MP3/vorbis etc. account of mike82.

Wantlist = Metal & related physical wantlist for mike82 account.

All collection entries refer to non-physical media. This includes download-only titles as well as complete downloads / copies of
physical media. Most of these are only present on
different storage media (Harddisk, MP3-CD resp. DVDs etc.).
I do not make Audio-CDs out of downloads and do not print out the artwork that are often included in commercial, as well as non-commercial downloads.
Furthermore, I do not sell or trade netreleases!
But I'm very interested in recommendments
of interesting stuff within my fields of interest (just go have a look on my other account or my collection).

Also, this account will be used to add titles to the database which are not in my collection (at least not physically).

More to come...
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