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posted a review of TransAtlantic (2) - The Whirlwind. over 4 years ago
What one expects from this supergroup one gets, a recommendation in itself then. The long track The Whirlwind is a stunning piece fo progressive music, that also boasts the glamour of the country, that brought us hollywood. playing and vocals are both ... See full review
posted a review of Dream Theater - Awake. over 4 years ago
In my opinion though this album has some good moments, it is decidedly the least spectacular of DT's output. Starting to show it's age now, but still neccessary for the completeist and for anyone who have not heard anything else by the group.
posted a review of Liquid Tension Experiment - Liquid Tension Experiment. over 4 years ago
I wondered if some of this album was showboating. It is, but how sublimely they do it. Get it, you will love every minute
posted a review of Galleon (2) - Engines Of Creation. over 4 years ago
The best Galleon disc by quite some margin. As they don't make bad albums, ever, that says a lot for this one and it is a fabulous acheivement, superb musicianship, great writing and memorable tunes, what more do you need?
posted a review of Everon - Fantasma. over 4 years ago
At this moment in time I have only heard some of the Everon albums once or twice, but after one playing i knew this one would be a firm favourite. No weakness in songwriting, musicianship nor vocals (DT take note of the last one). I'm sure I will feel ... See full review
posted a review of Dream Theater - Systematic Chaos. over 4 years ago
In this writer's opinion the best DT CD by a country mile. the band are technically superb as usual and LaBrie finally realises his limitations and keeps his vocals in the lower register,
Recommende without reservation,
posted a review of Dream Theater - Metropolis Pt. 2: Scenes From A Memory. over 4 years ago
Superb musicianship once more, as one has come to accept from this excellent band. once again though what could have been a truly awe inspiring album is only brilliant due to the weedy and feminine vocals of LaBrie, who has to be the 'Ringo' of the group
posted a review of Dream Theater - Falling Into Infinity. over 4 years ago
There is a section of music played in the middle of 'Trial of Tears' that is so emotive it beggars belief and I don't think many bands would have the neccessary skill to be able to play it.
Sherinian is arguably the best keyboard player DT ever had, his ... See full review
posted a review of Gentle Giant - Gentle Giant. over 4 years ago
Querky and wonderfully eccentric. Made by a band who just want to make the music they want with no regard for sales, sublime. Recommended 9.125 (out of 10 of course)
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