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posted a comment on Robert Hood - Red Passion 1. 6 months ago
No comments huh. Red Passion 1 A1 is a guaranteed party rocker of the highest order. It most likely samples 'Strings Of Life' and it does so to maximum effect. This is the track you want to hear at 4am in a sweaty basement, or at 3pm at an outdoor ... See full review
posted a comment on Andrew Weatherall - Blue Bullet EP. 6 months ago
From the Byrdout Bandcamp: 'Andrew invited a mate round to his studio to try out a Les Paul his friend was looking to buy. As it turns out, his mate was Ride's (and Oasis') guitarist Andy Bell. Anyway, Andrew suggested he test the guitar out over a track ... See full review
posted a comment on Ultramarine - On The Brink. 6 months ago
Laaate reply but it was Binh. He played it in a video where he played B2B with Zip and later included it in a podcast. It was before he was really widely known and a lot of people probably thought it was played by Zip, hence the sudden increase in demand ... See full review
posted a comment on PJ* - Elysium. 7 months ago
I know complaining is no use but man, when i reviewed this record 2 years ago you could get a copy for €2 (and i didn't buy a copy). Did Del Garda or somebody else play this?
posted a comment on Telefon Tel Aviv - The Birds. 7 months ago
The Ellen Allien remix is simply a very soothing house track with some breaks and even acid
posted a comment on S.A.M. (5) - Prolific Trilogy 009.3. about 1 year ago
With 'Into Dusk' Samuel André Madsen unwittingly created a Driftwood track in my opinion. Speaking of Driftwood, Jean Frank Cochois should reboot that label with a release from S.A.M.
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Cally (4) - Nashu. about 1 year ago
Always wondered what the strange voice said in 'Nashu'. When watching The Godfather Part 1 for the millionth time i suddenly recognized it: it's Virgil 'The Turk' Solozzo who speaks to Michael Corleone in the infamous restaurant scene :)
posted a comment on Nail* - Lost Trax 1997. about 1 year ago
Lemon Gus sounds like a companion piece to 'Constance' on the Constance EP ( ). Both were produced in 1997 and are wonderful emotive tracks with Constance being the moody one while Lemon Gus is more ... See full review
posted a comment on Nail* - Constance. about 1 year ago
No thank you Neil, you made my day many times with your music :) And i am absolutely sure this applies to other people as well!
posted a comment on The Timewriter - Paintbox. about 1 year ago
Totally agreed, Waterfront is great and if it was a tad deeper it would even be a good fit for a Driftwood release
posted a comment on Nail* - Constance. about 1 year ago
Oh Constance… here comes my favourite ever personal ‘digging story’.

Several years ago I kept coming back to a deep house mix, a certain part and track in it to be precise.
I couldn’t get it out of my head and spent many, many hours trying to find it. ... See full review
posted a comment on Various - Paris-Chicago Express. about 1 year ago
The first Boo Williams track on the mix CD is ofcourse not 'Make Some Noise' but 'Snare Tappin'.
posted a comment on Bell* & Everything* - Dark Matter. about 1 year ago
Dark Beats is a lovely dubby after hours house track. Something that has Petre Inspirescu written all over it. Bell & Everything tweak the arrangement just enough to keep things interesting: minimalism done right.
posted a review of The Timewriter - Life Is Just Timeless Motion. about 1 year ago
'Life Is Just Timeless Motion' is a perfect feel good, floaty, convertible-top-open track by the Timewriter aka Jean F. Cochois released back in 2002. The Sascha Dive remix is more a clever edit that is very respectful to the original than a proper ... See full review
posted a comment on Terry Lee Brown Jr. - Terry's Café 7 - Mild Flavour. about 1 year ago
Track 13 is 'Pete Moss - In Your Dreams' and
not 'Right on'
posted a comment on Robag Wruhme - Kopfnikker. about 1 year ago
A load of bland records came out during the noughties mnml wave but Wortkabular has to be one of the most fun party tracks of that era. Robag, i take my hat off to you. I can only describe this track by it's vocals: Beat available like bananas!!!
posted a comment on The Underground Track Master - Futuristic Throwback EP. about 1 year ago
Kitty Kat samples the Nina Sky's hit track 'Move Ya Body' with some Blake Baxter hip house Ghetto vocals. It would have been a fun, you only pull this out your bag every once in a while, party track but the 'whoo, whoo' vocals you occasionally hear ruin ... See full review
posted a comment that has since been deleted. about 1 year ago
posted a comment on Orlando Detroit Connection - 1000 Miles Ahead. about 1 year ago
Heavy EP. Deep Detroit-ish breaky tracks. A realm gem amongst the many records DJ Duke has produced
posted a review of Andrey Pushkarev - Photograph. about 1 year ago
Can I Take A Picture With You? is a gorgeous, ethereal breakbeat track. Especially the sweet acid line that Andrey introduces before the 3 minute mark takes this track to another level.

Andrey Pushkarev's Deep Moscow podcasts (also made by Gorje Hewek, ... See full review
posted a comment on YWF - Christa McAuliffe EP. about 1 year ago
Sharon Christa McAuliffe was a teacher who became an astronaut trough NASA's 'Teacher in Space' Project. On January 28th 1986 the orbiter Challenger broke apart after launch killing her and her fellow crew members. 'OV-099' was Challenger's vehicle ... See full review
posted a comment on The Deep - The Earth EP. about 1 year ago
Some EPs simply have it all. Boo William's 'Fruits Of The Spirit' EP is one of them and this EP is another one. One reviewer mentions he only really discovered the B-side after listening to the fantastic A-side for some 17 years. Luckily the B side is ... See full review
posted a review of Aaron Carl* - Wallshaker. about 1 year ago
Plenty has been written about the Original Mix so for this review i want to focus on Sven's Garden Of Eden Dub. It's so special, so different.. Just like Aaron-Carl's music was. This remix has almost brought me to tears multiple times. Perhaps it ... See full review
posted a comment on CCO* - The Secret Life Of A Transistor Bassline. over 2 years ago
The star on this record is Electric Infinite (Part 1 & 2). An ambient intro (Part 1) leading into a sweet Detroit-ish acid house (not techno) track. The other tracks are great too.
posted a comment on Booty Fool - Booty Fool 3. over 2 years ago
This is sweet! But why not press it on a 12"? :)
posted a comment on Kings Of Tomorrow And Soul Vision - Going Back To Blackwiz. over 2 years ago
'Flute's' seems to be the same version as Sean Grant - Fade To Black (Untitled Mix) on Zestland records [ZLC-1005]
posted a comment on Samuel L. Session* - Givin' You. over 2 years ago
A1 is an amazing Detroit-ish, Rob Hood-ish peak time techno track
posted a comment on Moods Of Madness - Moods Of Madness EP. over 2 years ago
Listened to 'Get Yourself Together' and i agree it has a crappy break yet i think the flutes in the break at 2:30 ruin the track a bit
posted a comment on G.O.D. - Limited Four. over 2 years ago
Laughed out loud after reading this one. These are the reviews i'm on Discogs for
posted a comment on Various - Choice - Roger Sanchez Exclusive Re Edits #2. over 2 years ago
Re: Blunted Dummies, I still prefer this version.. It may lack the 'little flourish that appears after the break on the original' but this version runs for 6 minutes. I hate records that are less than 4 minutes (like the original is)
posted a comment on Blunted Dummies - House For All. over 2 years ago
Look for the very rare Blunted Dummies - House For All (S-Man's Deep In The Vibe Edit)
posted a comment on LoSoul - Brain Of Glass / You Know. over 2 years ago
The Supermayer Remix extensively samples 'John Selway - Untitled A1 [CSM 1]'
posted a comment on DJ Dimension - Alter Egoz. over 2 years ago
Anyone interested in selling this? Will not pay £££ X
posted a comment on The Anixus - Previews Club Traxxs Vol. 1. over 2 years ago
It basically always goes like this on Discogs. A record is mostly worth 1 - 10. If all copies are gone the next person sells it for 20 - 30. If somebody is desperate enough to buy it for that price it's all over and copies start to appear for prices like ... See full review
posted a comment on Heinrich Tillack - Tick Trax Vol. 1. over 2 years ago
Fast track sounds like it's a cousin of UR's The Seawolf
posted a comment on Unknown Artist - Deep Beats Vol 1. over 2 years ago
A2 is an edit of Petra & Co ‎– Just Let Go (Dub)
posted a comment on The Bermuda Triangle (2) - The Bermuda Triangle. over 2 years ago
Only on the vinyl re-release, the other ones are still 3 somewhat minutes
posted a comment on Various - Night Train EP. over 2 years ago
It is often after sitting in front of your laptop, 'digging' trough Discogs for hours and finding fuck all, that you want to give up that an EP like that a true gem pops up. And this is one of them - pure fire acid house. Every track is good, no filler.
posted a comment on NH2 + Master D - Deeper EP. over 3 years ago
NH2 + Master D put out a third mix on a Guidance various EP which is actually the best mix, get that one instead :) Basic Channel-ish tech-house
posted a comment on DJ Tres Manos* - How To Chill. over 3 years ago
The Cabdrivers track here is 'Elwico' and not Sundaybest. I actually think Sundaybest would've suited the mix better :)
posted a comment on Bidi - Rock. over 3 years ago
Slammin Everybody will slam everybody. Dirty, nasty acid house track
posted a comment on Franco Cangelli - Raw Emotion. over 3 years ago
Denizen is a sweet Detroit-ish house track. Whole EP isn't bad
posted a comment on Pirahnahead - NGTVNRG EP Stage 1. over 3 years ago
Heavy heavy house record by Pirahnahead. No fluffy downbeat stuff, this one is for the dancefloor. Disconnected Dissed Connection and Self Con-Science are great
posted a comment on Various - Star Tracks Vol. 2. over 3 years ago
Liked the old school sounding Two Guys In The Basement track. Turns out it's by a certain John Acquaviva and a certain Richie Hawtin :) Shame it's only 4 minutes though
posted a comment on Juan Atkins / Blake Baxter - Coke Dj-culture Remix By Juan Atkins / Blake Baxter. over 3 years ago
Actually the B's G4 Club Mix is great. A female voice musing about the life of a DJ over a sweet melody and pumping beats
posted a comment on Clé - The Choice Of A New Generation. over 3 years ago
Classic tech house with a bit of crazy Steve Bug remix. If you're into tech house and want to play something else than the Beatport top 50 this one wil suit your need
posted a comment on Noni - The Gift. over 3 years ago
The Kai Alce mix is pure tracky goodness. Expect none of the Prescription deepness: this one is to keep everybody going. when they're on their second pill type stuff ;)
posted a comment on Crazy Mofos* Featuring Lazy Susan - Crazy 4 U. over 3 years ago
B2 is a straight up Kerri/MLIU/Brawther style dancefloor destroyer. To be found for as low as 1 Euro.
posted a comment on Moody B - Too Hot EP. over 3 years ago
The Deep Dub is not bad. Not bad at all