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Thanks for visiting my page and welcome. I am a (mainly) dance music collector and archivist. My collection is mostly up to date, and is a mix of 70/30 digital (the vast majority in lossless) vs physical. I like artwork, but I'm more concerned with having the actual music and am space constrained for physical items. The overwhelming majority of my vinyl I have digitally as well.

More than likely if you've come to this page I have something you want. I have no problem discussing trades (WAV/MP3) or sales (pretty much most things in my collection I'm happy to part with). However please have something in return.

If you like one of my comments or updates, and just want to chat please drop me a line! I love discussing it too, and am heavily delved into the history of the music I like. I have tried to update sample info, and background information wherever possible and most of my information comes direct from source. Maybe one day I'll write a book...


Key Specialities:

I have extensive knowledge and history about all of the following, please send me any questions!

Michael Jackson - I own every single official MJ edit and remix. All vinyl only mixes have been digitally transferred
Masters At Work - HUGE MAW fan, and I am desperately trying to complete my collection of their official mixes. Click here for a MAW Spotify Remixography
Frankie Knuckles - RIP Frankie. I am trying to finish up collecting his work up to his hiatus in 2007. Here is a FK Remix Spotify playlist I've created
David Morales - The wider Def Mix crew produced some spectacular mixes, but it's hard to get through the voluminous amount of work they did. I am trying however...I think I have about 60%
Armand Van Helden - I know more than I care to about AVH's spectacular Garage mixes. The Tori Amos bassline came from the original DAT and his first Faithless Remix was rejected...
Thunderpuss - Thankfully most of Thunderpuss' Remixes are relatively easily obtainable thanks to a dedicated fanbase
Hex Hector - Hex Hector was a magician and has a body of early US Garage-led work that is extremely underrated
Nuyorican Soul - Kenny and Louie's fabulous (but short lived) jazz, broken beat project. My Spotify Remixography is here
Illicit - In particular, I'm an expert on their white labels, as well as the Avenue and Street series
Hani - I am lucky enough to consider Hani a good friend, and have access to the back catalogue as well as stories from his superb and underrated career
Moto Blanco - Well versed across their vast body of work. I have studio masters of the first 5 years of their work (including a number of unreleased remixes)
Freemasons - Again, well versed on their body of work including bootlegs and remixes

I also have a deep collection of the divas - Madonna, Mariah Carey, Janet Jackson.


Vinyl Rips:

My vinyl rips are done by professional restorers, who record them on gear often in excess of USD 10K+. The rips are then manually cleaned for pops and clicks, whilst maintaining the transients and structure of the track. This will give as close to a digital copy as possible, and be suitable for archiving. A lot of pop remixes and club music from the 90s and early 2000s are only available on vinyl. Given the degredation that is likely to occur, I am keen to ensure the music is preserved for years to come.



Firstly, I am a huge Michael Jackson fan, and I have (or should have) every single officially released edit and remix. I have contributed to this website which houses a list of all the official mixes, and where you can find them. I have a number of physical (rare) CD and vinyl Promos, and all have now been digitised. A list of the Vinyl Only Remixes can be found here.

I have a solid collection of the other divas, namely Madonna, Janet and Mariah. I have most - around 85% - (but not all) from these artists.

Else, my other passion is US House, Garage, UK Garage and Dance music. I love the "classic" sound from the mid 90's via David Morales, Frankie Knuckles (RIP), and Todd Terry. I am a huge collector of Masters At Work and am currently in the middle of collecting all of their work.

As 1998 emerged, I was obsessed by Armand Van Helden's Remixes which kickstarted the Speed Garage scene here in London, which in turn pushed me heavily into UK Garage. As UK Garage faded away, I started getting into a lot of the pop remixes done mainly by the US Producers - I love the work Thunderpuss, Hex Hector and Hani did during this time and slowly shifted towards a darker and harder sound.

As the TP/Hex reign came to an end, my attention switched to the Disco House scene coming up thanks to Freemasons and Moto Blanco. With both teams now largely defunkt, my interest has largely waned unfortunately for the current trends and sounds.

With dance music in particular being so disposable, a lot of the new music I listen to has little value outside of streaming. The majority of what I buy is older stuff for archival purposes.

Finally, a lot of my collection is thanks to hours and hours slaving in record shops or eBay. But I owe a massive debt to my fellow collectors who have helped me build out my collection: bertrandjp90, updj1, C1sum


Labels / Compilers:

My ultimate goal is to put my collection and knowledge to use. If you are a label or a consultant trying to put together compilations without the same tired tracks recycled multiple times, and/or are after quality WAV masters please contact me! I would be delighted to help (and if I can't I am 90% sure I can put you in touch with someone who can).
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Although “loosely” credited to MAW, the 12” Live Mix is obviously a live recorded version from the band and nothing to do with Masters At Work at all. Somewhat haphazardly included on this limited Promo.

The MAW Main Club Mix was rumoured to be... See full review
posted a review of Jamiroquai - Emergency On Planet Earth. 3 months ago
This disc is fan-made. It is done on commercial grade CD-R (which is the big giveaway), given Sony did not print CD Promos in 1993 on CD-Rs. The date on the disc via the images states 1999, some 6 years after the track was released. Finally, the key... See full review
posted a comment on Martha Wash - Carry On. 3 months ago
Legendary mixes from all sides. Masters At Work give the track a skippy Garage treatment, with Kenny Dope's drums repeatedly sampled down the years.

The real highlight is courtesy of Todd Terry, who weaves samples of... See full review
submitted Masters At Work feat. India - When You Touch Me. 3 months ago
submitted Masters At Work Featuring India - When You Touch Me. 3 months ago
submitted Cooler Kids - All Around The World (Punk Debutante) (Vinyl #1 & Vinyl #2). 3 months ago
posted a comment on Michael Jackson - Stranger In Moscow (The Todd Terry Mixes). 3 months ago
- Stranger In Moscow (Tee's Freeze Mix - Club)
- Stranger In Moscow (Tee's In-House Club Mix)

These mixes play the exact same for the first 5m 15s (approx.), and then have slightly different outros.

- Stranger In Moscow (Tee's Mission Mix-Club)
-... See full review
submitted Masters At Work Presents India - To Be In Love. 4 months ago
posted a comment on Freemasons Feat. Siedah Garrett - Rain Down Love. 6 months ago
The 2007 Club/Dub Mixes replay the melody lines from ABC "The Look Of Love". They also give a nod to James Wiltshire and Steve Anderson's "Kitchen Sink Drama Mix"... See full review
posted a comment on Heller And Farley Project* - Ultra Flava. 6 months ago
Ahead of updated Remixes, Nick Gordon Brown posted the backstory of "Ultra Flava" on the Defected website:


How an unused dub mix became an enduring club... See full review
posted a comment on Masters At Work - The Tenth Anniversary Collection - Part Two 1996 - 2000. 6 months ago
Masters at Work: 1996-2000 by Tim Lawrence LINER NOTES

The Underground Network, New York, 1996. 'Little' Louie Vega takes to the turntables and begins to prepare an autumnal surprise. For the first couple of hours the mixmaster plays a... See full review
posted a comment on Masters At Work - The Tenth Anniversary Collection - Part One (1990 - 1995). 6 months ago
Masters at Work: 1990-95 by Tim Lawrence LINER NOTES

Before MAW

They met when dance music was beginning to sound stale and injected it with a decade's worth of inventive vitality. They surfed through the category-ridden nineties... See full review
posted a comment on Michael Jackson - Scream / Childhood. 6 months ago
DM provided info on his Michael Jackson remix on an Interview with the Red Bull Academy:

[i]You have the privilege of having the highest fee for any one remix. Michael Jackson... See full review
posted a comment on Mariah Carey - Dreamlover. 6 months ago
David Morales was approached by Columbia to remix "Dreamlover" but initially refused feeling it was too "bubblegum pop". The only way to do it was to have Mariah come and re-sing the vocals, which surprisingly the label agreed to. It was the first... See full review
posted a comment on Shabba Ranks / Deborahe* - Mr. Lover Man. 6 months ago
David Morales was playing Dancehall music at the Red Zone. After the first mix for Shabba Ranks "Housecall", he was approached by Vivian Scott-Chew to work on "Champagne Lover". David took... See full review
posted a comment on Imagination - Instinctual. 6 months ago
One of the very first David Morales Remixes ever. Born from DM not liking the PWL Mixes and asking to do a remix. Josh Milan was hired to do the keyboards. It was later realised that the mix was off-key, nevertheless was still a hit.

[Info via True... See full review
posted a comment on Pete Heller's Big Love - Big Love. 6 months ago
Ahead of the re-release on Defected/Glitterbox with new mixes, Nick Gordon Brown wrote the following article with background on "Big Love":

There are tracks that artists sweat over... See full review
posted a comment on "Little" Louie* And Marc Anthony - Ride On The Rhythm. 6 months ago
Mr. Roy's mix samples the drums from the Todd Terry Remix of MJ - Stranger In Moscow, and speeds up the original MAW production.
posted a comment on Corona - Try Me Out. 11 months ago
"Try Me Out (MK Dub)" contains samples of Whitney Houston / C&C - "I'm Every Woman".
posted a comment on Michael Jackson - Billy Jean - Bushwacked. 11 months ago
Matthew Bushwacka posted the following details on his bootleg Remix on the "World Of Echoes" Facebook group on March 28, 2020:

OK I'll tell my version of the story...I was on holiday in Egypt with my son, and while relaxing by the hotel pool, Billie... See full review
posted a comment on Hyper Go-Go* - High. over 2 years ago
The (utterly brilliant) Rhythm Masters Remix interpolates a portion of Rhythim Is Rhythim - Strings Of Life.
posted a comment on Emelee - Head Over Heels (Club Remixes). over 2 years ago
Josh Harris Remix is heavily based on Heather Headley "In My Mind" (Freemasons Club Mix).
posted a comment on Christina Aguilera - Candyman (Remixes). over 2 years ago
Christina rejected a series of Remixes for this track, before finally settling (and being extremely happy) with Offer Nissim's work.
posted a comment on Tuff Jam - Underground Frequencies Volume 2. over 2 years ago
This 2xCD Unmixed edition contains (otherwise vinyl only) digital masters of the following tracks on CD2:

- Ragga's Revenge - Back II Life (Andy Mowat Mix)
-... See full review
posted a comment on Tuff Jam - Underground Frequencies Volume 1. over 2 years ago
This 3xCD Unmixed edition contains (otherwise vinyl only) digital masters of the following tracks:

- Todd Edwards - Push The Love
-... See full review
posted a comment on K-Ci & JoJo - Tell Me It's Real. over 2 years ago
This disc carries a misprint of the track listing. The CD actually plays:

1. Tell Me It's Real (Club Asylum Full Vocal Edit) [3.38]
2. Tell Me It's Real (Club Asylum Steppers Edit) [3.26]
posted a comment on Tina Moore - Nobody Better. over 2 years ago
Absolutely beautiful Remix by Dem 2 on "Nobody Better". Somewhat overlooked by both Tina Moore and Dem 2's breakout hits in Destiny and Never Gonna Let You Go respectively. Dem 2 build out their (often imitated and sampled) breakbeat 2-step rhythm and let... See full review
posted a comment on K-Ci & JoJo - Crazy. over 2 years ago
This disc contains a mislabel on track 3. The mix is actually the Club Asylum Vocal Edit which can be found on the original CD Single for "Tell Me It's Real".

The actual... See full review
posted a comment on DYNK - Vol 2. over 2 years ago
Confirmed by Danny Harrison (on Facebook) that the record label allowed them to remix 187 Lockdown Featuring D'Empress* - All 'N' All under the DYNK alias and release it as a bootleg, to "create some hype" ahead of the official release.
posted a comment on 187 Lockdown - 187. over 2 years ago
Given the magnificent body of work by Danny Harrison and Julian Jonah, the 187 Lockdown album falls surprisingly flat. It is extremly obvious that "Gunman" and "Kung-Fu" were created first, and an album deal was then floated on the back of the initial... See full review
posted a comment on Craig David - Rendezvous. over 2 years ago
The Blacksmith R&B Rerub samples DJ Premier's production of Royce Da 5'9" "Boom" (which itself samples... See full review
posted a comment on Mary J. Blige - Dance For Me. over 2 years ago
- No More Drama (Thunderpuss Remix) is the Thunderpuss Club Anthem Mix with the hip-hop breakdown
- He Think I Don't Know (HQ2 Club Mix) was specially done for this... See full review
posted a comment on Craig David - Fill Me In. over 2 years ago
"Artful Dodger's Bootleg Remix" is titled as such, due to 'replaying' the original melody line (that AF themselves produced) and using the original acapella from the Album Version. The main Artful Dodger Remix contains re-sung vocals - which Craig... See full review
submitted Ce Ce Peniston - Somebody Else's Guy (Tuff Jam Acetate). over 2 years ago
posted a comment on V Factory - Love Struck. over 2 years ago
The Dave Aude Remixes replay the bassline from Double 99 - Ripgroove (which itself is an interpolation of Soft Cell - Tainted Love).
posted a comment on EZ* - Pure Garage II. over 2 years ago
Pure Garage Volume II contains one of the most seminal and epic transitions by DJ EZ out of the whole series, cutting between 138 Trek and Shola Ama - Imagine to perfection, before bringing back both tracks after the drop. Incredible live mixing.
posted a comment on 13th Avenue - Jumping / Over For Me. over 2 years ago
Side A is based on the lesser known Rhythm Masters Vocal Mix of Todd Terry Feat. Martha Wash & Jocelyn Brown - Keep On Jumpin'.
posted a comment on Alicia Keys - Diary. over 2 years ago
The DFA Remixes of "Diary" were officially commissioned by J Records (A&R - Hosh Gureli), however were rejected by Alicia Keys herself. The only approved official remixes were done by Hani - Alicia Keys - Diary (Dance Vault Remixes).
posted a comment on Street Series. over 2 years ago
The Street Bootlegs is Illicit's sister series to the Avenue Collection, containing some of their best work.

The series kicks off with some spoken word samples - the... See full review
posted a comment on 25th Street - Needing / Lebanon. over 2 years ago
Extremely clever bootleg by Illicit, sourcing the original samples used in the infamous tracks and basing them on:

Side A - David Morales Presents The Face (3) - Needin' U
Side B - Armand Van Helden Presents Old School Junkies - The Funk Phenomena

Side A also incorporates additional samples of... See full review
posted a comment on 26th Street - Make Me Scream / I Feel Love. over 2 years ago
Side A is an excellent bootleg mix of Praxis & Kathy Brown, which itself is heavily based on CJ Bolland/Armand Van Helden. The key part of the original Praxis Mix is of course AVH's maddening distorted bassline which he took from... See full review
posted a comment on 11th Street - Plastic Love / Billy Dream. over 2 years ago
Side B - The backing track for Michael Jackson vs Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is clearly based on the Bushwacka! Remix of "Billie Jean".
posted a comment on Avenue Series. over 2 years ago
Fantastic bootleg series by Illicit (aka Dillon & Dickins). Generally slightly darker compared to it's sister series - Street. Part of the genius lied in the constant surprises of tracks and samples used, frequently avoiding the obvious acapellas... See full review
posted a comment on Gat Decor - In The Head. over 2 years ago
In The Head (Armand's Hyper Cypher Mix) - samples drums from Todd Terry - Jumpin'
posted a comment on Juliet Roberts - So Good / Free Love 98. over 2 years ago
Free Love 98 (Bumpy Sunday Mix) - samples the drums/FX from Sneaker Pimps - Spin Spin Sugar (Armand's Dark Garage Mix), the FX from CJ Bolland - Sugar Is Sweeter (Armand's Drum N Bass Mix).
posted a comment on Alison Limerick - Put Your Faith In Me. over 2 years ago
The Klubbheads Mix samples the drums from Todd Terry - Something Goin' On (Loop Da Loop Uptown Mix).
posted a comment on Todd Terry - Ready For A New Day. over 2 years ago
- Ready For A New Day (Rhythm Masters Thumpin' Mix) - samples AKB "Stand Up Sit Down"
- Ready For A New Day (Dillon & Dickins' Tribal Warfare Mix) - samples Michael Jackson "Beat It" and drums from Run-DMC vs Jason Nevins
- Original Version is... See full review
posted a comment on Simone - My Family Depends On Me. over 2 years ago
As is the case for so much of George Acosta's work 1997-98, the track is almost entirely built up of samples from Armand/UK Garage records. The G.A.'s Mongoloid Mix borrows heavily from:
Drums / FX: Reach & Spin - Hype (The Funk!) [which itself has... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 2 years ago