My styles are all the subgenres that you can count as hardcore. I don't have an impressive collection yet, but I'm expanding it fast.
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posted a review of Masters Of Ceremony - Bottoms Up. over 12 years ago
Finally released on vinyl; Bottums Up! Already a huge hit ever since the 'Rechtoe Rechtaan' CD from Neophyte was released. The long break, with U2's Bono in it, is the best part of the song. Always gets a crowd crazy.

Eat Dizz isn't really a song. ... See full review
posted a review of Evil Activities & DJ Panic - Never Fall Asleep. over 12 years ago
At this moment, 2 years after the release, Never Fall Asleep remains one of the most played tracks at parties. The great vocals, the great melody, everything in this song is perfect.

Murder has one of the most deepest, almost emotional, sounds in a ... See full review
posted a review of Partyraiser / The Rapist - Hellbound - The Crime Scene. over 12 years ago
As you might notice, during Partyraiser's set, some songs are mixed in, and then suddenly are cut off and another track is edited in. This is because Hellbound Records couldn't get the licenses for this tracks.

Some people might thing "What's he ... See full review