Si eres Español, no hace falta que me escribas por privado preguntándome “si me interesa un cambio, o que haga una excepción vendiéndote discos”, no contestaré.
Como hay mucha gente aquí, que se dedica a inflar el precio de los discos, he decidido venderlos todos fuera..
Lo siento y gracias por el interés.

Due to the high inflation in some records, by Spanish sellers... I´ll limit the sale in the Spanish market.

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posted a comment on DNA (Dennied Access)* - Fractioned. about 1 year ago
Nothing to envy a German or Belgian Hardtrance. Made in Spain! Rolo rules!
posted a comment on The Beat Pirate - Pirate Style. about 1 year ago
From the image of this album came the logo of the well-known club Barcelones "Psicodromo"
posted a review of Lee Harris (3) - Time. about 1 year ago
Absolute huge tune! Very famous at the time of the late 80's in Valencia. Pink Floyd lyrics!
posted a comment on DJ Spring - El Muelle. about 1 year ago
Classic 1997 tune in Central Rock! Give me a Phat Beat!!
posted a review of Virus (6) - Virus E.P.. about 1 year ago
Sampler sounds of the incredible "Headhunter - Front 242". Sampling
posted a comment on F.J.C. - Go With The Fluid. about 1 year ago
This song, for the one that does not know it, is inspired by a melody of a great group of New Wave, called Trisomie 21, and the song was "La Fete Triste". A jewel of the time
submitted Various - Maniac / Get Me Into Your Heart. about 1 year ago
posted a review of Baycan - Adacnom. over 2 years ago
The title of the album becomes the city of "Moncada" in reverse
posted a comment on Portamento (2) - It's A Lot. over 2 years ago
Yes, it´s Depeche Mode - Master Of Servants. Huge track!