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Eye Q Records
posted a review of Eye Q Records. over 19 years ago
I'm in full agree with the comments above.
Eye Q defined trance music every release is a pearl you can't go wrong.
And i feel sad when i see what the most people defined today as "Trance" because the most stuff is nothing more then "cheesy... See full review
Komtur - Tatort
posted a review of Komtur - Tatort. over 19 years ago
The Track "Der Tatort" is influenced by a German TV Series called Tatort.
The Track use the Intro of the Series.
Armando - 100% Of Disin' You (Remix)
posted a review of Armando - 100% Of Disin' You (Remix). over 19 years ago
The first 12 from this 2x12 has an Original Warehouse Sticker at both sides of the Vinyl but with the Music Man Catalog Number , the second 12 has an normal Music Man Sticker at both sides
Hacienda - Sunday Afternoon
posted a review of Hacienda - Sunday Afternoon. over 19 years ago
When Harthouse Released this LP there was a little mistake happpend because many of the first Editions of this Release had the A/B Side twice but not the complete LP.
Air Liquide - If There Was No Gravity
posted a review of Air Liquide - If There Was No Gravity. over 20 years ago
I Have a Copy in normal Black Vinyl with a white and brown cardboard sleeve.
This Copy has no Catalog Number.It's only engraved: Air Liquide - If There Was No Gravity Promo 10!!
posted a review of Jiri.Ceiver. over 20 years ago
I'm in full agree with the comments above!
Jiri.Ceiver is a true Pioneer and Innovator.
Thanks to him for all these crazy shit!

Did anyone know what he is doing right now?
Supreme Truth - The Supreme Truth
posted a review of Supreme Truth - The Supreme Truth. over 20 years ago
Yeah 2 great Asskicking Tracks.
It doesn't make any difference if these 2 guys release Stuff on the Label Klang,Ongaku,Harthouse or Ladomat... all the Releases have realy high Quality Standard!!
Microbots - The Chip Compilation
posted a review of Microbots - The Chip Compilation. over 20 years ago
This is a Collection from the Microbots Chip Series Part 1 to 3 plus 1 unreleased Track and One Track taken from the Overdive EP:Members Of Overdrive-"Hardcore Trax Vol.1"!!
Hardfloor - Funalogue
posted a review of Hardfloor - Funalogue. over 20 years ago
There are some Releases with the wrong Harthouse Cat.Nr:HH043(Harthouse 043 is the Afrotrance-Vol.5) engraved but on the Labelsticker is the real Cat.Nr:HH Special 02!
Sven Väth
posted a review of Sven Väth. over 20 years ago

Big Thanks to Mister Sven Väth for all the glorious Nights at the Omen/Frankfurt and at all the other places he ever played!!
Barbarella - The Art Of Dance
posted a review of Barbarella - The Art Of Dance. over 20 years ago
There are two diffrent Versions of this Release.
One Version is a normal Eye Q Promo but with a Barbarella Poster besides the other Version is the Limited Picture Disk.