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posted a comment on Bob Marley & The Wailers - Kaya. 26 days ago
Wait a minute! -- Your copy is NOT a UK copy, correct?
submitted LaTour - LaTour. about 1 month ago
submitted Philip Glass - Koyaanisqatsi (Life Out Of Balance) (Original Soundtrack Album From The Motion Picture). about 1 month ago
submitted Nicky Thomas - Love Of The Common People: The Best Of Nicky Thomas. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Nicky Thomas - Images Of You. 2 months ago
Why in God's good name is this blocked from the Discogs Marketplace?
These are not bootlegs.
submitted Gerardo - Así Es. 2 months ago
submitted Ansel Cridland - Dizzy / Cheating. 2 months ago
posted a comment on Sowell Radics - Fight, Fight, Fight / Caution. 2 months ago
Is it the same version than the original?

You're very welcome. They are indeed the same recordings..
posted a comment on Josie And The Pussycats (2) - From The Hanna-Barbera TV Show. 3 months ago
You had to know the SHOW to experience how awesome the music was.
submitted Gloria Gaynor - Never Can Say Goodbye / Honey Bee. 4 months ago
submitted Goldmoney* - Money. 4 months ago
submitted The Unforgettables (6) - The Gardener. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Brooklyn Zoo (2) - Bring It. 5 months ago
Rest In Peace to Rog-A-Rab.

Are you kidding? When did he die and how??
submitted Co-Defendants (2) - Just When You Thought / Get Your Weight Up. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Roxanne Shanté - Bad Sister. 6 months ago
How unreleased could this version possibly be, being fully packaged and all?
posted a comment on Easy Star All*Stars* - Radiodread. 6 months ago
Received the 2016 reissue. Supposed to be one gold one green record, got a green and a blue vinyl instead.

Both of those were from the original run, David.
Doesn't look like you got the reissue. :(
submitted High Inergy - So Right. 6 months ago
submitted Jahziel Napthali / Mystic Relics* - Love Of The Father / The Old Twelves. 7 months ago
submitted Sandollar Sound* - Harry Drop / Breakwater. 7 months ago
submitted Lord Nelson (2) - Disco Daddy. 11 months ago
submitted Bob Marley & The Wailers - Talkin' Blues. about 1 year ago
submitted Les McCann - Les Is More. about 1 year ago
submitted Judah Eskender Tafari - Up In Harlem. about 1 year ago
submitted Cottage - Eleanor. about 1 year ago
submitted Various - Songs Of Redemption. about 1 year ago
submitted The Cardinals - Don't Mind My Business . about 1 year ago
submitted Eric Donaldson - What A Festival. about 1 year ago
submitted Tony Ricardo - Baptism / Margie. about 1 year ago
submitted Saint Charles - Rock Me In Your Arms. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Terry Jacks - Seasons In The Sun. about 1 year ago
My copy is a White & Red promo label. So the White & Red promo labels do exist on this pressing.

They most certainly WOULD (and otherwise SHOULD) exist.
Red is the color Bell would most often use over their white label ... See full review
submitted Bob Marley & The Wailers - Rastaman Vibration. about 1 year ago
submitted Ras Iley - Spring Garden On Fire. over 2 years ago
posted a comment on Linton Kwesi Johnson - Forces Of Victory. over 2 years ago
This tape you're speaking of was issued in 1987.
Island Records WAS founded in 1959... in Jamaica.
However, when they were celebrating their 25th Anniversary,
it was in accordance to their establishment of the UK headquarters,
which happened in 1962. ... See full review
submitted Five Towns - Advice. over 2 years ago
submitted Various - Trojan Rare Groove Box Set. over 2 years ago
submitted Various - Marley Magic - Live In Central Park At Summerstage. over 3 years ago
submitted Mill Street Depo - You Won't Support Me / I May Be Right, I May Be Wrong. over 3 years ago
submitted Ernie Smith - After 30 Years Life Is Just For Living. over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Instant Funk - Philly Jump. over 6 years ago
You're right, Karlos.
THIS particular issue is the TRUE original blank label issue.
In fact, it's one of the few and ONLY CBS Records-era release
to be labeled this way, promotional OR commercial.
posted a comment on A Tribe Called Quest - Bonita Applebum Meets Mr. Muhammad. over 6 years ago
Aside from the Hootie Mix of "Bonita Applebum" being one of the first Hip-Hop records to sample
The Isley Brothers' 1983 runaway classic "Between The Sheets", it was also, in actuality, a SEQUEL
(or a Part 2 counterpart) to the original version with all ... See full review
posted a comment on Kiss - Kiss. over 7 years ago
More than likely because the shape of the "SS"
bore too close a resemblance to the symbolism of the Nazi regime.
posted a comment on Caytronics. over 7 years ago
Doesn't anyone have ANY pictures for these releases?
Was Caytronics THAT horrible of a label or something?
This IS the same company that brought us Salsoul, you know.
posted a comment on J.C. Lodge* / Joe Gibbs & The Professionals - Someone Loves You Honey / Want You To Be My Bride. over 7 years ago

This, the Belmont Records pressing of J.C. Lodge's "Someone Loves You Honey"
is the initial, original Jamaican release ... See full review
posted a comment on Bob Marley & The Wailers Featuring Peter Tosh - Early Music. over 7 years ago
"Early Music" is the second half of the original 1976 Calla Records 2-disc album compilation "The Birth Of A Legend",
now divided into two separated discs thanks to the distribution pact with CBS. Peter Tosh's name was highlighted on the covers of the ... See full review
posted a comment on Dazz Band - Let It Whip. over 7 years ago
US Motown releases NEVER had the silver M on any of their releases.