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José Cid - 10.000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus E Marte
posted a review of José Cid - 10.000 Anos Depois Entre Vénus E Marte. about 1 year ago
Need a cover, Please let me know if you've got one available... thx
Celtic Frost - Vanity / Nemesis
posted a review of Celtic Frost - Vanity / Nemesis. over 3 years ago
It's not Celtic Frost best album by far...but some bangers in here. Underrated album for sure.
Black Flag - Slip It In
posted a review of Black Flag - Slip It In. over 3 years ago
I bought this album from a guy for 15 was a gamble, I knew it would hardly be an original edition. But to my surprise the record sounds fantastic...the vinyl is heavy, feels like 200g...this should be a 2009-2011 reissue.
Saint Vitus - Born Too Late
posted a review of Saint Vitus - Born Too Late. over 3 years ago
Probably my favorite doom metal album of all time. A timeless play really loud, this pressing is simply the real deal. increasingly difficult to find...I bought all the Saint Vitus records I have, at the same person...a guy who for some... See full review
Alice In Chains - Dirt
posted a review of Alice In Chains - Dirt. over 3 years ago
This album is one of my all-time was one of the first records I bought in vinyl when I was 17 years old in 2010...before the vinyl boom explode again. At the time, I had a sound shitty system that belongs to my father...and this... See full review
Analogy - Analogy
posted a comment on Analogy - Analogy. over 3 years ago
You know prices are insane when $800 is now cheap for this.
Nirvana - Incesticide
posted a review of Nirvana - Incesticide. over 3 years ago
Whole record is just a lesson how to make kickass rock&roll...but that B-Side god damn is just massive!!! One of my favorite moments in the whole history of rock&roll.
Fecal Matter - Illiteracy Will Prevail
posted a comment on Fecal Matter - Illiteracy Will Prevail. over 4 years ago
Wow 6 people claim to have a copy LOL
Anyway, one of the most important pieces in the history of Rock&Roll
Down (3) - NOLA
posted a review of Down (3) - NOLA. over 4 years ago
All time classic, one of my favorites. One of the best super groups of all time in total force.
Libido Fuzz - Kaleido Lumo Age
posted a review of Libido Fuzz - Kaleido Lumo Age. over 4 years ago
A good rock&roll album, or psychedelic stoner. A great great gem!
For those who enjoy Color Haze,Samsara Blues Experiment, Elder, Radio Moscow, The Vintage Caravan...I HIGHLY recommend this album! Such a great Trip
Alunah - Call Of Avernus
posted a review of Alunah - Call Of Avernus. over 4 years ago
Cool record...kinda reminds me Acid King and Windhand.
A good listening and looks good in any collection.
Catalogue - Pénétration
posted a review of Catalogue - Pénétration. over 4 years ago
Essential album for music lovers. One of the best experimental albums of all time!
The Shaggs - Philosophy Of The World
posted a review of The Shaggs - Philosophy Of The World. over 4 years ago
Probably the most punk rock record ever made! Like Cobain said Punk rock is freedom!!!
King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Infest The Rats' Nest
posted a comment on King Gizzard And The Lizard Wizard - Infest The Rats' Nest. over 4 years ago
I see that you are a lucky man! Badass fucking album 👿🔥my kind of girl indeed
Man you should offer this girl a ring, and why not get married ahaha cheers Brother \m/
Roine Stolt - The Flower King
posted a review of Roine Stolt - The Flower King. over 4 years ago
Pretty sure that not only 3000 copies were made! I say this because I have copy number 3318.
However, it's a great album, unfortunately vastly underrated...
Chris Cornell - Songbook
posted a comment on Chris Cornell - Songbook. over 5 years ago
Yes it's true. I don't know how many... but I dare say maybe 5000.
Crowbar (2) - Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form
posted a review of Crowbar (2) - Sonic Excess In Its Purest Form. over 5 years ago
Crowbar never disappoints! Killer fucking album,heavy as it should be!
Crowbar (2) - Odd Fellows Rest
posted a review of Crowbar (2) - Odd Fellows Rest. over 5 years ago
One of the heaviest and best albums ever! Heavy fucking heavy! Crowbar rules \m/ one of the most badass and underrated bands ever!
posted a review that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
Mad Season - Above
posted a review of Mad Season - Above. over 5 years ago
One of my favorite albums! A masterpiece, and the additional tracks is a fantastic bonus! Killer
Temple Of The Dog - Temple Of The Dog
posted a comment on Temple Of The Dog - Temple Of The Dog. over 5 years ago
Man, sorry for you... but anyone who has this in vinyl should never sell! this album will easily reach 1000$ in the coming years ... so, yes, you made a big mistake! And I can not see it your way ... because this album is a classic! You must have in... See full review
Chris Cornell - Songbook
posted a review of Chris Cornell - Songbook. over 5 years ago
One of the best vocalists ever, in an intimate format. Easily one of the most precious records I have. It is an honor to have such a record!