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Derral (2) - Deep Mysteries EP
posted a review of Derral (2) - Deep Mysteries EP. about 1 month ago
Rating is 4.75/5.00, the record is rated pretty accurate imho, maybe it's underpriced but that's not a bug, that's a feature!
YĪN YĪN - The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers
posted a review of YĪN YĪN - The Rabbit That Hunts Tigers. 2 months ago
Great album!
Someone should hire the engineers from KEXP to remaster this by their own standards, the Live version (of One Inch Punch) found on youtube is much much better in terms of depth!
Robert Crash (2) - Edonism
posted a review of Robert Crash (2) - Edonism. 4 months ago
Somewhere in between L.I.E.S. and Clone, lies this sexy acid beast
Full Pupp
posted a review of Full Pupp. 4 months ago
Countless additions to lists but no reviews, well that's about to change.
I could try and paint specific pictures to describe what I hear from the never ending list of good records from the parent and all sublabels, but I'm afraid that wouldn't amount... See full review
Chmmr - Lyd & Bilde
posted a review of Chmmr - Lyd & Bilde. 5 months ago
NP-Hard NP-Hard NP-Hard NP-Hard NP-Hard NP-Hard NP-Hard NP-Hard NP-Hard NP-Hard
Paleman - Exalted EP
posted a review of Paleman - Exalted EP. 5 months ago
Dark experimental broken beat delight, I'm always up for records filed under such description, this one does the trick and does it really nice. 27 minutes of cinematic techno soundscapes designed to accommodate a wide variety of sonic trips of all sorts.
Latrec - Kutika
posted a review of Latrec - Kutika. 5 months ago
Awesome progressive house influenced record. A side is fun while b side has a more serious touch.
The Don* - The Don EP
posted a review of The Don* - The Don EP. 6 months ago
Even though I do not own the original, this RP doesn't sound good to me
Flat and lo-fi, barely salvable when eqing properly
I was expecting something else to be honest
posted a comment that has since been deleted. 6 months ago
Viewfinder (7) - The Second Phase
posted a review of Viewfinder (7) - The Second Phase . 7 months ago
It seemed so familiar, didn't know where to place it exactly from the samples though
Another top one from Kellon
0 (11) - 01
posted a review of 0 (11) - 01. 7 months ago
Long time since I enjoyed such a dubbed out techno jam, love both records, cool series so far
Dubtil - Sesiuni
submitted Dubtil - Sesiuni. 8 months ago
John Manhard - The Park After Dark
submitted John Manhard - The Park After Dark. 8 months ago
The Don* - Remember
posted a review of The Don* - Remember. 8 months ago
galek Hi, thanks for your reply. I saw that a few days ago but since is not sure either this will get a repress or not and since it's been a couple (six) of years now since it rests in wishlist, I might as well try and find an original. Cheers!
posted a review that has since been deleted. 8 months ago
posted a review of Notte Infinita. 9 months ago
Definitely not your usual cup of tea, but for sure for someone's looking for some experimental broken-beat stuff.
Quite impressive show of strength, I can't wait for some more Notte Infinita material in the near future.
Nathan Homan - BAR Records 09
posted a review of Nathan Homan - BAR Records 09. 9 months ago
Outstanding move!
Oh the words.. the woooords, they kill me, I TELL YOU THEY KILL ME!!!

posted a comment on pocketmoth. 9 months ago
Obscure Australian label, but with only 3 vinyl records out (PKM009, POCKET1, POCKET2), it has to offer pretty much everything you could try to find. I really dig their music and I hope to find more stuff from them in the future.
Mod21 / Drafted - Wormhole
posted a review of Mod21 / Drafted - Wormhole. 9 months ago
Outstanding B side, words words . . . . .
submitted Eliptica - Falcon 9. 9 months ago
Various - [ Origins ] Techno
posted a review of Various - [ Origins ] Techno. 10 months ago
This has to be the worst quality you can find for some of the tracks, a very cruel joke from Ministry of Sound.. extremely disapointed, TO BE AVOIDED!!
Darren Allen
posted a review of Darren Allen. 10 months ago
Modern times Baby Ford baseline textures, groovy and intriguing .
9ToEarth - Kogarashi Tales
posted a review of 9ToEarth - Kogarashi Tales. 10 months ago
Stunning B side, B4 on repeat, every day, since I got the record
The Joyride - Extra Sauce
posted a review of The Joyride - Extra Sauce. 10 months ago
I love the A side funky and a bit chunky but really fun to mix
D-Tune (2) - Click-Out
posted a review of D-Tune (2) - Click-Out. 10 months ago
Really cool find, A side has two Bleep Techno tools and a cool short track but B2 steals the show for me!
posted a review that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
Leave The Man In Peace With His Kit
posted a review of Leave The Man In Peace With His Kit. 11 months ago
Disco fever boom boom, awesome freaky disco label, groovy af/punchy/quirky LOVE IT!!
posted a review that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
Cosmic Rhythm
posted a review of Cosmic Rhythm. 11 months ago
The sweet old riviera sound is alive n kickin' fellow Italian deep house enthusiasts!!!
Anton Zap - Sleduyushiy
posted a review of Anton Zap - Sleduyushiy. 11 months ago
Marvelous record, very cool textures and original patterns. A surprise even for Mr. Zap itself.
posted a review that has since been deleted. 11 months ago
Prince de Takicardie - Live 4 Love
posted a review of Prince de Takicardie - Live 4 Love. 11 months ago
Big LOL. Should I even.. ??
First of all, not flat.. not flat at all, buy some of this guys music + some good speakers + a decent needle.
Second of all, half finished?? In what sense?? If you cannot hear the complexity of layers binding together,... See full review
KSKY - Elevate EP
posted a review of KSKY - Elevate EP. 11 months ago
B side is way up my alley, both tracks fit perfectly for an afterhours session, trippy moody and with a good sound design, I really dig the B side
A Walking Contradiction
posted a review of A Walking Contradiction. 11 months ago
Great example of downtempo and ambiental label, each record easily creates a very mystical, musical induced trance state.
Flavio Vecchi - Work It (1991 Unreleased Cut)
posted a review of Flavio Vecchi - Work It (1991 Unreleased Cut). 12 months ago
I ' m i n l o v e !!!
DJ Roach (4) - Nuestro Futuro
posted a review of DJ Roach (4) - Nuestro Futuro. 12 months ago
Top Detroit smoothness, my picks A2 and B2, work great all together though!
Δ (2) - Δ = D = Dirty
posted a review of Δ (2) - Δ = D = Dirty. 12 months ago
This is definitely one of the sickest techno record from the avalanche of new artists/labels and new music in general. One to be remembered and one that seems to age like a fine wine and be even better with time. At first I only liked B1 and it got... See full review
posted a review that has since been deleted. 12 months ago
A Psychic Yes - That Swamp Feeling
posted a review of A Psychic Yes - That Swamp Feeling. about 1 year ago
The sort of artist that screws up sorting your records by style
Green Ink (2) - Denver
submitted Green Ink (2) - Denver. about 1 year ago
Saverio Celestri
posted a review of Saverio Celestri. about 1 year ago
A bit hard to digest maybe (I've seen comments about his music) but one that keeps growing on you in time.
He provides good quality techno since I first discovered him through his "Reality is not Reality" LP, even though the general aesthetics have... See full review
Miles Mercer - Molecular Acid
submitted Miles Mercer - Molecular Acid. about 1 year ago
Jentzen - Transactions EP
submitted Jentzen - Transactions EP. about 1 year ago
Mint Tea
posted a review of Mint Tea. about 1 year ago
Even though the first releases were just trying to exploit the trendy lo-fi soundscape of those years with very little admiration from my side, 004 and 005 are really cool and really deserve a place on your shelfs.
submitted TwoStep2 - Give Me Some Of That . about 1 year ago
Concept Of Man - Regularities
submitted Concept Of Man - Regularities. about 1 year ago
Restoration Records
posted a review of Restoration Records. about 1 year ago
One of my favorites out there, simple groovy and elegant music, perfect to integrate in any house/techno set no matter the intensity you look for.
For SUUURE a future classic and a milestone in The Return Of House Music
Serge Geyzel & Karsten Pflum - EP 2
submitted Serge Geyzel & Karsten Pflum - EP 2. about 1 year ago
Neoser - Open Senses
submitted Neoser - Open Senses. about 1 year ago
Basic Mind - Rhizome Rhythms EP
submitted Basic Mind - Rhizome Rhythms EP. about 1 year ago