hello, i'm looking mainly for oldschool french speedcore but also some tribe & darkcore.
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posted a review of Restrained (2) - Gangsters EP. about 1 month ago
The last track is really happy and fresh, for a first release it's impressive!
posted a review of Re-Style & Bodyshock (3) Feat. MC Nolz - Wild Sparks. about 1 month ago
Very boring track and common synths, like the "anthems" ones.
posted a review of Ruffneck* . Amada (3) . Suicide Circle (2) . The Weaver (2) - Enzyme Elements | LMNT 2. about 1 month ago
A generic release who brings nothing new to the scene, I didn't liked it.
posted a review of Beastarius - Beastmode. about 1 month ago
Both tracks are really well made, with some bold kickdrum and energic melodies. The best discovery from dutch mainstream scene!
submitted Cherry Crush (2) - Trash Shit Vomit . about 1 month ago
submitted Dizzex - Nosebleed. about 1 month ago
posted a comment on Nekrosystem - Hate At First Sight. about 1 month ago
The two first tracks are not very memorable, but with the collab between Nekrosystem and Black Death, his riffs tasted really like a good The Berzerker or Sonic Overkill. Excellent!
posted a review of IMPLANT (7) - Violent World Community. about 1 month ago
Malicious flashcore from Bulgaria, maybe the best release on Viral with the M.S.P. ones.
posted a comment on Radium - Untitled. about 1 month ago
Of course, this is the best Radium release ever made (kicks are so nasty) and it is ridiculously limited to 50 test-pressing. What a shame! :(
posted a comment on Angel Flo & Armaguet Nad - Untitled. about 1 month ago
I agree for what you're saying on the prices/quality, but it's not only for SODOM releases but many more old 90's labels...
posted a comment on Fiend (3) & Nevermind - Human Junk EP. about 1 month ago
i was also disappointed with this release and the next ones, it's a real mess in terms of rythmics but as you said, you do whatever you like. And sometimes you want to change.... Personally I found this release and the next more "digital" quality and ... See full review
posted a review of Fist Of Fury - The Exorcist. about 1 month ago
A small repress would be awesome! 663 items on users wantlist... Damn!
posted a review of Various - Hirnverrecken. about 1 month ago
The record starts with an OK terrorcore track but recorded too low.
Then, Rory J used, like many other time, cool metal riffs samples with highways of kickdrums.
The first side ends (B3) with the ancient boss of Mascha Records of full smooth speedcore ... See full review
posted a review of Hellseeker - Untitled. about 1 month ago
A real original vinyl, sounds a little like Totschläger stuff. B3 False prophecy is really excellent and straight-forward, def worth the buy!
posted a comment on DJ Odin - MixTape. about 1 month ago
ah ouais ça serai le top! mais bass expressillon n'a plus de server pour info
posted a comment on DJ D & Amnesys - Dominator 2009 - Rock The Nation. 2 months ago
CD1-09 Outblast & Angerfist - Dominator Refix 2009 is an exclusive track made for the album.
posted a review of G-Town Madness & The Viper - Live A Lie. 2 months ago
After a excess of cheese and boring syths on A track "Live A Lie", B2 - Cliffhanger remix by Angerfist worth the listen for a twisted track as usual.
posted a comment on Nitrogenetics - Pledge Of Resistance E.P.. 2 months ago
"Pledge Of Resistance" is a correct mainstream tune, impressive from the part of Nitrogenics/
posted a comment on DJ Piwi - Fly Away / Dark Night. 2 months ago
A bad Spanish DJ's, IMO. Better for him to stop releasing, melodies are not catchy at all.

posted a comment on D-Passion - Infection. 2 months ago
Only "Realism (Promo Remix)" is decent, the rest is outdated a little bit.
posted a review of Various - Legend. 2 months ago
Big tune here from Angerfist, 10 years after i get never bored! Solid ep!
posted a review of DJ D Vs DJ Piwi - Destiny. 2 months ago
Decent track from Dj D, not too cheesy this time. DJ Piwi one more kitch filler.
posted a comment on DJ Mad Dog & Tieum - Priests. 3 months ago
What an unexpected collab! And it's a real angry track, the Tieum-bassdrum-style is dominating the track, excellent!
posted a review of Dyprax Feat. MC Tha Watcher - Music In My Head (Official Free Festival 2016 Anthem). 3 months ago
Even when doing anthems (which are most of the time crappy and kitch), Dyprax still rocks it with a cool MC.
posted a review of Dyprax - The Plague. 3 months ago
For me, the new Angerfist, no cheesy synths, only massive bassdrums to party all the night. Much recommanded!
posted a comment on DJ Paul Elstak* - The Promised Land (The Viper Remix). 3 months ago
Crappy remix of an old 90's happy hardcore. Not worth to listen except if you didn't knew this golden age.
posted a comment on Korsakoff - Somnia. 3 months ago
The melody fits perfectly for teens, uninspired as a generic hell.
posted a comment on Evil Activities & DJ Mad Dog - 911. 3 months ago
A great effort from these 2 legends of mainstream, nice choice of samples and not too cheesy hoovers. Oh! it's a Neophyte release, that means a lot of thing ^^
posted a review of Anime (3) - Fear The Dogfight. 3 months ago
The melody is pretty much generic but the bassdrums are "a real deal", I noticed that on many Dogfight releases.
posted a comment on Dione* - Partystarter. 3 months ago
"Partystarter" a little too cheesy but "Thunderstruck" remains solid Dione style.
posted a review of Dione* - Life's A Bitch. 3 months ago
Mediocre commercial tunes, Dione did a lot much better in the past/future. Dedicated to the oblivion.
posted a review of Hellsystem - Another World E.P.. 3 months ago
A release to forget, totally generic and heard a tons of time... The Angerfist remix saves the ep a little bit.
posted a review of Noize Suppressor - Indestructable. 3 months ago
Not really a great release, uninspired synths melody, better avoid this common tunes in your mix. Boring.
posted a comment on Art Of Fighters - Symphony Of The Dead. 3 months ago
Oh! a correct Traxtorm release, finally! "Brace For Impact" is still on my mainstream chart. And "Rock On" also a hit back in these days! 'Symphony Of The Dead" is too much windy imo.
posted a review of DJ Mad Dog - Here Comes The Madness. 3 months ago
Mad Dog can do much better than this i'm sure!
posted a review of Lunatic & Miss Hysteria - Apologue. 3 months ago
"Apoloque" is a killer melodic gabber track, as we used to with this amazing duo. "Theory of Truth" is more a filler imo.
posted a comment on Dyprax - Fuck Your Pride. 3 months ago
"Fuck Your Pride" is a standard gabber track but it was only his first release! "Blast Them Out" is less inspired, more a filler...
posted a review of Chrono - Murder. 3 months ago
One more generic release on Megarave Digital, great label for newcommers... Too bad he has already left the scene! Otherwise "Kid Of The Street" is an ok track...
posted a review of UKTM & The Reaper (2) - Faces Of Pain. 3 months ago
Once again, UKTM was decent but not their greatest works are on this number. "Stop What You're Doing" is funny but nothing more... Same is for 'Skull Fuck The Bitch!'...
posted a review of Various - Noisekick Records 019. 3 months ago
The track "Doctor Terror & UKTM Clack Clack" is just a pure kick in the nuts with some "deep "n" dark" synth in the middle of the track. A great tool!
Juste before that, "Paranoizer - Get Hard" deliver a decent job, full of "metal" screams, it's OK. ... See full review
posted a review of Bryan Fury / Dolphin (6) - Mutilate The Innocent / The Wulf. 3 months ago
really nothing new with Bryan, he sticks to this new crossbreed fashioned style (him & his friends) and i begin to get bored a little bit also
posted a comment on Ingler - French Vibration 1. 3 months ago
no sorry not agree, Fuiure is still a great track
posted a review of Robotnik - Untitled. 4 months ago
Too experimental, too distorted, too random, too noisy and too dirty. I really don't like this release.
posted a comment on Laura Grabb - Marta Kristen As Judy. 4 months ago
Not her best work, I prefer the DBN ep, more acid : 3 hard-techno tracks plus a mid-tempo techno tune but nothing crazy...
posted a review of Mikrobot vs. DJ Y? - 26 13 11. 4 months ago
Really bad and outdated drum'n'bass with break elements, really not worth it....
posted a comment on Sinister Acoustics - SA003. 4 months ago
A way too distorted acid-tekno release for me with generic bassline and low-grade production.
posted a review of Proteckt / Alex (7) - SKT 04. 4 months ago
A mental hardtekno ep with 4 overworked tracks, I don't like it.
posted a comment on Various - Social Disturbance 001. 4 months ago
First and last release on this dutch label, Dissolvement opens the vinyl with a cool mental tribe. The A2 is a slower, darker techno track. On the other side, WIN composed an average acidcore song, and Sevenumsix closes with the best track of the ep, ... See full review
posted a review of Win (4) - Ignition. 4 months ago
Weird tribe/tekno, a lot of delay/FX's, A-side is pretty jumping tekno, the B-side is slower but the worst, dark hardtek not in the way I like.
posted a review of Guigoo - Mach 3. 4 months ago
I don't like Guigoo sounds, these tracks are barely suitable for your first mix in a teknival. Outdated...