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posted a comment on Magic System D.J. - Irene. 10 months ago
Irene is a nice track after you get past the fact that is heavily influenced by Danny Keith's Love me again, which is much better and cheaper to buy, this record is overpriced.
posted a comment on Alex Valentini - It's Time. about 1 year ago
2.5/5 - mediocre italo track with annoying guitars. I'm talking about the original mix, which is still enjoyable for a italo fan, but stay away from the remixes, they will destroy your ears.
posted a comment on Marcello Catalano - Flash In Your Mind. about 1 year ago
Catalano is a star, an underrated italo star. This record is a killer, every beat is a bliss, but I have to say, that every time I take the record into my hands I get blinded by the cover design. Mr Catalalono deserves better, the cover looks more late ... See full review