still have the option to buy digital on the bandcamp!
posted a comment on Friendly Chemist - Touch Of Jupiter. over 5 years ago
One of my fav 1080p releases. Quite similar in vibe to Lnrdcroy's piece on the same label. Super deep sounds, listening to the entire thing in one go is always a very relaxing experience. I'm really sad the artist has not put out anything else.
posted a comment on Both Worlds (2) - Don'tcha Hide It. over 5 years ago
Worst repress work ever done, Youtube sounds better than this. Real shame...
posted a comment on Hiroshi Sato Featuring Wendy Matthews - Awakening. over 5 years ago
Not sure it's ever gonna hit stores in Europe. These reissues are generally limited to a few hundred, so most of it gets sold in Japan.
posted a review of Air (10) - Air. over 5 years ago
Great reissue. Sounds great, and the cover is a work of art.
posted a comment on F.O.E. #1* - Sex, Energy And Star. over 5 years ago
that's better! But with all the famous guys who've been playing this recently, I think it won't reappear at the "last sold" price
posted a comment on Geinoh Yamashirogumi = 芸能山城組* - Symphonic Suite Akira = 交響組曲アキラ. over 5 years ago
Pricey deal tho :3 ; ; ; ; ; ;
posted a comment on F.O.E. #1* - Sex, Energy And Star. over 5 years ago
yeah that guy is tripping balls. Would love to have it on wax but I'll keep with the lossless until i goes back to reasonable prices.
posted a comment on Yasuaki Shimizu - Kakashi. over 5 years ago
I'll have to disagree. The sound quality is great, and loud enough, so I don't see the need for a heavier plate! Also the cover and print are flawless. Good job from the jet set guys
posted a comment on Yutaka Hirose - Soundscape 2: Nova. over 6 years ago
Humming The Sea is so good... A piece I can't get bored of!
posted a comment on Lee Konitz E Il Complesso Di Giovanni Tommaso* - Stereokonitz. over 6 years ago
"Stereokonitz" - Mono LP

posted a comment on 1619 Bad Ass Band* - 1619 Bad Ass Band. over 6 years ago
yep, is it a bootleg or an official reissue? Can't find anything about its origin
posted a comment on Diamond Jackson - Stars. over 6 years ago
I also got the record broken, though not from Juno. 5mm crack going from the edge towards the center. It got delayed in the post and was sold out everywhere when I got it so no replacement possible unfortunately.
posted a comment on Nohelani Cypriano - Lihue / Playing With Fire. over 6 years ago
The pressing quality is absolutely disastrous. I listened to it on a proper audio system and it is just plain horrific. No depth and distortion all over the place...

Edit: To be fair it might be the copy I listened to, but I still think the quality... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Disco Mantras Vol. 1. over 6 years ago
I think I saw it was both guys from Pender Street Steppers, Hashman DJ, Neo Image and one or two others
posted a comment on Globex - Inversia 1. over 6 years ago
Usually not so much in the morning but it can be during lunch and all the way til the end of the day
posted a comment on Jonny Nash - Snaker 004. over 6 years ago
Highly unlikely, Snaker releases are limited to 300 copies only if I'm not mistaken.
posted a comment on Evans Pyramid - Never Gonna Leave You / The Dip Drop. over 6 years ago
Still gotta love these horrible bootlegs when they decrease the price of the original
posted a comment on Regelbau - RB01. over 6 years ago
The record isn't loud, but I've got no defect whatsoever. (y)
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Various - La Ronde. over 6 years ago
Doesn't sound too bad in my opinion, however i've yet too listen to it on a proper sound system.
posted a comment on Taeko Ohnuki - Sunshower. over 6 years ago
Wow, that's not your average roster... Everybody is in there
posted a comment on Sueño Latino - Sueño Latino. over 6 years ago
Anyone knows which "Derrick May remix" it is? One of the first second or third mix?
posted a comment on Yellow Magic Orchestra - Yellow Magic Orchestra. over 6 years ago
Offered my copy to a friend and got myself this version :D
posted a comment on Moodymann - Moodymann. over 6 years ago
The album's retail price was around 45€, so it's not that much of a jump.
posted a comment on Escape From New York (2) - Singles Collection. over 6 years ago
How is the sound quality of the record? Is it a bad or a good bootleg? :D
posted a comment on Alexander Robotnick - Problèmes D'Amour. over 6 years ago
gotta love discogs for these insider stories :)
posted a comment on Blue Brazil. over 6 years ago
Nice compilations, enjoyable as most of the releases featured in there are very expensive nowadays.
posted a comment on Shinichi Atobe - Ship-Scope. over 6 years ago
Indeed, I should do my research properly...!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 6 years ago
posted a comment on Various - Intercom EP. over 6 years ago
I have Shure needles, and even with a loud sub, nothing moves!
posted a comment on PLO Man - TT Vol. 1- PLO Man + The Moons of Saturn. over 6 years ago
I'd be interested as well by the link if it's up on the web :)
posted a comment on Pépé Bradock - Deep Burnt Edits. over 6 years ago
Because discogs dude... I'm 100% sure you can find it in some shop at 15€
posted a comment on Mac-Talla Nan Creag - Mac-Talla Nan Creag. over 6 years ago
this is so good
posted a comment on David Sylvian / Ryuichi Sakamoto* - Bamboo Houses / Bamboo Music. over 6 years ago
I read everywhere that these colors sound bad compared to black wax.
posted a comment on Luis CL - Untitled. over 6 years ago
it's in at Juno
posted a comment on Minako Yoshida - Monsters In Town. over 6 years ago
much more expensive also :D
posted a comment on Beautiful Swimmers - Untitled. over 6 years ago
Yeah ot was posted on twitter instantly :D
posted a comment on Beautiful Swimmers - Untitled. over 6 years ago
Yeah same, I've been looking for it since I heard it!!
posted a comment on Yasuaki Shimizu - Music For Commercials. over 6 years ago
This is too short I want to listen to lengthier versions of these!!!
posted a comment on Regelbau - RB01. over 6 years ago
super cool release
posted a comment on Jack J* - Thirstin'. over 6 years ago
Thanks brother