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submitted Hieroglyphic Being - A Synthetic Love Life Vol 1. 10 days ago
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submitted Basic Rhythm (2) - On The Threshold. 10 days ago
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posted a review of Loxodrome - The Loxodrome E.P.. 2 months ago
10 stars out of 5 if the pressing is raising up to the standards.
My <3 goes for Wormhole Wisdom.
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posted a review of Damon Wild & Woody McBride - Life In The Slow Lane. 3 months ago
I really don't understand the trumpet thing, it would have been a killer techno record without
posted a review of Sector Y - CS_TMS. 4 months ago
Bought it for A side realized both tracks rock. Amazing combination of techno with smooth electro, buy on sight or cry later.
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posted a comment on The Vegetable Orchestra* - Remix Trilogy (Volume Two). 4 months ago
In the future, all tracks sound flat.
posted a review of Phreax - Jitterballz EP. 6 months ago
Maaan you gotta love was / is way of picking the old ones <3
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posted a review of Reedale Rise - Broken Land EP. 7 months ago
Nostalgic yet full of energy, 90's sound mixed with the more perfected ways of the recent times, is the best way to describe what Reedale Rise delivers. A variety of electro infused tracks again proving his amazing production skills. Another thing that ... See full review
posted a review of Martinez. 7 months ago
Great source of music and even though it might seem he's with the trends, he always does it his own way, a good way.
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posted a review of Sai (5) - Goes Into Space. 7 months ago
Anything under 5 stars is almost inappropriate when it comes to GR025. A complete record from a complete artist, send me deeper and deeper with every audition. Not quite house sounding but nothing else in particular, Around Focus gets you hypnotized and ... See full review
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posted a review of Klein / Melchner - Rundfunk EP. 8 months ago
B-side is puuuure fire men, I kid you not, PURE FIRE!!
posted a review of Girada Unlimited. 8 months ago
Landmark of quality, future classic that will stand the test of time with no doubt. With only 4 release out as I'm typing this review Julian's selecting skills already won me and pushed me towards wanting them all. You can do that too, you definitely ... See full review
posted a review of Super Rhythm Trax. 8 months ago
Super nice label. Brings all sorts of oldschool flavors together but with a nice modern approach within the sound design area. Deep house, Acid, Techno, sometimes with a rave feeling, you name it, Super Rhythm Trax has it .
posted a comment on Julie Marghilano - Innerspace. 8 months ago
First of all, have you liked it better if it were hyped? Second of all, not every good record has to be known by everyone. An third of all, c'mon dude, you're doing it wrong.
posted a review of 320KB Music. 8 months ago
Very nice label and website, strongly recommended for househeads but not only!
posted a comment on Corporation Mindfuck - Winds Of Corruption. 9 months ago
Say whatever you like about this release, but keep it on your shelves and give B3 a try once in a while.
posted a comment on Basic Moves. 9 months ago
If this isn't good for you, then I don't know what could be. To sum it up in just one word and let the beautiful music speak for itself, I will just say this is AMAZING!!!
posted a review of Coldfish - Revelation One Remixes. 9 months ago
While Tulbure's remix is a tribute to the good old extra trippy Romanian way, Verrina & Ventura's is the cold blooded killer. Cristi's take end up to be just an addition, but not at all a bad one, just doesn't stand up to the other two. One of my ... See full review
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posted a review of Otis (31) - Mutual Bliss. 9 months ago
Electro infused, funky and tasty, house/techno record. Brings the best out of what I just enumerated and floats above the tons of trendy stuff released nowadays. I think I'm gonna like Otis, A LOT!
posted a review of Losoul - Island Time. 9 months ago
Cute but not in a nice way. I'm a huge fan of mister Peter but not with this one. I'm sorry to say this, and please stop taking reviews so serious, but I'm finding this pretty cheesy, and not in his usual "hey this is cheesy but I love it", the good old ... See full review
posted a comment on Brainwaltzera - Bewplum. 9 months ago
Don't tell me you're buying records for music dude .
posted a review of Robin Lohrey - Robin Lohrey EP. 9 months ago
OMG! A very stupid and shallow expression to begin describing this record but OMG this is .. OMG!!! AMAZING would also work. Diatom has to be one of the most hart touching piece encountered in a looong time. The rest of the record is also high quality ... See full review
posted a comment on !@#$% - Expletive EP. 9 months ago
Experimental awesomeness !
posted a review of Hinode (2) - Magnetic Field. 9 months ago
Show this to the new school electro kids, this is how distorted techno/electro should sound like.
posted a comment on Your Planet Is Next - This Will Also Change. 9 months ago
really hard to say, but something did. .
posted a review of Rich P & Lee - Duff Grove. 9 months ago
This could have been one of my favorites if it wasn't so harshly distorted. Deeptrax guys, please stop the trend you're not adding character, you just gonna make them unplayable!!!
posted a review of TV.OUT & Smallpeople - Fuck Reality 04. 9 months ago
Just stumbled upon this one, due to B side this has to be my favorite house record for the following months!!
posted a comment on TV.OUT, Pharaoh (13), Yogg - Parallax 01 . 9 months ago
It's a shame they destroyed A2 like that :(
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posted a comment on DJ Steaw - Heaven EP. 9 months ago
This is toooo summerish not to buy it. Amazing phatness
posted a review of Boniface (5) - Constellation EP . 9 months ago
Surprised to see how low is the rating on this one. Not usually a fan of yystudio, even though they put out some quality stuff, but Boniface got it pretty right this time. My favorite would be A side, especially because of those hi hats, but all three ... See full review
posted a review of Hauntologists - Hauntologists. 9 months ago
This is like Onur Ozer without the ethnic influences, amazing piece of minimal techno
posted a review of Fonetica (2) - Noises EP. 9 months ago
They lost it .
posted a review of Gathaspar - Op. 1-2. 9 months ago
Still gutted I missed this one, probably my favorite minimal release of 2016.
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posted a review of Home Invasion. 9 months ago
House/Tech House Stronghold, always delivering amazing tracks recently from others than the good old Franck, one of France finest!!!!
posted a review of Spesimen - Infocalypse Era . 9 months ago
In the new "random cheesy electro" era, this kind of smooth, killer electro is an endangered specie.. Amazing sonic experience brought to you by the good old Spesimen here. Try it!!
posted a review of Vlad Caia - Spaces. 9 months ago
Even though I don't usually form an opinion based only on snippets,this time seamed kinda' obvious whats happening here. Exceptional output from Mr. Caia, the best in the last years I would say. Mind bending brain excursions defined through his expected ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Imprints 014. 10 months ago
Welcome to the club mate, there are no cookies , I ate them all. Awful trendy move, let's hope they'll get back on the horse really soon, if not it would bit a pity indeed.
posted a review of Efdemin - Tracks From Naïf. 10 months ago
Amazing compilation that brings together not just only awesome names but also awesome music.
posted a comment on Cezar Lazăr* - Archetypes EP. 10 months ago
Internet is a messed up place, as always. People must begin to understand the purpose and how feedback works. To say that is Adam's comment is hurtful because DeWalta spent a lot of hours in the studio must be one of the most ridiculous reason for ... See full review
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