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posted a comment on Yuji Toriyama & Ken Morimura - Aerobics. 29 days ago
Jesus, someone please reissue this whole record. The songs on the Choice Works comp are great but I'd love to hear this entire record without paying $100 to some gouger trying to get that much for a beat copy.

Shouts to the awesome person who sold a ... See full review
posted a comment on Vulfpeck - Hill Climber. about 1 month ago
Agreed. This is a huge step up from prior Vulf releases in terms of mixing/mastering/pressing quality. Both this version and the black first pressing sound amazing.
posted a comment on Odd Nosdam - Sisters. about 1 month ago
I know this is an old comment, but just wanted to confirm that the BoC remix video is at the end of the tape after the credits. Mike and Marcus are in the short list of special thanks as well.
posted a comment on Stephan Bodzin - Powers Of Ten. 2 months ago
I just got one of the new copies and there is no variation from this release at all. They either repressed it using the same exact plates or just found some old copies and distributed them to stores.
submitted Mark Chesnutt, Joe Diffie, Tracy Lawrence - Rockin' The Roadhouse Down. 3 months ago
submitted The Bomboras - Head Shrinkin' Fun!. 3 months ago
submitted Kai (8) - Kai. 3 months ago
submitted Slowpoke (2) - Virgin Stripes. 3 months ago
submitted Morphine (2) - Like Swimming. 3 months ago
submitted Various - Babe: Pig In The City (Music From And Inspired By The Motion Picture). 3 months ago
submitted Linda Davis - I'm Yours. 3 months ago
submitted Henry Rollins - Think Tank. 3 months ago
submitted Maarja - First In Line. 3 months ago
submitted Chris Rock - Roll With The New. 3 months ago
submitted Paul Jefferson (2) - Paul Jefferson . 3 months ago
submitted James Hall - Pleasure Club. 3 months ago
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posted a comment on Yuji Toriyama - Choice Works 1982 - 1985. 3 months ago
EDIT: Kay the label owner is a legend and offered to replace my slightly warped/scratched copy unprompted by me. My first one must have been an anomaly. I wish everyone were that cool, support Time Capsule!
submitted Various - Best Of Stephen King Vol.1. 3 months ago
submitted Jerry Goldsmith - Psycho II (Music From The Original Motion Picture Soundtrack). 3 months ago
submitted Various - Stanley Kubrick's A Clockwork Orange. 3 months ago
submitted Billo's Caracas Boys - Billo Es Billo's. 3 months ago
submitted The Most Talented - U Gotta Know. 3 months ago
posted a comment on Various - Lovin' Mighty Fire (Nippon Funk • Soul • Disco 1973-1983). 3 months ago
Just to tack on another review here, this comp sounds incredibly good. Easily one of the best sounding records I have.
posted a comment on Offspring* - Smash. 4 months ago
Can anyone comment as to whether this release is the same mix/mastering from the 2008 reissue with the "Digitally Remastered" sticker on it? Perhaps someone could add the matrix runout?
posted a comment on Sleepy's Theme - The Vinyl Room. 4 months ago
THIS. IS. SO. GOOD. How The Vinyl Room isn't more popular is beyond me. It kills from start to finish and sounds amazing on wax. I pull this out to spin more than anything else in my collection right now.
posted a comment on Mongo Santamaria - Mighty Mongo. 4 months ago
If anyone has just a sleeve for this, I found one in a fantasy inner sleeve with no outer annoyingly. Hit me up.
posted a comment on Miles Davis - Bitches Brew. 4 months ago
Unless you're the original owner, someone probably swapped the second record out for a different version. I had this happen with a Jefferson Airplane album I bought. Original sleeve, found out when I got it home that the actual records were a later ... See full review
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Windowlicker. 5 months ago
I just picked this up brand new and mine has zero issues. Sides A and B both sound clear and well-defined. Sucks to hear there are clearly a large number of defective records, but some aren't FWIW.
submitted Everything Is Terrible! - The Great Satan. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Aphex Twin - Selected Ambient Works 85-92. 5 months ago
FWIW, I just picked up a copy where Xtal is perfect. Nice and loud with no unwanted noise.
posted a comment on Nick Ingman - Big Beat. 5 months ago
If you aren't already aware, Be With is reissuing a ton of KPM records.
posted a comment on Tool (2) - Lateralus. 5 months ago
Now that I double check, you're right, I have the other version.
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posted a comment on Kimiko Kasai With Herbie Hancock - Butterfly. 5 months ago
i have to enter 10 words to tell this narc to chill out.
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posted a comment on Midori Takada - Through The Looking Glass. 5 months ago
Shouts to whoever posted the photo with their thumb all over the clear wax.
submitted Lipstique (2) - En La Discoteca. 5 months ago
submitted Michele Lee - Laugh, Clown, Laugh / I'll Never Go There Anymore. 5 months ago
submitted Various - So Close, So Far. 5 months ago
submitted John Lee Hooker - Boom Boom. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Genji Sawai - Sowaka. 5 months ago
I asked WRWTFWW and they said they aren't planning on it :(. If LITA doesn't have plans to, I don't know who would.
submitted Genji Sawai - Sowaka. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Marvin Gaye - What's Going On. 5 months ago
MoFi just announced they're pressing this on Ultra Disc 1 step! Get em while you can, only 7,500 available for preorder.
submitted The Duke's Men Of Yale - Mom. 5 months ago
submitted The Duke's Men Of Yale - Hot Donuts Now. 5 months ago
submitted Dr. Dragon & The Oriental Express - The Birth Of A Dragon. 5 months ago
submitted Aretha Franklin - With Everything I Feel In Me. 5 months ago
submitted Hank Crawford - Hank Crawford's Back. 5 months ago