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posted a comment on Gary D.. over 4 years ago
I'm really shocked.. Rest In Peace Gary D Malke !
posted a comment on Ophidian. over 4 years ago
This guy is truly amazing. Conrad Hoyer is real artist who make really interesting and high quality blend of hardcore,industrial,experimental & hardtechno music
posted a comment on Sei2ure. over 4 years ago
This guy is simply amazing and too underrated in hardcore scene. His style based on aggressive hardcore beats blended with lots of industrial and hard techno.
posted a comment on The Outside Agency. over 4 years ago
Gods of industrial hardcore. Excellent dutch djs and producers team
posted a comment on ATB - The DJ™. over 4 years ago
With any doubt this is the best atb release ever. Especially Sunset Girl
posted a comment on Showtek. over 4 years ago
Oh my god. What can i say about these guys?for me.. legends of hardstyle & hardtrance (walt teamed up with marcel woods). ..and Now they are david guetta's buddies... nice progress lol
posted a comment on Rellman* & Moiree* - Far Away. over 4 years ago
Experimental Cut is real gem. Very pounding hardtrance/hardstyle in Arne l II /Mirko Milano Style
posted a comment on Tiësto* - UR / A Tear In The Open. over 4 years ago
UR (Junkie XL Air Guitar Mix) - beautiful matt hales' vocal + tom holkenborg's sound = maybe the finest progressive trance track ever. 12 and half minutes of this masterpiece is definitely not too long for me...
posted a comment on Stanislav Tolkachev. over 4 years ago
Stanislav Tolkachev is One of my favourite abstract techno/minimal producer and dj.
posted a comment on Scooter - Ace (Limited Deluxe Box). over 4 years ago
posted a comment on OGP - Pathfinder. over 4 years ago
What if is truly amazing hardtrance killer ,similar to early cosmic gate works
posted a comment on Massiv 4 - Pro-Teus/ Abraxas. over 4 years ago
Great Vinyl! On a side harddance/hardstyle pro teus but jewel in a crwon is b side with abraxas. This is pounding hardtechno smasher with great u2 "new years day"'s inspired melody.
posted a comment on Thilo - Searching. over 4 years ago
Untitled Project (Evanti Remix) is perfect ,hard as hell blend of techno and hardstyle
posted a comment on Kan Cold - Do You Know It?. over 4 years ago
Requiem is one of the most wonderful piece of music what i've ever heard in my whole life. This is very unusual hardtrance track with slower tempo but with typical kan cold /derb kickdrums
posted a comment on Alek Száhala - Alanamra. over 4 years ago
Original Mix is unbelieveble journey into hardtrance/freeform with beautiful melody
posted a comment on S.H.O.K.K. - My Madness Says What I Must Do.... over 4 years ago
Marcel Woods Remix is real hard/tech trance bomb with creepy vocal
posted a comment on Aquagen - Girl (Uhh Uhh Yeah Yeah). over 4 years ago
Extended Mix is too cheesy for me,but Club Mix is powerful techtrance with twisted melody.!
posted a comment on Blaze Featuring Palmer Brown - My Beat. over 4 years ago
AMbassador Remix is simply amazing. This raw techno track with repetetive ,but really addictive percussion line. Jewel in crown,not only for techno-lovers.
posted a comment on Mat Silver vs Tony Burt* - Ultimate Wave. over 4 years ago
Original Trance Mix is truly unbelieveble. Top class uplifting hardtrance tune.
posted a comment on Rexanthony. over 5 years ago
One of the best producer ever. Legend.this guy bring hardcore ,hardtrance and techno music to the highest level. I really don't understand why he's still too underrated
posted a comment on DJ Tiësto. over 5 years ago
Don't forget about Geert Huinink, and now Showtek brothers,maybe some more ghost producers
posted a comment on ATB. over 5 years ago
Pop trance music producer / dj with many good and bad catchy radio hits. He was also a co-producer of few tracks from harder side of trance music, for example SQ1 - balare or Re-Flex - ubap
posted a comment on ATB - Addicted To Music. over 5 years ago
Unfortunatly worse album than previous 'dedicated'. Too many downtempo tracks. In plus: In The Love With the DJ, Long Way Home, Sunset Girl and I Don't wanna stop. 4/10 overall
posted a comment on Scooter - We Bring The Noise!. over 5 years ago
For me their best album,all tracks in the same high level.
posted a comment on Dizzee Rascal - Boy In Da Corner. over 5 years ago
For me this album is pure musical jewel in crown. Everything sounds very fresh and very modern. Fat uk speed garage/rave/hardcore beats with awesome Dizzee's flow, masterpiece ,higher level than everything else in grime subgenre.
posted a comment on Skrillex. over 5 years ago
I cant judge this guy (girl?),because his cheeseness is extremely massive!
posted a comment on Jochen Miller. over 5 years ago
Another guy who sold himself.. such a shame...
posted a comment on Avicii. over 5 years ago
I can't say nothing positive about his music. Extremely cheesy, without any own conception , annoying pop product ideal for commercial radio/tv station..
posted a comment on Geezer. over 5 years ago
legend alongside with names like mark eg & chrissi, dave the drummer, dj choci and chris liberator on uk acid techno scene.
posted a comment on Darius & Finlay. over 5 years ago
Two great producers. Respect for your music in the past
posted a comment on D.A.V.E. The Drummer. over 5 years ago
This guy completely fuck the system. Your acid save my soul
posted a comment on Sander van Doorn. over 5 years ago
Sander maybe you read sometimes comments about your music,maybe not, but please answer to real tech trance lovers:why? I know money is very important, new trends aswell ,but Now you sounds like martin garrix,like alesso,like justin bieber .Such a shame ... See full review
posted a comment on DVBBS. over 5 years ago
No comment is the best comment about this
posted a comment on Hardwell. over 5 years ago
Softwell. Producers like him (if he is producer, i don t know, maybe some ghost producer is under hardwell alias) are only monkeys in big commercial circus, and that monkeys (few more names guetta, garrix, tiesto, van doorn, dvbbs) waiting only for ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Etienne Picard - Get Up!. over 5 years ago
Absolutely great classic! Ofcourse original mix rocks
posted a comment on Martin Garrix & Tiësto* - The Only Way Is Up. over 5 years ago
posted a comment on Marc la Cruz & Ace Da Brain* - Eriel. over 5 years ago
Both mixes are great. Marc la cruz version is a bit harder
posted a comment on Three Drives. over 5 years ago
Legends of trance
posted a comment on The Green Martian - Ladies & Gentlemen. over 5 years ago
great progressive hard tech trance. true classic
posted a comment on Ayumi Hamasaki - Blue Bird. over 5 years ago
harderground remix is great hardtrance version
posted a comment on M.I.K.E.. over 5 years ago
He was a god of cyber /progressive/ tech - trance scene.master of intelligent sounds and proudly product of belgium trance scene alongside with names like fred baker, l-vee, yves deruyter, mr sam, jonas steur.until 2006 he was very innovative and smart ... See full review
posted a comment on The Police - Message In A Bottle (S.O.S.) (Sander Van Doorn Remix). over 5 years ago
Great tech trance stomper
posted a comment on DJ Shog - My Sound (Album EP Part 2). over 5 years ago
Rush hour is my personal dj shog's number 1 all time. great energetic trance co-produced by men behind starsplash and cosmic gate
posted a comment on Looney Tunez vs. Doop - Doop 2007. over 5 years ago
So annoying.. baD release
posted a comment on The Disco Boys Feat. Manfred Mann's Earth Band - For You. over 5 years ago
Im not huge house music fan, but original version is incredible. 60s vs house - its sounds very great!
posted a comment on Andrew Rayel. over 5 years ago
Another armin's popstar. Trance music is dead r.i.p.
posted a comment on Max Graham - Airtight / Yaletown. over 5 years ago
Airtight is masterpiece.
posted a comment on Alek Száhala. over 5 years ago
Master of finnish freeform.
posted a comment on BK. over 5 years ago
For me he's a true legend of uk hard dance scene. maybe the best uk dj / producer of hardhouse scene.