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Online store specializing in rare and not so rare Reggae, Soul, Funk, Disco records and more.

CDs, 45s and LPs.

All of the records at Roots On Wax are play graded.

Unless stated otherwise I play record for first 45 seconds depending on visual look. G+ and VG records are generally graded for entire song. Some of the records I sell can easily pass for a higher grade.

To insure both of us I tend to undergrade. I also throw the record on one more time before packaging to make sure I didn't miss anything.

Here is how I grade records

Mint: Sealed copy

NM : Brand new 45 or 12 in that has been opened

VG+ : Ranges from ZERO NOISE to a soft hiss that would be acceptable for any DJ or collector.

Strong VG: Soft noise that doesn't overpower music. Acceptable for any DJ or Collector

VG: Ranges from soft noise with a few low pops to medium Noise with some pops and crackles. Acceptable for any DJ or Collector

Weak VG/VG- : Ranges from Medium noise with some low pops and crackles to Medium noise with loud pops and crackles. Acceptable for any DJ or collector

G+ : Loud noise with pops and crackles. Sounds like your frying bacon. Can be played out as a DJ but generally for personal collection/home use.

G : VERY loud noise. Can almost be overpowering but will play through.

Appreciate you taking the time to read this and any past, present or future business.

Alfonzo / Roots On Wax

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posted a comment on Lorna Nelson - Dead Lef. about 1 month ago
Not a very good song at all. Generic 80s calypso. Very cheesy. I should’ve made a video of this to prevent complete price gouging that is rampant and everywhere on this website.
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This is an Instrumental cut with melodica over some dope rub a dub!
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posted a comment on President Papa Scull & Doctor Scull - The March To South Africa. 4 months ago
OFFICIAL RELEASE!!!!!!!! This is not imposters repressing material. Original JA copy!
submitted President Papa Scull And Doctor Scull - The March To South Africa. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Papa Scull* & Doctor Scull - The March To South Africa. 4 months ago
It is unofficial I have the official release. Its on Bunniville label. Im uploading it right now for discogs database.
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posted a review of Lovindeer* - When Redemption Comes (It A Go Dread). 4 months ago
Pretty dope Late 70s Roots. Drums are in Steppers style.
posted a comment on Red Rose* - Badness. 4 months ago
Fragga Ranks is uncredited deejay on this. Uploaded video with entire song!!!!
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Sancho (2) - From Yu Know Seh. 8 months ago
MURDER EARLY REGGAETON /DANCEHALL!!! I uploaded this to youtube for all of you. Video of B side is posted, thats the side you want.
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Both tracks were produced on the North Side of Chicago, Illinois, USA. The label was a sound system of the same name for years and years in Chicago. King Culture had a link with Tubbis for distribution. This is pure 90s Jamaican/Chicago dancehall. ... See full review
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