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posted a comment on Dionigi* - Marches Of Africa. about 1 month ago
anyone can spot the Afro Samples here ?
Collagae of Baldelli in productions so look in that field...?

posted a comment on Global Communication - 76 14. about 1 month ago
now reissued in a 7LP/3Cd box set with their Chapterhouse Remixes (both remastered & overseen by GC) + additional goodies. Get them while they're fresh !
posted a comment on Various - Brazilissimo - Twelve Unique Tracks From The French Scene (70's & 80's). about 1 month ago
that line below from the French scene is a bit misleading... nice stuff anyway..
posted a comment on The Planet Robots - Star Wars. 4 months ago
Yes, but why does it have a Silver Surfer artwork (by Fantastic Four comic creator John Byrne) is the real question..
posted a comment on Ennio Morricone / Quentin Tarantino - Quentin Tarantino's The Hateful Eight. 4 months ago
I really don't understand this rule of crediting a director or compiler as artist for a compilation ??
Tarantino doesn't write music, he compiles this release with assistents, he is NOT a musician & should not be credited here.
just my 2 cents..
posted a comment on The Mohawks - The Champ / Give Me Some. 4 months ago
This does not sound like the Mohawks at all, they had no toaster in their band, this seems to be an (uncredited) reggae version by unknown band..
submitted Periphery (3) - Periphery. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Salome De Bahia* - Outro Lugar. 5 months ago
posted a comment on Mitchell Goor / Tafkamp - Paling Trax 3. 5 months ago
vocal sample from Boy is Bangin from
Tyree Featuring Kool Rock Steady ‎– Turn Up The Bass.
posted a comment on Primal Scream - Loaded E.P.. 6 months ago
yes, exactly, just heard it in his Red Bull Music Academy talk. RIP Andy.
posted a comment on Sharon* / Usha Uthup - Aaj Ki Raat / Chhupke Kaun Aya. 6 months ago
Some store owner claims the Usha Uthup cover was released at least 12 years ago on 7" but nowhere to be found in her discography, perhaps an uncredited edit?
If anyone knows..??
posted a comment on Erotic Dissidents - Move Your Ass And Feel The Beat. 6 months ago
Mine neither. I think first pressing is without circle. Part not shown is the side:
Mine are Stereo Erotic Dissidents/Move your ass and feel the beat Subway 010 Made in Belgium
posted a comment on Second Phase - Mentasm. 6 months ago
Mentasm was a word used in Dune (book series by Frank Herbert) later made into movie by David Lynch,with an all-star cast of Kyle McLachlan (Twin Peaks), Sean Young (Blade Runner), Virginia Madsen (Candyman), José Ferrer, Sting,etc...
watch it :D
posted a comment on C.S. Lewis, John Cleese - The Screwtape Letters (read by John Cleese). 6 months ago
it's right there on youtube to listen to..
if that's not enough..put in wantlist ;)
posted a comment on Sharon* / Usha Uthup - Aaj Ki Raat / Chhupke Kaun Aya. 6 months ago
Is it an Edit, thought just a cover version ? Not the same thing..
Better order it to find out.
submitted Lotterboys - Iron Man. 6 months ago
posted a comment on Quando Quango / Night Moves - Love Tempo / Transdance. 6 months ago
Mine has no logo on logo side, strange...
some dj wrote on it tho :D
posted a comment on Serge Santiágo - Red EP. 6 months ago
starship happens to be an edit of Patrick Cowley's MIndwarpppppp
posted a comment on Avalon Emerson - Narcissus In Retrograde. 6 months ago
Get better speakers..
Have u tried other needles....?
Or or or..
posted a comment on Avalon Emerson - Whities 006. 6 months ago
Needs another repress! Now in RA tracks of the decade list!!!
posted a comment on Various - Thai? Dai! (The Heavier Side Of The Luk Thung Underground). 7 months ago
Kuen Kuen Lueng Lueng is Thai version of Black Sabbath's Iron Man (diff lyrics..)
posted a comment on Beard In Dust - Edits from The Dust. 7 months ago
SDR=Sex,drugs & RnR by ian dury (instr) + vocal from ?
posted a comment on Nami Shimada & Soichi Terada - Sunshower EP. 7 months ago
no Larry Levan version on this or the Soichi Terada LP (on Rush Hour rec) but last has pix of him on artwork ??
posted a comment on Rian Treanor - RAVEDIT. 7 months ago
A3 is edit of Yello - Oh Yeah (used in Ferris Bueller's Day Off movie!)
B sounds like messing around with opening of Yazoo - Situation..
posted a comment on Anna Domino - Rythm. 7 months ago
Produced by Telex ! Merci merci merci merci m e r c i
posted a comment on 23 Skidoo - The Gospel Comes To New Guinea / Last Words. 7 months ago
producer: Stephen Mallinder, assistance: Richard H.Kirk & Chris Watson = the whole Cabaret Voltaire worked on this release :D
posted a comment on Jambo! - L'echo L'echo. 7 months ago
intro samples Nitro Deluxe - This Brutal House ?
still wondering about the African/French vocal..

Those Neverending Voices mix samples Katsuhiro Otomo's Akira animation (music by Geinoh Yamashirogumi).
posted a comment on Yaeji - EP 2. 7 months ago
nice moloko-sample.;;;
as played by Avalon Emerson i think .
posted a comment on Sarah Dash - Lucky Tonight. 7 months ago
this is like female version of Sylvester - Do you wanna Funk ? Since it's produced by Patrick Cowley w Sylvester on backing vocals, it's not surprising..
posted a comment on Erotic Drum Band - Action 78. 7 months ago
intro Action 78 as famously sampled laugh by Todd Terry & countless others after him...
posted a comment on Sharon* - Disco Mastana. 7 months ago
Aage Yo Hua = Funkytown
Duniya Hai Chakkar = Ma Baker
Hum Aajnabi Hai = No woman, No Cry..
Raja = Sonny
Aaj Ki Raat = Love to love you Baby.
Kho Gayi Meri Jaan = I Feel Love
Halchal = Hot Stuff.
posted a comment on Låpsley, Ibeyi, Shamir (2), Kaytranada - Wishing You A Happy Twenty Fifteen. 7 months ago
what format are these tracks in ? Wav/mp3 or what ??
posted a comment on Glimmer Twins - Volume III. 7 months ago
Trackwerk (Eddy Grant - Time Warp & Jungle Brothers - I'll House You)
Rated R (Severed Heads - We Have Come To Bless The House )
posted a comment on Flip Flop Group - Music. 8 months ago
probably made between 1978 & 1982 (Signorri della Galassia recorded around 78-79, the former single in catalog..)
posted a comment on Various - The Science Vol. 3. 8 months ago
A1 Sweet Blindness - Ain't No Use (LP Sweet Blindness, SV 1923, Canada/1975)
A2 Cal Tjader - Walk On By (instrumental) (LP Cal Tjader Sounds Out Burt Bacharach, Skye Records/1968) ‎
A3 The New Vaudeville Band - Whispering (instr) (LP Winchester ... See full review
posted a comment on Dis Fig. 8 months ago
1 file in WAV, few on k7 only & rest mp3 ? nice output...:(
that Air Max '97 x Oklou - Like Rainbow Horse Running Through Misty Brain - Dis Fig mix is amazing, it should be released on bandcamp in flac/wav or on 12" vinyl !! Sacrilige ..Avalon Emerson ... See full review
posted a comment on Grain - Untitled (G3). 8 months ago
sample ? (Turn the lights downnnnnnnnn) thanx in advance if u know this record..
posted a comment on Severed Heads - Dead Eyes Opened. 8 months ago
Wondering what the sample is on "Goodbye tonsils".
Must be some 50s Science Fiction movie, part of the dialog goes: "we have instant conductives all over.."

posted a comment on Various - Untitled. 8 months ago
Mine too. Cat no. CHI 003. Same 2 Patti Day mixes on both sides, probably mispress..
No Loleatta acapella...:(
posted a comment on Bare-Foot Dan / Baby Whitey & Clevie* - Ram Dance Man. 8 months ago
Baby Whitey is none other than Ari Up (The Slits) ?? wow!
posted a comment on Various - Liaisons Dangereuses. 9 months ago
Looking from A Hilltop = not the Megamix (8:08) ?? Just the shorter LP version from "From The Hip" album..
Some others seem edited as well..
Good compilation overall.
posted a comment on Section 25 - Looking From A Hilltop. 9 months ago
Was played like that (sometimes even slowed down) as that in Belgium clubs like Ancienne Belgique (Antwerp office!) & radio show Liaisons Dangereuses from 1985 onward..
posted a comment on Delkom - Superjack (Our National House Anthem) (Remixes). 9 months ago
maybe he meant "2 German Latinos", another project by DAF member Gabi Delgado & Saba Komossa ? They're def not fat..
posted a comment on Michael Viner's Incredible Bongo Band* - Bongo Rock. 9 months ago
drums done by Eric Clapton/Zappa drummer Jim Gordon. Hope he gets some royalties..
posted a comment on The Orb - History Of The Future. 9 months ago
try to read the whole thing, he suffered depression, got backstabbed by his rights company & his own label, didn't get a cent of royalty of this & probably numerous old/'new' releases in print..
yes, sure. he's a nutter...
posted a comment on Chris Carter (2) - Mondo Beat. 9 months ago
Cosey is featured on this release, as model on front & back sleeve..
posted a comment on Makoto Kawabata. 9 months ago
guys, which are the best introduction album(s) by Kawabata-sama ?
posted a comment on Lost Scripts (2) - Hiverned # 4. 9 months ago
which track ?
t e n more words must be ..
posted a comment on Jimi Bazzouka - Record Culture Magazine - Issue 1. 10 months ago
Is there an official or other vinyl/cd release of these mixes? Thx to whoever put those in youtube
submitted Elijah Minnelli Featuring Lansied Nechdelani - I Hope The Goats Come Back (Ze​-​Hood De​-​Sham Lichdal). 10 months ago