Welcome to my new improved profile for September 2015: A quick lesson in etiquette: read people's profiles prior to messaging them. They will mostly give you all the answers you need, will take about 5-10 seconds, and save you getting your nose put out of joint with the blunt answers that you deserve.

If you don't read my profile prior to messaging me don't be shocked when the answer you get is not the most polite. I know you can't know this without seeing my profile but see above.

As I have previously made clear nothing in my collection is for sale. If you do message me on that subject my answer will be:

"Is it in my for sale list? I refer you to my profile which you clearly have not read."

If you are so arrogant that you think that this does not count for you, you are wrong. If you have seen this and continue to message me it is not "dedication", it is beyond bad manners.

I reiterate;

If you cannot grasp the idea and I send you my standard response, it is not a "poisonous attitude". It is 100% consistent with my profile, and you have brought it on yourself. Do not ask me to do you the favour of not responding to you after my standard response. As my profile tells you to not ask me in the first place. If you fail to give me that courtesy, I will fail to give you that courtesy. Seeing as it was you that broke etiquette in the first place.

BTW blocking is the cowards choice I never block people. However if you don't like what I'm going to say to you it is simple: Do not ask me if something I have is for sale.

I will not do digital rips of my records for anyone, given that I don't do them for myself why would I do them for anyone else? The standard answer for that will be "I refer you to my profile which you have clearly not read." Fortunately so far this has not happened. This was almost a post script to my previous profile message, but it was apparently respected, shame there are some that think this does not count for asking about records for sale.

I thank a particular user for inspiring this version of my profile.

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