.....I am more of a record explorer than a collector. I enjoy digging at thrift stores, estate sales, yard sales, etc. and then going through my haul discovering what it is and what I like and don't like. It's almost like being an archaeologist to come home with my new finds, relieve them of their encrusted dirt, and discover what treasures lie within. Learning a lot by researching artists and their discographies on the internet. I Got started with mom's folk LPs and dad's jazz discs, and then got into 60s music and prog rock in college. A total left-brained math & engineering type, this hobby is my connection to the right-brained creative artsy world. Sadly, they just don't make music like they used to.

How soon before my wantlist surpasses my collection size?

.....My new year's resolution is to go through my "collection" (hoard) and cull out albums to which I no longer listen or have an interest. At the same time, I'll be cleaning and cataloging everything and moving selections to the SELL pile. One of my pet peeves with this hobby is that too many people think their records are in far better shape than they really are. I seek to have a 100% POSITIVE SELLER RATING and grade my records quite conservatively. I feel that buyers should be pleasantly surprised, not disappointed, when they open their mail from me.

.....For 78s, I use the Vintage Jazz Mart grading system. 45s and LP records are graded by simple process of elimination as outlined below. Note that damage to or missing custom inner sleeve or accessory ephemera (booklets, posters, inserts, etc) does not affect grade but will be disclosed to the best of my knowledge for your haggling pleasure:

G R O U P 1 (objective graded prime items):
MINT (M) - A record that both looks and sounds as if it has been unplayed. It also cannot have any factory flaws. No marks at all on the record. That means no liner scuffs and no spindle marks. Sealed records are only assumed to be mint even though they may actually not be. The cover cannot even have any little fine creases, record ring indent, or pinhead size evidence of shelf wear and absolutely no cut-outs or promo marks. Mint records have to look, in all respects, like they just came from the pressing plant. Unicorns.

MINT MINUS (M-) - Sometimes listed as NM or Near Mint, this is a record that shows minor signs of being played by a caring owner, but would, apart from these marks, be mint. I prefer to use M- rather than NM because most people can relate to minus being "less than." The vinyl can have a few inner sleeve scuffs and one or two inaudible factory flaws are tolerated here, but certainly no scratches, even light ones. No spindle marks. Covers can show only very minor shelf wear, corner bumps, and hairline creases. Again, a record which has been handled with care.

EXCELLENT (EX) - Same as VG++. Discogs does not allow EX, but ebay does. I prefer this over VG++ so as to avoid any confusion. Records in this category will be graded VG+ on Discogs with upgrade details in the description. EX vinyl can show no more than a couple of light surface scratches which are both unfeelable and inaudible. These records must still retain all of their original sheen and play extremely quiet. Can have only very small spindle marks, but nothing which looks like the disc was slapped on the turntable uncaringly. Covers can show more shelf wear than M- but must be clean, clear, bright with no discolorations, no ring wear other than some slight loss of gloss, and again, no cut-outs and no pen writing.

G R O U P 2 (here is where buyers and sellers sometimes disagree):
VERY GOOD PLUS (VG+) - Cannot have any signs of groove wear (visibly shiny isolated grooves). Vinyl can only have scuffs and light unfelt scratches which are for the most part inaudible and do not detract from listening experience. Record surface is just beginning to lose its sheen. No writing on label, but can have more spindle marks. A generally quiet record with background noise only audible during quietest passages. For covers, this is the highest grade possible for a cut-out. Light, non-distracting ring wear only (ie, you don't notice it until you look for it). No stains or other cover damage. No writing allowed on cover other than a very small name or stray pen mark. Tight edges and spine. Best bang for the buck - priced according to market.

VERY GOOD (VG) - Can have some very limited inaudible groove wear. In other words, no distorted tracks, especially vocals. Records in this grade are starting to exhibit more surface noise from scratches as well as background noise from multiple plays. Surface sheen is partially gone. Might have no more than a couple of scratches which can be both felt and heard as a faint pop, but does not derail the stylus. Covers may have ring wear and/or small (1" or less) seam splits, and can exhibit discolorations and more writing. However, they are not falling apart or deteriorating. Generally no more than $5 on these.

VERY GOOD MINUS (VG-) - Groove wear is causing distortion in some areas and/or a noisy background. Still not sand-papery enough to be unpleasing, but noticeable. The sheen is mostly gone, but not yet completely dull. Louder pops from surface scratches are noticeable on perhaps one track. Covers can have larger splits which, if repaired, will result in a fairly decent jacket. These are $2 records at best unless they're Dylan or Beatles LPs.

G R O U P 3 (bottom of the barrel):
GOOD PLUS (G+) - I only sell these at my yard sales. 50-cent records which play all the way through without skipping, but have numerous pops or moderate groove wear to the point of compromising the listening experience. You don’t want these in your collection except as placeholders until you can find an upgrade copy. Many of the 45s that I find in box lots are in this category. Still plenty of fun to throw on the Chinese Crosley.

GOOD (G) - As the name of the grade indicates, these are the ones I give to Goodwill. Records which play through on most tracks, but may need to have the cartridge weighted down with a coin to make it through an isolated bad area either due to scratches or a warp. These are visibly dull, worn records. Lots of scratches, pops, and clicks. Noise is there, but not too distracting for rock and roll or R&B music...again, only on the Crosley.

GOOD MINUS (G-) - Records which have multiple scratches and only play on selected tracks. Only some of the record is listenable and no amount of headshell coins will help. These go in the trash.

FAIR (F) - Records which are so worn or warped that they barely play and with heavy distortion and noise. The CIA uses these in their MK Ultra program to torture and brainwash dissidents.

POOR (P) - Cracked or broken records which are unplayable and only worth having as reference material for the rarest of rare items. NOTE: If I have either a cover without the record or a record without its cover, I will list the condition of the missing item as "P," but it won't be included.
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You are apparently referencing these archives (Vernon Fitch): http://pinkfloydarchives.com/DAuLPcom.htm#Relics1 , There are four label variations for this second issue, all with different rights credits.
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With these green labels, this is the third Australian issue of this album, per http://pinkfloydarchives.com/DAuLPcom.htm
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