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Scann-Tec - Morpheus | Live Nuit Hypnotique #4
posted a review of Scann-Tec - Morpheus | Live Nuit Hypnotique #4. over 11 years ago
Nice! Ultimae Records does it again! Scann-Tec, best known for his very good full length release "Facial Memories," released on Celestial Dragon Records (another very fine label) looks to be an excellent addition to the already hallowed Ultimae... See full review
Circular - Nordic Circles | Live Nuit Hypnotique #4
posted a review of Circular - Nordic Circles | Live Nuit Hypnotique #4. over 11 years ago
This is a good album, but certainly, in my opinion, not a great one. Some of it doesn't stand out and fails to distinguish itself in too many tracks, especially from other Ultimae artists that might be considered second-tier. Too much of the album... See full review
Astropilot - Pattern Of Awareness
posted a review of Astropilot - Pattern Of Awareness. over 11 years ago
Sounds kind of like classic Solar Fields, which is a good thing. The first track is my favorite but they're all good. The third track sounds like it could've come off of Solar Fields' "Leaving Home."
Fishimself - Ambrosia
posted a review of Fishimself - Ambrosia. over 12 years ago
Well, there's a lot to say about this album. Right now it's my favorite album of 2011. Not only is this a remainder of why so many people love the Ultimae label so dearly (I most definitely among them), but it's easily better than the first and last... See full review
E-Mantra - Pathfinder
posted a review of E-Mantra - Pathfinder. over 12 years ago
There's a difference between "in the tradition of artists like Astral Projection" and "this sounds exactly like Astral Projection." This album falls into the latter category. In a bad track sequencing choice, the opening track sounds like one of the... See full review
MikTek - Anisotropy
posted a review of MikTek - Anisotropy. over 12 years ago
Well. This is flat-out beautiful ambient music. I would describe the music generally as being like H.U.V.A. Network in particular, or a little less like Aes Dana. It's spacey ambient with a stronger IDM feel than the previous artists. Sounds like a... See full review
Kalpataru Tree - Preverberations From The Infinite Future
posted a review of Kalpataru Tree - Preverberations From The Infinite Future. over 12 years ago
It's a shame this release hasn't garnered more attention. Fans of The Peaking Goddess Collective, Slackbaba, and Androcell would be well-served to give this album a listen. This music is really chilled downtempo dub that's less chaotic and/or noisy... See full review
Alwoods - Aeolian Mode
posted a review of Alwoods - Aeolian Mode. over 12 years ago
I feel as though I should apologize for enjoying this kind of music - it's not the type that's been fashionable for quite some time now. But indeed, this is music I enjoy if the songs stand out enough, and they do on this release. I dare say I will be... See full review
Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Langbortistan
posted a review of Lauge & Baba Gnohm - Langbortistan. over 12 years ago
Well, this album should cause more people to sit up and take notice. For example, this year (2011), the much-respected and vaunted artist Ott has released "Mir" - an album that has won over listeners. That's a great album and this album deserves some... See full review
posted a comment on False Mirror - Live At Kulturnacht Ulm. over 12 years ago
Available for free and legal download at the label DataObscura's website.
Terra Sancta - Disintegration
posted a review of Terra Sancta - Disintegration. over 12 years ago
I'm surprised this doesn't have a higher rating. Really, very good dark ambient in the less minimal variety, like Visions, Inade, Yen Pox etc. The tracks run the gammut during run time from a quieter, sinister approach to a more full-on noisy... See full review
Rasalhague - Rage Inside The Window
posted a review of Rasalhague - Rage Inside The Window. over 12 years ago
There's not a lot of middle ground when it comes to people with this type of music. You're either a fan who gets excited over higher-quality releases like this or you dislike this genre and feel nothing much has been done since Lustmord in the early... See full review
Endvra - The Watcher
posted a review of Endvra - The Watcher. over 12 years ago
This release is tagged industrial, but I'd say there is nothing industrial in it. It's very minimal dark ambient. For similar works I would suggest Thomas Köner's "Daikan" although that album is quite a bit better than this one. Really it's just a... See full review
Æthenor - En Form For Blå
posted a review of Æthenor - En Form For Blå. over 12 years ago
Track 6 is my favorite here. This is an ambitious release, a good (enough) release, but a bit hit and miss. Track 6 demonstrates to me though, that you can make music of this kind with some fun and experimentation and have it still be pleasant ear... See full review
bvdub - I Remember (Translations Of Mørketid)
posted a review of bvdub - I Remember (Translations Of Mørketid). over 12 years ago
Ah, Bvdub, Bvdub! There's no artist with quite the unique cache of Bvdub these days. The best two things about Bvdub on Discogs: First, the ridiculously over-inflated ratings (people of the future, if you are reading this review and the rating is... See full review
Troum & All Sides - Shutûn
posted a review of Troum & All Sides - Shutûn. over 12 years ago
I'm a little surprised and mystified as to the high rating of this release. I'm not familiar with All Sides, but as to Troum, this is one of my least favorite releases by this artist - not very memorable. The sound quality is also not up to par - it... See full review
The Circular Ruins
posted a comment on The Circular Ruins. over 12 years ago
If you're interested in this artist, you can download a retrospective of their work (not currently listed here) or A Treatise on Navigation free at the dataObscura label website.
Lustmord - Metavoid
posted a review of Lustmord - Metavoid. over 12 years ago
An album that is nearly universally scorned as being beneath Lustmord's talents. It may be overly derided though; I feel, for example, this is a better work than Juggernaut, Paradise Disowned, or [Other]. Give it a listen before giving it a thumbs down.
Lustmord - The Monstrous Soul
posted a review of Lustmord - The Monstrous Soul. over 12 years ago
Looking back on this album is something of an interesting exercise. It was the album released after Lustmord's breakthrough "Heresy" and before his arguably most famous work, "The Place Where the Black Stars Hang." You don't hear too much about this... See full review
Klaus Wiese & Oophoi* - A Call, An Echo
posted a review of Klaus Wiese & Oophoi* - A Call, An Echo. over 12 years ago
"A Call..." is good, but "An Echo" is just great. I actually see "An Echo" as almost a litmus test type of ambient track in this style. Some people will listen to it and be bored, but others (myself included) are going to find quite the track.
Epsilon Eridani - An Ambient Journey To Epsilon Eridani
posted a comment on Epsilon Eridani - An Ambient Journey To Epsilon Eridani. over 12 years ago
This is a nice release but it's rather frustrating because it's simply far too short. Tracks 4 and 5 I like quite a bit, but like I said, the rest of the album's tracks are less than 3 minutes apiece. I'd like to hear an entire album like tracks 4,... See full review
Fear Falls Burning - The Carnival Of Ourselves
posted a review of Fear Falls Burning - The Carnival Of Ourselves. over 12 years ago
I've listened to 4 Fear Falls Burning releases - Woes of the Desolate Mourner, The Rainbow Mirrors a Burning Heart, Frenzy of the Absolute, and this release. This album may have the lightest touch of those listed but I also found to have the greatest... See full review
Hoarfrost Vs Inner Vision Laboratory - Decline
posted a review of Hoarfrost Vs Inner Vision Laboratory - Decline. over 12 years ago
This is pretty good, atmospheric music. Be aware, though, that it does cross the line very much so from dark ambient into more conventional musical territory - think Lustmord's "Metavoid" release: a heavier emphasis on clearly defined rhythms, beats,... See full review
Steve Roach - Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces
posted a review of Steve Roach - Mystic Chords & Sacred Spaces. over 12 years ago
Easily one of the top 5 ambient releases of the decade. Discs 1 and 4 are nearly flawless, Disc 2 is just a slight notch below, and Disc 3, while the weakest, is still quite good. Some Roach fans may be put off by the relative accessibility of this... See full review
Abstract Ballet - MJ12
posted a review of Abstract Ballet - MJ12. over 12 years ago
I'm not a huge fan of dub techno, but I do listen to it for the gems that are there. This is my favorite release off the ZeECc catalog that I've heard. I like dub techno with a fuller sound (my personal taste doesn't run to near-silences and long... See full review
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Twentythree
posted a review of Carbon Based Lifeforms - Twentythree. over 12 years ago
I have something of a suspicion that Carbon Based Lifeforms could release *anything* and it would garner rave reviews. I keep listening to their albums, hoping they'll recapture some of the magic that made "Hydroponic Garden" amazing. But so far, they... See full review
Cold Tear Records
posted a comment on Cold Tear Records. over 12 years ago
So far so good. I'm liking "Surrounded Fog" by Optical Frameworks, "Fragments" by Subforms, "Metai" by Giriu Dvasios and Mikrokristal's "Reflections From Imagination."
Circular (2) - Cycles Of Remembrance
posted a review of Circular (2) - Cycles Of Remembrance. over 12 years ago
Gorgeous and just plain freakin' great. Dark, majestic, beautiful, sepulchural - an amazing success. This is accessible ambient that sucks you in but is also technically proficient. A must-listen, this is such an event I wish it was more publicized... See full review
Phutureprimitive - Kinetik
posted a review of Phutureprimitive - Kinetik. over 12 years ago
I agree with the other two reviewers that this is generally a disappointing album. It's not just that the album is a mass overload of dirty bass and dubstep gimmickry - when this album manages to get away from that for a moment or two, we're into some... See full review
Astral Waves - Magique
posted a review of Astral Waves - Magique. over 12 years ago
This one takes some time to grow on you. I really like the collection of artists DJ Zen has utilized for his re-works here. The problem is that the album falls prey to the somewhat generic DJ Zen psy/progressive trance sound in places. There's nothing... See full review
Jaja (3) - Oum
posted a review of Jaja (3) - Oum. over 12 years ago
Decent, but undistinguished from the many, many ambient albums that sound like this. It's pleasant enough to listen to in the background but the music doesn't have legs to it. My favorite track was 8, "Revelation."
Triangular Ascension - Leviathan Device
posted a review of Triangular Ascension - Leviathan Device. over 12 years ago
Wow. If you read nothing else, read this - Track 6 blows everything away.

But first off, I should note, in order that this might be a more useful review, that when it comes to the genre of "dark ambient" I am fairly conservative, mainstream, and... See full review
Subheim - Approach
posted a review of Subheim - Approach. over 12 years ago
I just had to post and say - wow. This is an amazing album. It's been my experience that a lot of albums with very high ratings on discogs labeled (among other things) as IDM tend to be disappointing, often repetitive, technically unchallenging, Basic... See full review
Spectralite - Temple Of Stars
posted a review of Spectralite - Temple Of Stars. over 12 years ago
This is a nice little ambient release - it's a little more ambient than dub, the dub sounds being most prominent in tracks 2, 4 and 6. If you're giving this album I listen, I'd advise you to stick with it beyond the first track, which is a little too... See full review
Vibrasphere - Archipelago
posted a review of Vibrasphere - Archipelago. over 12 years ago
This is a trance must-own. 10/10. There's not a track on here that's unengaging or doesn't hold your interest. Consider it a firmly entrenched classic of the genre. The last track is one of the best chillbeat songs you'll hear.
Quantec - Thousands Of Thoughts
posted a comment on Quantec - Thousands Of Thoughts. over 12 years ago
Digital downloads.
Liquid Stranger - The Arcane Terrain
posted a comment on Liquid Stranger - The Arcane Terrain. over 12 years ago
There's some really good music in here - the vocals and samples are extremely unfortunate, however.
Pekkanikkarinen - Uni
posted a comment on Pekkanikkarinen - Uni. over 12 years ago
This is an album with an interesting sound to it. For some reason though, on the copy I have, Track 2 sounds mixed really low and that's a bit of a negative. Track 4 sounds like it could've come off the Infected Mushroom album "B.P. Empire." Tracks 2... See full review
posted a comment on Senzar - Before The Morning Sun. over 12 years ago
This is a good album. It's got morning trance melodies but you can put it more in the downtempo camp to be sure.

This is a legally free download and it's a 5/5 recording. There are no bad tracks. My least favorite tracks are "Intro" and "Book of... See full review
Aes Dana - Perimeters
posted a comment on Aes Dana - Perimeters. over 13 years ago
I'm a huge fan of Ultimae Records and H.U.V.A. Network but only a mild fan of Aes Dana. That said, their previous album, 2009's Leylines was in my mind a massive jump in quality from what I felt were pretty staid releases beforehand.

I'll say this... See full review
Seamoon - A Twisted Downbeat Adventure
posted a comment on Seamoon - A Twisted Downbeat Adventure. over 13 years ago
Definitely not bad at all but also not particularly memorable. The same style of music as artists like Androcell, Slackbaba, and Entheogenic. The first and the last tracks are my favorites on here. It might be interesting to see what this artist cooks... See full review
Astropilot - Solar Walk
posted a comment on Astropilot - Solar Walk. over 13 years ago
This is a nice album! I haven't enjoyed much of AstroPilot's other work - I've found it to be either unremarkable or unmemorable; failing that, when the music is good the tracks are sabotaged by really shoddy world music type vocals that don't... See full review
Asura - 360
posted a comment on Asura - 360. over 13 years ago
I don't like this album as much as "Life²" but that doesn't mean a whole lot because I'm not sure Asura could equal "Life²." They still do a really good job with "360."

A few other reviewers have picked on some of the weaker tracks (I'm not a huge... See full review
Cosmo Circle - Water Memories
posted a comment on Cosmo Circle - Water Memories. over 13 years ago
This album is just okay. It's really undistinguished and no tracks stand out. The sound/vibe itself is okay, nothing original or mindblowing, but there's nothing here that leaves a lasting impression.

The title track, track 7, comes the closest to... See full review
Gel-Sol - Unifactor
posted a comment on Gel-Sol - Unifactor. over 13 years ago
This is the first album I've listened to by this artist. I will give another one a try but in a nutshell, it's decent but forgetable background music that is completely ruined by a bombardment of voice samples. One track has music on it but you can't... See full review
Galaxy - Everlasting Tone
posted a comment on Galaxy - Everlasting Tone. over 13 years ago
Finally, a new release by Boris Blenn's Galaxy moniker! Probably most famous for his Electric Universe work, in 2004 Galaxy shifted directions musically with the very well-received "Science of Ecstasy," much more chill and downtempo than previous... See full review
Solar Fields - Leaving Home
posted a comment on Solar Fields - Leaving Home. over 13 years ago
In my opinion, this is one of the best albums of all time and it still sits among my top 5 favorite albums ever.

This may sound trite but if intelligent extraterrestrials ever judge the human race as unredeemable savages, I would like this album to... See full review
Solar Fields - Altered (Second Movements)
posted a review of Solar Fields - Altered (Second Movements). over 13 years ago
Magnus Birgersson is a musical genius, and I do not use the word lightly. Anything with his name on it is worth checking out. That goes even moreso for anything with the Solar Fields moniker attached to it. The name Solar Fields stands for some of the... See full review
Zero Cult - Where Rivers Have No Name
posted a review of Zero Cult - Where Rivers Have No Name. over 13 years ago
This is not a bad album.

It also is not a great album. I don't know if Zero Cult has any true diehard "fans" per se, but I think I like ZC better than the average ZC listener. This album has something of an element of cheese on it which some people... See full review