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posted a comment on Street Players - Vol. 2. over 3 years ago
"Won't Be No Stoppin (Till I Get Thru)" uses samples from Stargard – "Wear It Out" (1979)
posted a comment on Fidelfatti* feat. Shirley - Groovin / Take Good Care (Of This World). over 8 years ago
The female voice of A1 was sampled by Todd Terry's famous "Make It Right"
posted a comment on Gus Gus* - Instrumental Mixes. over 9 years ago
sorry, but I cannot find these instrumental mixes anywhere on
posted a comment on David Morales - Garage Mix Volume 2. over 10 years ago
For those attentive listeners of this mix, you will hear (with headphones) on track 2, at the breakdown, Celine Dion's "Misled" (MK Dub Mix) in the background, probably due to channel leaking on the mixboard, but Morales decided not to mix it in and... See full review
posted a comment on David Morales - Garage Mix Volume 2. over 10 years ago
my copy is 100% in STEREO
posted a comment on Raise The Roof - House Vibes. over 10 years ago
This CD album contains edits (early fade-out) from the "Files EP" vinyl, plus 5 otherwise unreleased tracks.
posted a review of Private Mood Project - Must Be Heaven. over 11 years ago
First to be heard on a on a mix posted online on truehouse dot ch by C&M Productions from Switzerland, the Fabio Fragapane mix sounds like it could have been a remix from Brian Tappert & Marc Pomeroy (Jazz-N-Groove), using uptempo beats, fat bass,... See full review
posted a review of Ursula D. - Prohibitive / Spirits. over 12 years ago
The true gem of this release is the 'Spirits' track. A very Steve 'Silk' Hurley sounding piano/scat tune (the sound reminds a lot of the seminal Steve Silk Hurley 'Silky Scat Dub' of Maurice Joshua's "I Gotta Hold On You"). Spirits was quite sought... See full review
posted a review of Asia Blue - Connect. over 13 years ago
For house lovers, skip the first disc, it is the second one that contains the awesome CJ Mackintosh dubs, with the typical 'FXTC' piano-with-heavy-bass with vocal snippets sound he developed around 1992 with respected remixes for Dina Carroll, Sabrina... See full review
posted a review of Dawn - Heaven. over 13 years ago
'Song Of Dawn' sounds heavily inspired, if not almost a remix of 1991's TZ-2 release 'Deep Down', using the exact same organ instrument and sequence, plus the same bassline and percussion.
posted a review of Kathy Sledge - Good Times (Dubs). over 14 years ago
Extremely rare record, never commercially released, despite lots of airplay by the known DJs when this test pressing came out, and explained by Roger Sanchez on his website:
"dea006 was done when narcotic was based in the uk..the subsequent , tragic... See full review
posted a review of Don Carlos - Mediterraneo (Club Favourites Collection '90/98). over 14 years ago
Great CD which is sadly ruined by a too agressive sound compression during CD re-mastering, resulting in audible distortion of the bass on a good soundsystem with some tracks. The original vinyl releases were mastered without compression resulting in... See full review
posted a review of Miguel Migs - Nude Tempo One. over 17 years ago
indeed a superb CD, but a real shame they never released an unmixed vinyl edition, or even just a vinyl sampler with those tracks which are clearly unavailable anywhere else (like Lisa Shaw's flabbergasting "Ultimate High"). They DID release Blue Six... See full review
posted a review of Various - The Collected Sounds Of Prescription (Sample Volume 001). over 17 years ago
Fanatastic compilation. And this is the only CD I know of which has NOTHING printed on the label side (you could easily mistakenly insert it upside down in a player), a unique 'white label' CD! And it wasn't an error since all copies in the shop where... See full review
posted a review of Jazz-N-Groove - Raw Flava E.P. Vol. No.1. over 17 years ago
as confirmed by Marc Pomeroy of JnG himself, all pressings of this 12" were bad pressings (bad glass master!), causing a HUGE recurring long crack for part of track 1 and all of track 2 on the A side, ruining the excellent House Vibe 1 piano-deephouse... See full review