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posted a review of Smart System - Step 1. 4 months ago
I bought this Record in 2002 because of the Morgentau (Spring Mix). I tried to play it a couple of times during the following summer, but i didn't have the right audience for it at this time. Then the record got lost in my collection and i forgot about ... See full review
posted a comment on Emmanuel Top - Turkich Bazar. 4 months ago
thanks for the info  lame. i played 'Turkish Bazar' on Millennium at HaadRin Beach in Thailand and 'The DJ's Took Pills' by Pig & Dan was my opener for the Afterparty at Fusion Festival in ... See full review
posted a comment on L.S.G. - L.S.G. E.P.. 4 months ago
it's funny reading you're comment on such a classic from 1993 right now in 2019, because that comment could have also been 20 years old and it would still make sense. i just got here by accident while being on a journey through mid 90ties trance classics ... See full review
posted a comment on Mumbo Jumbo - Mysterons / Fishbone (Remix). 4 months ago
got it, played it, liked it ... actually liked it quite a lot as that time :)
anyway ... just clicked the helpful button, because you decribed it very nicely-