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posted a comment on Jeanne Lee - Conspiracy. 2 months ago
Great to know - thank you! Reissuing crucial hard to find releases like this is noble work.
posted a comment on Ben Consumer* - Prince Dirt. 4 months ago
A fine example of DIY song writing and sound experiments.
posted a comment on Various - Red Wine For Grapes. 10 months ago
This release is on bandcamp. It's a good snapshot of a particular strata of Antipodean weirdo music styles at the time.
posted a comment on Julian Williams - Foreign Film. 10 months ago
This is great outsider release. JW is one of those rare artists that is best described as a subculture of one.
posted a comment on Moe Grizzly - Fingering Dixie . 12 months ago
There was a CDr release of this. Unsure of the numbers, but it would have been small.
posted a comment on Horse Mania - Below Ambition. about 1 year ago
This record comes with a complete discography, which reveals a much expanded catalogue than what's here thus far.
posted a comment on Synthetisches Mischgewebe* - Synthetisches Mischgewebe. about 1 year ago
This really needs a Reissue!!! Such A special unique album

I second the motion. Fantastic sounds.
posted a review of Powernap (3) - Under a rest. about 1 year ago
One of the better Hobart bands of the last ten years. This tape is a solid lo-fi document of their sound and songs.
submitted Powernap (3) - Under a rest. about 1 year ago
posted a review of George W. Bush (2) - Now But Never (Sex And The Sex). about 1 year ago
An excellent moment for Melbourne punk. This is a vastly under-rated record from a band that got in, made their point, and called it day long before they started to suck. More bands should take this anti-careerist approach. The sound is great, the... See full review
posted a comment on Bradbury* - Ruffini Corpuscle. over 2 years ago
This an excellent album for those interested in unique electronic music. Strange and comedic but well constructed with a wonderful interior logic.
posted a comment on Various - Zilveruitjes.01.2019. over 2 years ago
Anyone know the title or source of the Cotton Casino track here?
posted a comment on Last Days Of Humanity - In Advanced Haemorrhaging Conditions. over 3 years ago
what's the sample at the beginning of "Obscene Compulsion towards Fecal Digestion" from?
submitted Mess O' Reds - Single. over 3 years ago
submitted Julian Williams, Jon Young (6) - Songs From The Cloudy Corner. over 3 years ago
submitted Home For The Def - Side A "Detect Magic" . over 3 years ago
posted a comment on Julian Williams - Liquidambar. over 3 years ago
Signs/Skilti also had a very limited CDr issue. May have been only a few, home-made.
posted a comment on Various - Get To Know Your Oven. over 3 years ago
Apparently only 10 copies were cut / pressed of this release

I'm not sure this is accurate; Julian Williams (who runs FTSM) suggests 50 and that each band got ten. Tripod and The Invisible Empire/Lost Domain shared... See full review
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posted a comment on Combat Wombat - Labrats Solar Powered Sound System. over 4 years ago
Sleeve IS a brown paper bag; my copy has a printing mark that indicates this.