Selling pre-loved vinyl LPs, CDs and cassettes.
All LPs are from the one collection. Many LPs have never been played and are in Near Mint condition.
All items for sale have been closely examined to determine an accurate grading.
All audio cassettes have been tested immediately prior to listing for sale by fast forwarding and rewinding.

Now selling DVD films at sale prices.
Many are sealed and unplayed with more to be added!
Recent Activity
submitted Stanley Kirkby - That's What God Made Mothers For. about 16 hours ago
submitted Frank Munn - Pal Of My Cradle Days / Ev'ryone Home Is Asking For You. about 16 hours ago
submitted Ivor Foster - Flow'r Of Brittany / Dear Hands That Gave Me Violets. about 16 hours ago
submitted Two Bobs* - Pip-Pip, Toot-Toot, Good-By-Ee / Mick Muldoon's Big Bassoon. about 16 hours ago
submitted The Two Bobs - On The 5.15 / The High Cost Of Loving. about 17 hours ago
submitted Royal Court Orchestra - Songs Of The Season. about 17 hours ago
submitted Ivor Foster - Steppin' Down Along The Road / A New Little Visitor. about 17 hours ago
submitted Band Of H.M. Irish Guards* - Over There / The Middy. about 18 hours ago
submitted The Versatile Three - Back To The Land Of Golden Dreams / Mammy O' Mine. about 18 hours ago
submitted Gerald Morley - All The Same A Hundred Years From Now / Memories At Eventide. about 18 hours ago
submitted Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra / The Virginians (4) - Chicago / Blue. about 19 hours ago
submitted Mayfair Orchestra - Silver Fingers - Intermezzo / Water Scenes - Narcissus. about 20 hours ago
submitted Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra - What'll I Do / Lazy. about 20 hours ago
submitted Paul Whiteman And His Orchestra - I'll See You In My Dreams / When The One You Love Loves You. about 21 hours ago
submitted Hollywood Trio / Irving Kaufman - Singin' In The Rain / Your Mother And Mine. about 22 hours ago
submitted Jack Smith The Whispering Baritone* - Pretty Little Baby / "Gimme" A Little Kiss. about 23 hours ago
submitted Robert Layton (3) / The Elliotts - Playthings / Down The Trail To Home, Sweet Home . 1 day ago
submitted The Caroliners / University Sextette - Blue Grass Blues / Why Did I Kiss That Girl?. 1 day ago
submitted Dan Jones (5) - A Dream Of Delight / The Light That Leads Me Home. 1 day ago
submitted Broadway Syncopators* / Dixie Marimba Players - The Rainbow Man / Sleepy Valley. 1 day ago
submitted Franklyn Baur - Little Mother / I'm Waiting For Ships That Never Come In. 1 day ago
submitted Jim Reeves - Roses Are Red. 2 days ago
submitted Elvis Presley - Elvis Sails. 2 days ago
submitted Jeanne Little - Marlene - A Tribute To Dietrich. 2 days ago
submitted Don Gibson - Oh Lonesome Me. 3 days ago
submitted Tom Jones - The Best Of Tom Jones. 3 days ago
submitted Various - Country's Most Wanted. 3 days ago
submitted Johnny O'Keefe - The 20 Most Requested. 3 days ago
submitted Johnny O'Keefe - Johnny O'Keefe‎'s Greatest Hits. 4 days ago
submitted Hayley Westenra - Pure. 4 days ago
submitted Peter Allen - The Boy From Oz. 4 days ago
submitted Herrn Gottlieb's Orchestra* - Tesoro Mio / Smiles, Then Kisses. 6 days ago
submitted The Sterling Trio* - Always / In The Middle Of The Night. 6 days ago
submitted Mr. Robert Donoghue* - Shipmates O' Mine / Tommy Lad. 6 days ago
submitted Maurice Chevalier - What Would You Do? / Oh ! That Mitzi !. 6 days ago
submitted Saunders & White - Give Yourself A Pat On The Back / Hello Baby!. 6 days ago
submitted John Charles Thomas - Rose Marie / In The Gloaming. 7 days ago
submitted Lou Gold And His Orch.* - Just Like In A Story Book / I'm In The Market For You. 7 days ago
submitted The Collegian Quartette - When It's Springtime In The Rockies / Stein Song. 7 days ago
submitted Stanley Kirkby - She Is The Daughter Of Mother Machree / Love Me For Love. 7 days ago
submitted Royal Court Orchestra - The Lilac Domino. 9 days ago
submitted Ferera And Franchini - The Waltz Of Love / Somewhere In Honolulu. 9 days ago
submitted Mr. Billy Williams* - St. Kilda / Too-ral-addie. 9 days ago
submitted Royal Court Orchestra - Joy Bells. 9 days ago
submitted Regal Military Band - Charge Of The Light Brigade March / The New Colonial March. 9 days ago
submitted Frank O'Dell (2) - When I Dream Of Old Erin / The Lovely Isle Of Saints. 9 days ago
submitted Earle F. Wilde - Flee As A Bird / A Clean Heart. 11 days ago
submitted Collegiate Choir - Oh Little Town Of Bethlehem / The Infant Jesus. 11 days ago
submitted The Black Diamonds Band - Lynwood - March / Prairie Flower - March. 11 days ago
submitted Various - Atomic 80s. 11 days ago