Hi y'all, for a long time i been real SeKReTive about my identity but now i'm all for keepin' it real......
my name is Theo, but, i'm also known as "Grand Wizard Theopaw" and as Y'all can see
i'm more than just a Dawg so it's time to set tha record straight on a few thangs.
firstly Oz :
As ya'll know from the film Judy made it back fine from OZ and it sure looked like Toto did too but...
things changed for me as y'all can see :)
my hair is long now like Judy's and my new owners, well...they dress me up as they think i am Judy,
now this i don't mind, being as old as i am, see the thing with OZ is... it made me kinda immortal
but that's not just the half of it folks....we now fast forward to the 1970's when i was livin' in NYC
workin' the DJ SeRKuiT back then where I became known for Scratchin' on Turntables,
yes y'all Theopaw was the first one ever known to kick it live in effect !!!!
Truth is...I been scratchin' since the goddam Oz days, but i guess y'all want proof right?
Well, y'all take a look at The Original Promo, most of which was recorded while we was in Oz...
Aaah yeah...It was never released officially because stuff got changed for The Retail Copy
like with the titles and shit, hell they even got new artists and never payed us Dawgs!!!!!
That's right, none of us got paid, The Munchkins, The Witches, The Mellow Slick Toad....
The Original Wizard Of Oz even went home without a paycheck!!!
But none of that matters, that's all in tha past an' anywayz..y'all know how that shit goes down right?
the media not gonna take a dawg like me seriously especially when he sayin' things like y'know....
how he was born in the 1930's, been to Oz and met the Wizard an' all that shit,
so, me and my Homeboy'z decided that Grand Wizard Theodore (the guy who named me Theopaw)
should get the claim to fame, but i didn't see that as a problem, because, y'know....uuuh...
while i stayed back in the hood, cold-CHiLLiN' to the max cuttin' them beats up for y'all out there
things gradually changed.... and as time went by, many paid their respects
barks and howl'z goin' out to :
James For Bein' The Original Snoop! George for goin' Nuclear Wid Dat Hound
Eleanor for Workin' it, Frankie for Breakin' it!! Other Colors Too not just Quincy,
Hackney HardPaw And The Whole Damn Planet!!!
also thanks to :
tha dawgs
an' the rest of y'all other dogs
and lastly but not leastly, To My Original Owner :
A Message To You Judy

Oh, and if you're wonderin' why Elvis ain't on the list well..it's like this :
I ain't never forgiven him for sayin' i was just a Hound Dawg cryin' all the time i mean...
i was missin' Judy, and what with all the.. weird changes to my hair an' all,
could ya blame me for sheddin' a few tears every now 'n' then?

Back to the present day now y'all,
I got a 23 bedroom kennel in Kansas as I still got stuff to do back in Oz ev'ry once in a while..
But this also means I'm kinda good friends with the Tornadoes too now as ya can all guess,
with them bein' my only form of transport back to Oz, ya know..Also...
I got myself a pad in the UK, a 2.3 bedroom semi-detached kennel in HoundSlow
but I'm tryin' to move to BarKing as i hear they got plenty of Hot Beach'z there ;)
so, if any of y'all Cats can help out, message me with info or a BONE Number i could call
I'd sure as hell appreciate it. Peace Out Ya'll 🐕 🐾 🐾 🐾
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